Facebook advertising coupon

The Facebook Advertising coupon can give you a discount on your Facebook adverts but beware of the scams which offer a coupon for cash. Some are only offering a ‘method’ to save you money on your advertising account but with the possibility of getting your account shut down this is hardly worth the risk. Advertising credits are sometimes offered through Facebook from time to time via periodic promotions either directly from facebookmail.com or through one of their partner companies.

If you receive a Facebook advertising credit you can activate it either through the email you received it from or through the advertising platform when you place an ad. Advertising credits are not always available and are only offered occasionally through promotions. If you have received a credit and once it is activated your credit will be used for your ads. Once your credit is depleted you will be charged through your normal payment method.

For more help with advertising coupons and to find out if one is currently running visit the Facebook help desk here: https://www.facebook.com/help/243807179069441/ Which should bring you to this page on advertising coupons:

facebook coupon

Using Facebook for Marketing

One of the main advantages of using Facebook for marketing is the ability to target your specific audience for maximum impact. You can use demographics to target particular geographic areas which is particularly useful if you have a physical business which requires local customers. You can also target people though their interests, age range, relationships status and many other demographics. If you have a website you can target your website’s visitors by placing a code on the site and tracking who has used the site within a certain time period.

The ability to zone in on your ‘perfect’ potential customer through Facebook gives you a huge advantage over some other forms of advertising such as Google Adwords. Google is good because you can target particular keywords which are entered into the search engine but you can’t target individuals specifically by demographic. If you do this right it means you will have a much greater chance of finding the right people for your products than by simply advertising ‘blindly’ to anyone and everyone. Your return on spend can be huge if you do your research and find the right ‘niche’ market for your specific services.

By testing different demographics over a reasonable length of time, you can get an idea of which ‘groups’ of people, according to their interests, likes, age range etc., are more likely to be interested in your products or services. Once you find a group of people who want what you are offering, you can target that specific group. By starting with a small ad spend you can test various markets until you find one which offers the best return on your advertising budget. Once you find that market you can simply increase your ad spend and ‘scale up’.

If you are new to marketing on Facebook you should check out the Advertising guidelines for advertising on Facebook.