Best Second Source Of Income

So what is the best second source of income? Having more than one stream of income is the best way to protect yourself from redundancy, unemployment and the potential of future uncertainties. It also can mean you can eventually replace your current income should you need to, or choose to. But what is the best second source of income?

Best Second Source Of Income – Ebay

A second source of income should be complimentary to your current circumstances. Unless it fits your existing weekly patterns of behavior it won’t work for the long term. When I started looking for other sources of income over 10 years ago I first looked at ebay.

  • E-bay provides thousands of people with either a full time or extra source of income. Anyone can use e-bay and make some extra money by buying and selling through the auction site. Have a look at my ebay misspelled auctions guide.
  • You can also use e-bay to find local bargains to resell for profit. Check out my ebay local bargains for profit guide.
  • I also used ebay to sell items I had found at car boot sales and charity shops.

Best Second Source Of Income – Information Products

I used ebay for quite a few years trying various methods of profiting from the site. However, I wanted something ‘hands off’ which could be more flexible and worked from anywhere. I had a room full of unsold stock and I seemed to be spending too much time listing items, queuing at the post office and searching for more bargains.

I had bought an ‘information product’ from ebay which was delivered automatically through a website. This taught me some of the tactics I have shared above. This was before the rules changed and ebay stopped allowing this practice. I simply paid for the product and was directed to a website where it was automatically downloadable. The whole process was automated.

This idea lit a fire in me which eventually led me to learn affiliate marketing.

Best Second Source Of Income – Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is simply promoting and selling other people’s products online. Just like the information product I bought from ebay years ago, affiliate products can be automatically downloaded from the internet. Here’s a quick example of affiliate marketing at work:

Below is a link to a product available on Amazon. If I sell a book through my link I make a small commission. This is an example of a “handsbest second source of income off” and completely flexible business model. It lets you work from your laptop and you don’t have to deal with any customers or hold any stock. Simply sell enough products and services to create an income. What’s great about this system is that once you have created the content it can sell products (and services) like this book for years to come. Once you have created a piece of content like this, you can create many more. Each one is effectively an income stream or an ‘online vending machine’.

Best Second Source Of Income – Multiple Sources

Here’s a couple of other reasons why affiliate marketing is the best second source of income:

  • It lets you work from anywhere with a laptop and internet connection
  • No stock to hold or customers to deal with
  • Its completely flexible and can be worked at any time day or night
  • It can be worked around existing commitments
  • You can build multiple sources of income – See how to generate multiple streams of income
  • Once set up, the process of selling and delivering products is completely automated.

The internet now makes it possible for anyone to benefit from the potential of affiliate marketing. Not everyone has the persistence to make this a reality but those who do can create a completely flexible lifestyle.

Best Second Source Of Income – Learn Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great system to earn money from the internet. It is probably one of the best second sources if income. With persistence and over time it can also completely replace your current income. Learn how to build a sustainable income from the internet with the power of affiliate marketing.

What’s involved with affiliate marketing?

As you have seen from this article, affiliate marketing lets you promote and sell other people’s products online. As in the example above, I have promoted a book and will make a commission from future sales. You can also sell digital products with memberships and this lets you make monthly commissions for each member you refer. By selling high ticket items, and choosing products with a 40% or greater commission payment, you can make a lot more on each product than you could for a simple book sale from amazon. See best revenue models for websites for more on this.

Get Started With Affiliate Marketing Today

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best second source of income

Alternative Income Streams Ideas

Are you looking for some alternative income streams ideas? Whatever your current position in life and employment, there is always a necessity for alternative streams of income. Now more than ever, people are looking for alternative steams of income to either supplement or completely replace their current income source. Here are a few ideas, many of which I have used successfully, which you can use to supplement or completely replace an existing income. Some of these take longer than other to earn from.

Alternative Income Streams Ideas – Ebay

E-bay is a great resource for selling your old stuff and a lot of people have already used E-bay to sell unwanted products online. There are many ways to profit with e-bay too. I have written a couple of guides explaining two strategies on Ebay:

Finding local bargains to resell. Ebay Local Bargain Finder

Finding bargains to resell on E-bay misspelled auctions.

Many ‘e-bayers’ also use the giant auction site to sell items they have bought in bulk. This is another ebay tactic and you can sell multiple items through a single listing using this strategy. You can also find bargains on ebay itself by using the mispell tool. Misspelled items sell for much less than they are worth simply because they have been badly listed. You can use this to your adverantage to make a profit from these ‘gems’! See this article: how to start a profitable ebay business. 

Alternative Income Streams Ideas – Selling Online Products

alternative income streams ideas

After a while of using e-bay I decided there must be an easier way to promote and sell products online. This led to research the selling of digital products through websites. I later found this to be known as affiliate marketing. Affiliates sell and promote all kinds of products through the internet and make commissions based on those sales.

Anyone can learn affiliate marketing and run a part time affiliate business from their laptop. Some of the main benefits of using affiliate marketing as an alternative income stream are:

  • You can start up at low cost
  • You can build it up around existing work
  • It is totally flexible, choose your own hours and working location
  • No need for sales skills
  • You don’t need to hold any stock or employ anyone
  • It’s a scalable business model

Alternative Income Streams Ideas – Car Boot Sales

Car boot sales offer the opportunity not only to clear out your garage of old junk but also to find hidden gems which will double your money! Using e-bay to sell items, you can pick up items for next to nothing and sell them on ebay to make a good profit if you know what will sell.

You can also arrange car boot sales as an extra income source. You will need to advertise and book a veune but if you can fill a field with 100 or so car booters and charge stall holder and visitors you can make a good income for only a few days work.

Alternative Income Streams Ideas – Rent Out A Room/ B&B

If you have a spare room why not consider renting it out to a lodger? Despite loosing some privacy, you can make a few hundred a month for renting out a spare room. Depending on your location you could also turn your house into a bed and breakfast for visitors to your area.

Alternative Income Streams Ideas – Extras Work Or Temp Jobs

Have you ever fancied being a TV Extra? TV extras get called up last minute so it helps if you can take work at short notice and have a car. Join a local extras agency near you by doing a simple Google search. Extras typically don’t work constantly and so usually have either a couple of agencies giving them work, or another job which they can work around it.

Temporary work can also be found through agencies who get paid to refer employees to companies. Try signing up to a temp agency and see what kind of work they have available.

Become A Tutor

If you have a marketable skill you can either teach from home or hire a room. School teacher can use their skills to teach extra lessons from home. If you have a musical talent consider teaching in the evenings. You can advertise locally usually for free in local supermarkets and post offices. Do you have any other skills you could market or use to get work?

See also passive income ideas uk for more alternative income steams ideas. Sign up to this video series for more information on starting your own online business from scratch. An online business can be worked around existing commitments and offers an extremely flexible alternative income option.

Share’s and Investments App

If you’d like to know more about shares and investments, but can’t find the time, there’s a great little app you can get called moneybox. Although this is a long term investment app, rather than a business, it’s still a great idea if you’re looking for alternative income streams ideas. Moneybox lets you ’round up’ your weekly spendings to the nearest pound and invest those small chunks of change in a range of property and equity funds. It connects to your bank account and automatically ’rounds up’ your spending. Each week the money you have rounded up is invested in a number of shares according to how you decide to set up the app.

It’s authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority, and covered by the FFCS – Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

You also have the choice to increase your weekly investments by a number of settings. Double the value of your ’round ups’, choose a weekly payment amount or manually enter payday amounts when you get paid. You can also completely automate the round ups so you don’t even need to think about it. It’s great for anyone who doesn’t know much about shares and investing, but would like to start.