Digital Marketing Guide PDF

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Digital Marketing Guide PDF

digital marketing guide pdf

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing simply means the marketing done through the internet, or by any ‘digital’ medium. This can also include mobile phone advertising or  other digital display advertising.

An example of digital marketing might be Google’s Adwords program which lets marketers target keywords in order to bring people to their website. From their website they can direct visitors to their physical shop, if they have one, or to digital products which can be accessed online.

Physical marketing might mean a physical banner or a leaflet of flyer. Traditional advertising is physical advertising and before the internet came along this is how everyone did business. As digital marketing progressed, it got very clever. Learning about digital marketing is well worth your time if you intend on selling anything on the internet. Even for physical businesses, learning how to use the internet to market should be priority number one!

Types Of Digital Marketing

digital marketing guide pdf

Anything which is accessed over the internet could be considered digital marketing. Email, for example is a form of digital marketing. Websites allow people to buy and sell over the internet and are also a form of digital marketing. Digital advertising through mediums like Facebook and Google’s Adwords program let you target people through search terms and demographics to allow you to capitalize on a specific target audience. See why target market is important.

Adwords Advertising

Adwords is where most businesses start their online advertising. With Adwords you can set up an advertising campaign and target people who are searching for your kind of service. Let’s say you own a car dealership. You would create an advert which targets keywords which people already search for in your business area. Looking at Google’s Keyword Planner I see the search term “car dealerships” comes up with an average monthly search figure of 246,000 searches. So this might be a term you would use in your campaign. You would also add your own geographical area to the search so that you wouldn’t waste money on people who were the other side of the world and looking for the same thing!

With Adwords you can also set your daily spend and start advertising from a tiny budget. As you grow in experience you will want to increase your daily expenditure. This simply makes sense because you will will be bringing in more customers through your advertisng. This can be quite counter intuitive as we are often programmed to save, not spend. However, as you will see once you have a profitable campaign running, it makes sense to increase your budget to reach more people.

Adwords is a superb platform to use once you get to grips with it. And it’s well worth the effort. You can target very specifically the people who are already looking for a service like yours. You can also start small and pay only per click of your advert. By testing and measuring your can gear your adverts to bring in super targeted customers, and give you a nice return on investment. More on the actual nuts and bolts of creating an Adwords campaign can be seen in my ebook The Ultimate Guide To Online Marketing.

Facebook Advertising

digital marketing guide pdf

Facebook is another amazing platform and will interest anyone looking for a digital marketing guide pdf. Facebook lets you target potential customers by many variables. You can choose to target people by their age, sex, interests, location and many other demographics. This makes it a superb platform for digital marketers. Like Adwords advertising you can target around a specific location.

This is a great tool. Before Facebook and Adwords came along you would have to ‘blanket’ flier drop a postal delivery and either tread pavement yourself or pay someone to do it for you. With this targeting you can save money on those people less likely to become a customer. By targeting your most likely demographic by age, sex or other variables, you can save a lot of otherwise wasted time and money.


A digital marketing guide pdf wouldn’t be complete without a mention of re-targeting. Re-targeting is a very sophisticated form of digital marketing. By setting up a piece of code on your website, and through Facebook or Adwords you can ‘follow’ your website visitors around the internet with adverts specific to them. Knowing someone has already been on your website means they are very likely to want your particular service. This kind of advertising is therefore very cost effective.

It is the digital equivalent of following customers home from a shop after they visit your store! A little sneaky but very effective! Perhaps you have seen an advert of some item which you were looking at on the internet after having left the original website? This is re-targeting and it is very effective. Even if your customer doesn’t click on your advert, it puts you in their mind. Your re-targeting advert can appear on any website on the internet too, which means you can appear to be a bigger brand than you actually are, and at a fraction of the cost!

Email Marketing

digital marketing guide pdf

Email marketing is a great way to keep in touch with existing customers and would-be customers. Everyone with a business and a website should have an email capture and some offer to give to people visiting their website. A website visitor doesn’t necessarily become a buyer. When someone lands on your website you only have between 1 and 10 minutes to sell to them.

But get someone on your email list and you extend that period of time to months, years and even decades. By offering value and keeping in touch with your customers it puts you front of mind. When they come to make a purchasing decision, they are more likely to buy from you if you have built up a relationship with them already.

