High Ticket Sales Funnel

A high ticket sales funnel lets you send targeted website visitors directly to a pre-built sales page. From there, your website visitors either subscribe or leave the webpage. Once in the high ticket sales funnel, your subscribers are delivered a number of high quality, ready made emails. A high ticket sales funnel doesn’t start off by promoting high ticket items.

High Ticket Sales Funnel – Entry Level Products

high ticket sales funnel

Usually, in a sales funnel there is an ‘entry level’ product which is offered first. From there, a customer can choose whether to upgrade their purchase to something which offers more value. For example, a low priced item might offer some training and access to an online training platform. Higher valued purchases might offer the ability to access a high ticket funnel itself, which customers can use to promote and sell affiliate products through, or a product range.

Each individual step on the sales funnel offers a greater level of value to the customer. However it all starts with the landing page.

Before The Landing Page – Advertising

high ticket sales funnel

A high ticket sales funnel can give anyone the ability to sell digital products globally. That means they can automate an online business, working from anywhere from a laptop. However, before they can make this a reality, they must advertise their funnel through some kind of marketing strategy. Even with the best sales funnel in the world, without marketing, it’s dead in the water.

If cash is the ‘blood flow’ of a business, then marketing is it’s heartbeat. Having a range of high ticket products within your sales funnel, can give you the confidence to build an aggressive marketing campaign, knowing your return on investment is far greater than it would be for any low ticket products.

Sales Funnel Checklist

high ticket sales funnel

Obviously a high ticket sales funnel has high ticket products within it. Digital products tend to pay out more than physical products too. So it’s worth choosing a digital sales funnel, not only because of the commissions, but because you can sell them worldwide; with no need for storage or postage. Anyone with access to the internet can use them. This makes it an incredibly scalable business model. It’s also far better to have a product ‘suite’, that is, a range of products within your sales funnel, which you can earn from in multiple ways:

  • High ticket items – allow you to earn larger commissions, off-set advertising costs and scale up more easily and quickly.
  • Multi-Tier Sales – let you ‘leverage’ other people and earn from the sales made by your referrals
  • Up-Sells – let you earn commissions from existing customers as they move through the product ‘suite’ purchasing more valuable products.
  • Built in sales team – means you don’t have to personally close sales yourself, or speak to customers personally.
  • Subscription products – products which offer ongoing support, software or some kind of value can allow you to earn ongoing commissions. These might be membership products, hosting providers or software products (email marketing software) which offer continual use.

High Ticket Sales Funnel – Email Marketing

high ticket sales funnel

Any high ticket sales funnel should use an email marketing campaign to collect emails from subscribers. This tool allows online marketers to automate the process of collecting emails and delivering a pre-made sequence of email messages to their subscribers. Within the emails, affiliate marketers can link through to their high ticket product range.

To get the right, targeted customers into the sales funnel, there are a variety of marketing tactics which affiliates use. Some use content marketing (like this article for example). Others focus only on paid advertising, and some use a combination of both paid and free marketing tactics.

Paid advertising is the fastest method. It’s like turning on a ‘tap’ for instant traffic. However, you can burn through a lot of cash without getting instant results. Ideally start small and build up as you grow in knowledge and confidence. Paid advertising has a few advantages over free (content marketing) techniques:

  • It’s instant – you can have traffic to your sales funnel as soon as a campaign is approved.
  • And it’s scalable – simply ‘turn up’ an advertising campaign that’s working, and ‘turn off’ ones which don’t.
  • You can create multiple adverts across multiple campaign platforms
  • You can start small and test and measure. By tracking results you can determine which ones work and which ones don’t.

Content Marketing For Your Sales Funnel

Another method of generating targeted traffic to send down your sales funnel is content marketing. This article is an example of content marketing. By creating highly targeted content, which talks specifically to your target audience, you can find people who value which you have to offer. Content marketing is a slower method than paid marketing however for a couple of reasons:

  • It takes time to build momentum, get ranked on Google (if it ever does) and generate traffic
  • Traffic from content marketing can vary. One day it might be a lot and the next day it may tail off.
  • Your results will depend on your content and your ability to market that content. If it does well you can get many constant streams of traffic throughout your content marketing strategy. This can build up over time and provide a free source of ongoing traffic. However, you can create a lot of content which also doesn’t do well. It may never get shared or rank at all – so your content must be value driven.
  • Although content marketing strategies can get traffic or go viral, it can’t be scaled up like paid advertising. However, if a certain piece of content gets a lot of subscribers, you can market that content with paid advertising.

Access A High Ticket Sales Funnel Here

You can access a high ticket sales funnel with a product suite within it here. You will also be able to access an online training and education platform and a community of online entrepreneurs and business owners.

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