E Store Website Builder

An e Store website builder can save you a tonne of time. When I started learning about how to eanr money on the internet, I needed to learn how to build websites from scratch. The need to do this has long since passed and there’s now a bunch of programs which make your life so much easier. If you’re looking to start your own online business and for an e Store website builder, checkout this video or click the image below.

E Store Website Builder

e store website builder

As you can see in the video, the Digital Business Lounge is a cutting edge website building platform. It also has a ready made business model built in. Everything you need for building a profitable online business is included within the DBL.

You can have your own pre-populated affiliate website up and running within minutes. You will also have your own personal affiliate links already installed within your authority website. Within the SFM digital business system is also an online training platform. This will walk you through the getting started process with a number of step by step modules. There is also access to training and education materials and live webinars. Plus a range of software platforms to help you build your business.

The SFM also run ongoing seminars around the world teaching and helping affilaites from around the world how to better build their businesses.

You can access the full video series and learn more here.

E Store Website Builder – Affiliate Marketing

e store website builder

This e store website builder allows you to set up a fully automated and working affiliate business model. If you’re unsure what the means let me explain a little further. Affiliate marketing is a business model which allows you to promote other people’s products over the internet. Digital products typically pay our 40% commissions to affiliates, which make them more lucrative than many physical affiliate products.

As you can see in the video, the banners and links on your pre-populated affiliate website all link through to a number of different products. These are encompassed within an affiliate business product range. When you set up your business system, you will be shown how to attach an email auto-responder to your website. From here you can collect emails from visitors of your website.

Once you have a subscriber within your email list, they will receive a pre-built series of emails which have affiliate products attached to them. Setting up these aspects of the business system will happen if you become a member of this online community. Because digital products can be delivered automatically over the internet, they have much fewer costs attached to them. This is why affiliates can receive 40% commissions on sales they make through their affiliate links.

E Store Website Builder – What To Do Next

You will need to complete a few steps to get your website up and running. Once you have set up your business system, you can start to generate website traffic and send people to your sales funnel. You can do this by creating website content (like this article), paying for advertising, creating videos and a number of other methods.

Paid advertising is the fastest method of generating website traffic to your products and services. You will learn how to do this once inside the business system. There is a community of online business owners on hand to help, and you can reach out to your own personal consultant too. Start here with the free video series.

e store website builder

Setting Up An eStore

What is an eStore and how do you go about setting up an eStore? An eStore is an electronic store. This means that people can buy from your store over the internet and get their items delivered automatically. Typical eStore business models include drop shipping and affiliate marketing models. Both these models allow anyone to set up a ‘virtual’ store on a website, send customers to other people’s products, and earn income from referrals.

Setting Up An eStore – Why Online Referrals?

setting up an estore

The online referral model is a good one because it can be automated and scaled up. However, just setting up an eStore isn’t enough to start earning an income. You also need customers. You get customers via website traffic. Send the right people to your eStore and you can earn commission based on your sales referrals. Either the drop shipping company, or the affiliate marketing company deals with sales, deliveries and queries. You just send them the traffic and earn commissions based on the sales you make.

Once you have set up an eStore, your main job is to advertise it. Once you’ve cracked this you can leave paid advertising running and scale up. This makes your eStore constantly deliver products and services to customers on autopilot, without you having to be there personally. Once you’re up and running and making profit, you have a business model which pays you and is largely automated. This means you can live anywhere, work from a laptop and increase your budget to increase your profits. It’s the entrepreneurial dream! But what does it take to get there?

Setting Up An E-store – E Store Website Builder

The affiliate marketing model is a good one if you get your product range and target audience right. With affiliate marketing you can simply direct customers to products which can be downloaded instantly over the internet. This saves money on production, deliveries and packaging. The savings can be passed back to the affiliate markekter who refers the traffic. Typically affiliates who promote digital products can earn 40% commissions on products they promote.

Not all affiliate products are the same. It’s worth having a product ‘suite’ so you can earn money in various ways. With a basic level product you can earn $40 on a $100 product. This model is limited because you can’t afford to spend very much advertising your products. However, with a product suite with a range of high ticket items within it, you can spend a lot more knowing you’ll make it back and then some.

Click the image below to see how easily you can set up your own affiliate marketing ‘eStore’ in a matter of minutes:

setting up an estore

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Setting Up An eStore What’s Next?

Join the above program to set up your own eStore with built in product range, email follow up and landing pages. You can also join a community of online entrepreneurs who are helping each other succeed with an online business system which can be automated and scaled.

Once you have set up your online store you need to send targeted visitors into your sales funnel. A ales funnel is basically a landing page which collects emails from your subscribers. They get sent follow up emails and can purchase products through your affiliate links from a product range. Since this follow up is automated, your main job once this is set up is to advertise your landing page.

Online advertising has become very sophisticated. You can use the various online advertising platforms to target very specifically, the kind of people you want to advertise to. Google Adwords, for example, lets you target the kinds of keywords which relate to your business. Facebook and YouTube can allow advertisers to target people by what they are looking at and their interests, age, sex and a number of other demographics. This is incredibly helpful to online marketers. It allows them to get very focused on who they advertise to.

Setting Up An eStore – Advertising

setting up an eStore

An eStore isn’t that difficult to build. As you can see in the video above, setting up an eStore can be done very quickly and easily. The store itself and the business model you choose has a good deal to do with your success. Equally, what you do after you have finished setting up your eStore is just as important. Setting up an e-store is one thing, getting qualified customers to it is another. This is the skill of online marketing and it takes a bit of getting used to before you can scale up your business. It’s well worth learning how to do this properly.

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