With email marketing you can also communicate with thousands of people at once through a single email. This in conjunction with selling products is very powerful because you can sell an unlimited number of products through a single email – depending on the size of your list. You can also automate much of this process too.

This digital marketing guide pdf links to a number of other guides and services which are accessed through a landing page. A landing page is a specific page where you enter your email for access to certain products and services. The email is used for future communications, you should definitely use an email capture page in your business to collect email addresses and communicate with your customers.

Cross Testing Adverts

You can ‘cross test’ two adverts along side each other. The benefit of this is to find the best performing advert. Once you find a ‘winning’ advert which produces more sales for less cost, you can cross test again until you have an advert which out performs all the others.

By creating two adverts, each with a small difference, you can determine which one has the best result over a given number of views. After your adverts have been shown to a number of people you will often find one has outperformed the other. This might be because of a different headline, picture or some other small change in the advert.

By changing small elements at a time and by creating many adverts which can run in ‘competition’ against each other, you will see which adverts give you the best results. Cross testing can be done on any advertising platform which allows it and both Adwords and Facebook advertising platforms let you do this.

Article Marketing

Article Marketing is another important advertising medium used by digital marketers online. By creating content and sharing it on a website, marketers can bring people to their goods and services by sharing this content on social media sites and by getting ranked in the free, ‘organic’ search results.

Learn more about how to write content and get it ranked on Google in my Ebook Niche Blogging For Profit.

Getting ranked for free in the search engine results isn’t all that easy. After all, there are literally millions of websites trying to do the same thing. You need to find untapped niche markets or use long tail keywords which have yet to be capitalized on. Building high quality content should always come first however.

digital marketing guide pdf

Google will see how people react to your content and this determines in large part how well your content will rank on the search engine. Even top quality content will take time to rank, particularly from a new website. Old domains with thousands of back links will always take priority, so you need to be patient.

This digital marketing guide pdf is a piece of content which I have created in order to deliver value and hopefully rank on Google for those keywords. I will also share it on social media too. Don’t expect Google to rank your articles. Make sure you share them too to get the most coverage.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is huge and a great way to engage your audience and bring them to your website. Creating and posting YouTube video lets you showcase your work, give value and create more traffic to your goods and services. A good way to see what people are already searching for on YouTube is to type in your main business keywords into the search bar at the top of the YouTube website.

As you type you will see keyword suggestions which are already being searched for. By creating videos which answer these questions and queries you can connect the right ‘buyer’ minded visitors to your website. Answering problems by creating articles and YouTube videos is a good staple activity for many online digital marketers.

Digital Marketing Guide PDF

This digital marketing guide pdf has hopefully given you an overview of what is possible with digital marketing. Of course there is a lot to learn and this doesn’t happen overnight. There are many forms of digital marketing and ideally you should master one area before moving on to the next. Ultimately you will have multiple streams of ‘buyer’ traffic coming to your website, and therefore your business will grow.

Some of these streams will come from content marketing (articles, YouTube, social media), and some will come from paid advertising. Although with ‘free’ content marketing you can generate a residual amount of free traffic for potentially years to come, much of this is out of your hands. By focusing on paid advertising you are in a much stronger position to scale up – something which you can’t do with content marketing.

Your content can always get shared on social media and go viral if you are lucky. But this depends on many things out of your control. By focusing on paid advertising you can slowly learn which adverts bring in the best return on investment. Once you have done this you can easily scale up by increasing your daily budget.

Your business model is important too because however you have ‘geared’ your business this will determine your return on investment. Focus on the long term benefit of bringing in long term customers, rather than cost. As you will see this will allow you to shift your focus from one of short term cost, to a longer term view of your return on investment. This can mean that even if you lose money in the first instance, your business grows over the long term.

Your Own Online Business

The advent of digital technology has meant the traditional working methodology has become outdated. Instead of trading time for money anyone can now access digital products and services from which they can build a full time online business, even with no experience and nothing to sell.

To learn more about digital marketing, and access a fully working digital business model sign up here for a free video series which will explain more about the digital economy and how you can use technology to create more freedom and flexibility in your life.

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