How to earn money on YouTube by uploading videos

Uploading videos on YouTube is one technique which thousands of people are using to earn a long term passive income from the internet. So how do you earn money on YouTube by uploading videos? First of all you need to create enough videos which people are interested enough to find. Ideally, if your content is good enough and you are creating videos which fulfill a need, your videos would go viral and website owners will choose to use your videos on their websites and promote them simply because they are useful and good.

Start with a keyword in your particular niche and build a video from there. Choose long tail keywords which have something to do with your business niche. You don’t just want visitors but targeted visitors to your website or landing page. To target your best type of visitors you need to find long tail keywords which match the mentality of someone who might be interested in your particular product or service.

A good way to find keywords which are already being searched for is to use either the keyword planner or type a keyword into the YouTube search bar and see what keywords are brought up under the tool bar. YouTube will offer suggested keywords which are currently being searched for, much like Google when you do the same in the search engine. These keyword suggestions are what a large proportion of people are currently searching for so it can be a good idea to use these in your video’s title and description.

Depending on how competitive your keyword title is will determine how your video will rank for the keyword’s you have chosen. Get it wrong and you video may never be seen. Get it right and you could have a tonne of free traffic which you can direct to a website or blog of your choice. To earn money from this traffic you either need to join an affiliate program and sell their product or service, or you could also join the Adsense program and earn small amounts from people clicking adverts on your YouTube account. Adsense offers the ability to do this but you will only earn a few pence for each click. It is far better to have a service or product which you can direct your visitors to. If you haven’t yet built a sales funnel with an affiliate product behind it then here is a video course which explain how you can have this all set up for you.

Once you have a sales funnel in place which already works and sell products (usually by offering huge value), you can simply create YouTube videos to build your list of subscribers and therefore promote affiliate product to.