Done For You Internet Business

Are you looking for a done for you internet business? For a long time I jumped from one ‘shiny object’ to another while trying to build a business online. My goal was to create a monthly income from the internet which worked constantly, even when I didn’t. After a lot of searching and trying several differing techniques I found a company who offered the best ‘done for you’ internet business that I had come across.

What specifically is done for you? 

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done for you internet business

Some things are done for you and some things are not. No-one can give you an online cash machine which requires no work. Why would they? With this system you get:

  • An up and running website with only a few clicks – I was surprised how easily I could choose a domain and get a fully populated website up and running with only a small amount of work.
  • Ready made landing pages which are linked to your affiliate i.d. – This is the best thing about this company. You don’t have to create pages, products or sales emails. A number of pre-made high quality landing pages are already provided unless you want to create you own – which you can.
  • Access to cutting edge landing page software – You can build your own landing pages to sell in any niche with a easy to use drag and drop software.
  • You have a pre-populated sales funnel – Building a list is hard enough but when you have to create multiple emails and test them, it can be time consuming and expensive. You get a proven set of emails to send you list, you have full control of your email list and emails.
  • Full training is provided in how to effectively build your business – there are weekly webinars and seminars running online and offline. You can connect with a community of people who are actively helping each other grow their businesses. Even if you have no experience with an online business, you have access to support, community, software and a huge array of video webinars, training and a systematic module system which takes you through the most important aspects of an online business.

done for you internet business

What isn’t done for you?

Your job is driving traffic to your custom made landing pages and website/s. This is the aspect of an online business which your training will prepare you for. As an affiliate marketer you get paid to sell products online. You don’t get an ‘instant income’ from this program but you do get all the tools you need to build an income online which is completely portable.

As ‘done for you’ internet businesses go, this one has got:

  • Profitable high ticket products which have been proven to sell
  • A built in sales teams and up-sell program
  • A done for you sales funnel with pre-made emails and (your affiliate) links
  • A community of support and personal coach
  • Regular online seminars and coaching sessions

What you need to do

Affiliates send people to products. As an affiliate you will be creating content, advertising and sending people to the ready made products and services. You will get an affiliate link with this business. Simply send as many targeted visitors to this link as possible using various means which are taught in the program. Everything else is done for you, even a team of sales people closing the sales for you. A done for you internet business doesn’t mean there’s nothing to be done. However, creating products, landing pages and email content is all done for you. Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to send traffic to those pages.

Done For You Internet Business

Want a largely done for you internet business? To access this program and start building your online business today, fill in this form and checkout. You can access the back office with the app for $29.95. To join the program as a full member you will also need to pay $297 + $97 monthly – more details on the cost of this program here – six figure mentors cost.