Digitization In Marketing

Digitization in marketing has been a game changer as far as marketing is concerned. Anyone is now able to market their business from a laptop to a global audience. All they need is the right education. Before digitization in marketing came along, marketing was available through a variety of other methods: television, radio, newspapers etc.

digitization in marketing

Since digitization in marketing there have been a number of leaps forward in technology. This has allowed marketers to super target their audience, save money and scale up their advertising in a way which suits their needs.

Digitization In Marketing – A Modern Breakthrough

Digital marketing can now allow anyone to set up an advertising campaign and show adverts to only those people who are likely to buy. Traditional advertising simply can’t compete in such a targeted way. Intent driven marketing engines such as Google Adwords can target keywords suitable for your business. Facebook advertising can target users by their interests and likes and advertisers can test and measure their advertising until they find a profitable campaign.

Direct Response Advertising

One of the best things about pay per click advertising is that marketers can test their advertising campaigns with a very low budget. From a little as a pound a day anyone can set an advert going and test and measure the response. This is very powerful because multiple campaigns can be set running along side each other.

The campaigns which don’t product a profit can be cancelled. The ones which show a positive result can be cross tested against similar adverts until the best performing one is reached. Once you are at this stage you can scale upwards by increasing the budget to reach more people.

Testing And Measuring

Although there is some financial outlay in testing and measuring an advertising campaign, once a profitable campaign is found you can easily recoup all that you have spent. As you find a good performing advert you can also scale up. Scaling a profitable advert is like turning on a money tap. You can simply increase your daily spend on a profitable campaign and buy new customers. Once you know the value of a customer, you are in a good position to do this over and over again.

Retargeting – Clever Online Advertising

digitization in marketing

Retargeting is a very clever breakthrough in the digitization in marketing. Retargeting allows the advertiser to ‘follow’ someone around the internet with their adverts. If you have ever been on a website while looking at a certain product and then later seen that exact same product somewhere else, that’s retargeting.

It lets advertisers place their advert front of mind of their potential customers. Not only that but small business owners can get themselves advertising on large corporate websites for next to nothing. This gives the impression of a ‘global’ brand but for a fraction of the cost. This works by placing a ‘cookie’ on a browsers website which lets Google of Facebook know when they have already visited your website. This then triggers another advert when they visit a website which allows adwords retargeting adverts or Facebook retargeting adverts. These sites are everywhere and the site owner is paid a small commission to have them on their site.

This is super clever because if someone has already been to your website then they are very likely to be interested in your particular product or service.

Digitization In Marketing – Global Reach

digitization in marketing

To reach a global audience with traditional marketing methods is very expensive. With online advertising it is much more affordable. Anyone in business can target countries specifically or even certain cities globally. Specific adverts can be targeted to specific areas making the response much more positive.

And this can be done in a very low cost way. Once a successful campaign is reached through testing and measuring, it can be scaled up to include huge numbers of people. Facebook and Adwords offer geographical targeting but you can also target people through keywords and interests with these platforms.

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