Fed Up With Having No Money

Are you fed up with having no money? A few years ago I was tearing my hair out for the same reason. I was paying my rent on a credit card and living with mounting debt and terrified! I was self employed but struggling to find work. I got extra work doing whatever I could and took work as an HGV driver and got a job cleaning the yard at a construction site for minimum wage. It was never enough and I was in my late 30’s! I considered myself a complete failure.

I realized I was doing something very wrong. I was miserable and whatever I did I was behind, broke and miserable. I had watched the film ‘The Secret’ and after some initial excitement and no results I decided to start learning more about The Law Of Attraction. I bought every book on it I could lay my hands on. I read and re-read Working With The Law – Raymond Halliwell, Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill, The Science of Getting Rich – Wallace Wattles and The Secret by Rhonda Bryne. Whenever a book was recommended to me on the subject of money I read it. I have read dozens more, some of which I have recommended on this website.

Fed up with having no money

I had a strong feeling that there had to be another way to live and that I was doing things in a backwards way. I kept getting low paid jobs which didn’t help matters. I felt worthless. I was fed up with having no money.


Gratitude was probably the biggest take-away from all these books. I was constantly worried, fretting over money, concentrating on all the pain and anguish I was bringing into my life. I relearned how to think. My thinking was creating more of the same. I was at fault but didn’t realize it. What all these books teach is that we create our own lives as we go along – through the nature of our thinking patterns. Much of our thinking is a habit, and so we are unaware of what we are creating. We assume, incorrectly, that our experience is being created by the external events of our lives. In fact it is our internal reactions to them, our continual thought processes and our beliefs – about ourselves and the world. 

My thinking was effectively the opposite of gratitude. It was in fact finding all the problems with life – complaining at the misery of my situation. I wasn’t grateful for anything. If there was something to be grateful for, I would turn it into a problem to complain about! There is a negative payoff for creating the same problems over and over in your life – a consistent world view and a consistent self image. If you are truly fed up of having no money, you must learn to change your idea of yourself, otherwise, no matter how hard you try, you will keep hitting the same brick wall.

Self Image

Here was another huge “take-away” and after reading a book called The New Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz, I had another major break though. My self image was poor, self denying, full of self criticism and un-confident. After reading this book I decided that this is what was at fault. No amount of ‘trying’ would make a difference unless I sorted out my self image.

fed up with having no money

But I Need Money Now!

I know this doesn’t immediately resolve the problem at hand – money. But I spent years trying to resolve the ‘money problem’ without seeing myself as the cause. You can do it much quicker if you take yourself into account and resolve to make yourself more aware of your self sabotaging habits, poor self image and lack of gratitude and awareness.

The desperation you feel is in part due to to a lack of gratitude. You can’t feel gratitude and desperation at the same time, you can only ‘feel’ one or the other. My desperation was leading me further and further from where I wanted to be. Although I felt desperate for money, I was in fact equally despairing at life in the same moment. Gratitude brought me to realize where I wanted to be in my mind – relaxed about life. Desperation breeds more desperation. Gratitude brings about a mental state from which all things are possible!

Fed Up With Having No Money?

Although I was fed up with having no money I was equally fed up with myself – who I was in the world and how I felt about myself. This shift more than anything has helped me turn things around and become who I want to be, not just have more money in the bank.

I Started An Internet Business

My choices had led me down a path of financial insecurity and I was coming to terms with the fact that I wasn’t the person I thought I was! I realized it was time for a change. I began researching internet businesses several years ago but it wasn’t until I joined this community that I really started taking it seriously. Although it has been hard work and by no means an instant fix, owning an internet business lined up all my values – I could work for myself and around other commitments. I had no boss. It took a tremendous amount of suffering to realize I needed to change and to push me to the lows to which I never want to return!

If you’re serious about improving yourself, working hard and turning your life around, and completely fed up with having no money this business might be for you. Learn more and access this video series here.