Understanding Digital Marketing PDF

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Understanding Digital Marketing PDF

understanding digital marketing pdf

Digital marketing, or online marketing can take many forms. Niche Blogging For Profit focuses on writing articles for the organic searches by targeting specific keywords in your niche. This is organic search traffic which can make a massive difference to your business. It takes time however, and building up your business this way can take months and years.

Paid for advertising, however, is a much faster method of building website traffic. It is literally like turning on a tap and you can have very targeted traffic within minutes of starting an advertising campaign. My ebook The Ultimate Guide To Online Marketing discusses in detail the various forms of paid for advertising. It also includes some free advertising methods which you can use in an existing business or with selling digital products.

Digital Marketing Vs. Physical Marketing

Before the internet came along there were only a limited number of marketing methods available. Unless you were a giant corporation with a huge advertising budget, you were limited to the local directory, Yellow or white pages, and other newspapers. Physical banners and leafleting were also used to increase your customer reach. If you have the money, television and radio advertising could also be used.

Since the advent of online advertising, much more sophisticated forms of advertising have become the focus for small businesses.

Direct Response Marketing

Direct response marketing is a wonderful tool for anyone with a business. Whether it is a physical or a digital business, direct response marketing can help you drive up your customer base and eventually scale massively. Direct response means you can measure every element of your marketing campaign. By testing and measuring over a number of responses, you can eventually create the most impactful advertising campaign, for the smallest price. This can be done with traditional forms of advertising too, of course. But with online (digital marketing) it can be scaled very quickly and to reach a very targeted audience.

Targeted Advertising

Traditional forms of advertising offer a ‘blanket’ approach. For example you might send out 3000 fliers to your local area to build your customer base. With online advertising, this can be much more targeted and cost effective. For example, Facebook can be used to target people in your area too. But with Facebook advertising you can also target people by their age, sex, interests and connections, for example.

Let’s say your business is for the elderly (over 65’s). A ‘blanket’ advertising approach of leafleting your local town will result in a lot of misspent time and resources. Your efforts will likely be diluted by the under 65’s who live in the same region. With Facebook you can target specifically by age therefore increasing the likelihood of their internet in your business.


In addition to targeting advertising by interests, age, sex and a number of other demographics, you can also use retargeting. Retargeting lets you find people who have already been on your website. This means they are very likely to be searching for a product or service which you can offer. By retargeting your adverts to people who already have an interest, you will be more likely to gain business than with a simple generic advert aimed at the local area. This is very powerful and again will save you time, money and resources.

Understanding Digital Marketing PDF – Budgeting

Another benefit of digital marketing is you can control your budget. You can spend as little or as much as you like. Once a campaign is proving itself you can scale it up simply by increasing your daily budget. If an advert isn’t working you can simply turn it off. By testing and measuring several adverts at a time, you can learn which adverts, web pages and content bring about the best results. You can also test adverts with various targeting demographics. Each one will give a different result.

Understanding Digital Marketing isn’t just about learning the online skills to employ the tactics. There is also a shift in mindset which is necessary for success.


If you’re not a marketer and own your own business, your mindset can be working against you. Many people when making the transition to self employment or running their own business create problems because of their mindset. Their long term view is to be spending as little as possible on advertising. While this sounds like a good idea, it’s not a progressive one for business owners. Ideally you will be spending more each year on advertising and to make every expenditure have a greater impact. If spending $100 on advertising brings you $200 in profit, it only makes sense to keep spending that $100 and increase it steadily over time.

Many owners have the opposite view and I fell for the same ‘poverty mindset’ too. It’s a bit like cutting off the flow of profit by penny pinching on your advertising.

Return On Investment

It’s also important to know your return on investment (ROI). Looking long term to the potential spend from every customer your advertising brings to you. Knowing what a customer is worth over the long term, assuming they stay with you, can give you the confidence to spend on your advertising, knowing you will get it back over the long term. With this longer term view you are more likely to build a steady stream of customers and less fearful to spend on advertising.

Testing And Measuring

By testing and measuring your advertising first, before scaling upwards, you are in a strong position to decide which adverts are working best. When you know this and you know your return on investment, scaling up is easy and straight forward. Even if you make a loss initially on your advertising spend, you can make up from later profits if you have done your research. Knowing your ROI and the effectiveness of your adverts can help you determine this.

I hope this article on understanding digital marketing pdf has been helpful. Please comment below if you can offer anything else. Access my digital marketing PDF’s here.