Established Ecommerce Business For Sale

There’s a few reasons to look for an established ecommerce business for sale. For starters, building your own ecommerce business is much more difficult. I began my own online journey by attempting to sell my own digital products on the internet. Let me save you a huge amount of time and wasted effort. It didn’t work for a number of reasons:

  1. I didn’t know how to sell online
  2. I picked a topic which wasn’t very scalable (What Niche/topic to sell online?)
  3. My business model relied only on one low value product (Which business model/s to use online?)

Established Ecommerce Business For Sale

established ecommerce business for sale

The main sticking point for me was I had the enthusiasm but I didn’t have the knowledge. I wasted a lot of time figuring out things by myself. You don’t have to make the same mistake. Join an online community and access an established ecommerce business for sale, and the training to go with it. Let’s look at the above points one at a time.

How To Sell Online

established ecommerce business for sale

Knowing how to sell online is a major key to building a successful online business. Without the right knowledge you can easily work on the wrong activities for a long time, without really getting anywhere. This is what I did for years! I started learning online marketing strategies, but didn’t understand the scope of what I was doing. Remember the internet is global.

That means you have a global audience to reach, potentially. Everything you do should therefore be concentrated on building systems which can be scaled up. Get good at these activities, and you’re heading in the right direction. Spend too long on the wrong activities, and you’ll have nothing to show for a lot of hard work.

What To Sell Online? – Which Topic Should You Choose?

established ecommerce business for sale

‘Evergreen’  online business niches are those such as love, relationship, money and living forever! Health, wealth and romance are the big niche topics which always have interest on the internet. Choosing a very niche topic can limit your scope for growth. Popular topics are also massively competitive and this can limit your ability to ‘rank’ content on Google and YouTube. However, you’ll always have interest in your business simply because of the sheer volume of traffic which is searching within these niches.

Ranking for ‘free’ traffic is much more difficult these days, particularly if you’re starting up. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s going to take much longer both to learn the strategies, implement them and to see if they actually work. So it’s much easier to start out with paid advertising if you can. Paid advertising works straight away. You still need to experiment and there’s a fair amount of trial and error too. But if you value your time, and have the money to invest, it’s a much faster and more attainable strategy.

Finding an untapped niche which has very little competition is also quite a challenge. Even if you do manage to rank a website for your main keywords, there’s no guarantee that your site will stay there. Much better to send targeted traffic straight into a sales funnel. Get a fully established business for sale with a ready made sales funnel. You can access one here.

Which Business Models To Use Online- Established Ecommerce Business For Sale

established ecommerce business for sale

What to sell online is just as important as how to sell online. To use the internet to its fullest ability, you need to be able to scale up to reach more people. There’s a huge amount of strategies and tactics you can choose from on the internet too. However, if you want to be able to scale up your business, you’ll need to use paid advertising. You don’t have to choose paid strategies, and I still use free strategies too, but your business will move much faster if you do. Plus, it’ll be much more easy to scale up if you concentrate on paid strategies.

Paid traffic can be expensive and it limit your choice of products too. Having a high ticket sales funnel will make paid traffic much more possible for your online business. High ticket products let you earn more in commissions for each sale. A $1000 product can pay you $400 in commissions, for example. Compare this with a low value item of $100, paying your only $40 in commissions. You’ll not only need to sell a lot more of these low priced items, to earn a living, but your ability to scale up is impaired by the cost of paid advertising.

Choose products which offer:

  • High ticket commissions
  • Subscriptions
  • Up-sells
  • Multi-tier sales
  • Built in sales team.

Access a product ‘suite’ which offers these here.