Does more traffic mean more money?

Building traffic to your website is what many online marketers are concerned with but does more traffic mean more money? If you have a proven product on your website or a sales funnel which you know works, then traffic is a major consideration of course. However, what you need is quality traffic rather than just any traffic. Many of your visitors are simply that – just visitors, and most won’t buy. You need to build a relationship with your visitors and prove to them that you are trust worthy, before many will even consider making a purchase from your site.

People buy from people, not from websites. It takes a while before people even buy from the internet. My first purchase online was with ebay or Amazon but they are large companies which have already built a good reputation.

Build a list

Building a list of subscribers is the best way to build a online business and here’s why:

  • You are in control of the amount of traffic you send to your website. Relying on Google for visitors can be very precarious. Google keep changing their algorithms and updating their terms and conditions. Ultimately Google are in business for them, not you. If ranking your site was easy then they wouldn’t make any money out of advertising. Although you can build a substantial amount of website traffic from Google even when visitors├é┬áland on your page, you only have their first impression to keep them interested.
  • You can build a relationship with your subscribers and offer them value. Building relationships is the most important thing in business – especially on the internet.
  • Your potential customers can get to know you. By creating a constant stream of quality emails to send your subscribers (not spam!) you can let them know that you are worth listening to – (if you are). They can unsubscribe at any time but your job is to provide value and send your message. Once you build trust people will buy your recommended products which can help them.
  • You can keep building a list and there is no limit to the amount of subscribers you can have.
  • Building a list generates trust because you can communicate regularly with your subscribers, you can’t get this from single visitors who may never return.


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Does more traffic mean more money?

You need traffic (or customers) to sell your products of course. The more people who land on your site the more likely you are to sell something through it.

Quality traffic vs. random traffic

Your traffic should come from similar websites to yours or from Google organic searches or from paid traffic. The quality of these leads will depend on a couple of things.

Article writing

When writing articles for your site you should write about things appropriate to your target audience. Identify who specifically is your ideal customer. This will help you to write directly to them.

Target advertising

Likewise with your advertising your should target a specific ‘type’ of person in your copy and targeting. Aiming your advertising at the wrong people can become expensive. tailor your adverts to filter out the ‘tyre kickers’ and identify the people you want to promote to and have on your list.

Opt in list building

Make an attractive offer on your opt in page to encourage visitors to sign up to your newsletter. Whenever someone lands on you site it is an opportunity to offer the sign up. They may never visit again but if they have subscriber to your newsletter you have a source of traffic for potentially years to come.

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