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Looking for a digital marketing course PDF? In this article I am going to discuss multiple methods of digital marketing. You can download this digital marketing course PDF article here.

  • SEO blogging – Using Keyword Research To Find untapped niches
  • Google’s Pay Per Click  and Free Advertising Platforms
  • Yahoo and Bing Pay Per Click
  • Facebook Marketing

Digital Marketing Course PDF – Blogging

So let’s start with blogging as a form of marketing. Although blogging is a slow method of online marketing, it can allow you to build up an online presence and benefit from a drip feed of targeted visitors to your website, potentially for years to come. By targeting keywords which relate to your business and which bring in potential customers, you can write about your business, offer informations and engage your audience.

If you’re a small company there’s a few key ways to get the best from your blogging efforts. Instead of targeting the most popular keywords in your business niche, you can go for long tail keywords instead. The benefit of this is that you are much more likely to rank on Google for them.

Targeting competitive ‘short tail’ keywords might seem like a good idea because they get more monthly searches, but they are also much more competitive. Take a look at Google’s keyword planner and type in your main business kdigital marketing course pdfeywords. You will see a number of terms relating to your business which already get searches. If you scroll to the later pages you will see longer tail keywords which get less monthly searches.

By targeting these keywords you are more likely to rank on the first page of Google. Write content using short tail keywords and you may find you never reach the first page. The keywords are often far too competitive. Although you will get few monthly searches on your articles, it’s much better than no monthly hits. You can read more about this in my ebook Niche Blogging For Profit.

Google’s Free Advertising Platforms

If you have a locally based business you definitely should use Google’s free places listings. This is a free listing service for physical based businesses. Although this is not relevant for digitally based online businesses, it’s well worth knowing about. A free business listing can enable you to get constant free customers to your business for years to come. It takes minutes to create a listing and you then need to verify it by post. You can also list a digital business from your own home, if you’re a digital marketer.

Bing & Yahoo also offer this service too. Simply do a search for free business listings with these companies.

Google Pay Per Click Advertising Program

Google’s Adwords platform lets you set up advertising campaigns targeting the keywords of your choice to show on its searches. When someone types something into Google, your advert can show at the top of the searches if you place an advert with them. What’s great about this service is that you can set up immediately a nice targeted flow of customers to your business. You can also target very specifically what your customers type into Google to show your adverts. By starting with a small daily budget which you control, you can test and measure all elements of your advertising campaigns.

When you find a campaign which works well, you can increase your daily budget and also add more keywords. When your return on investment is clearly positive, you can scale up to increase your profit. You can read more about pay digital marketing course pdfper click in my ebook The Ultimate Guide To Online Marketing.

Yahoo and Bing also offer a similar service to Google’s Adwords program. If you set up an advertising campaign with Google’s Adwords, you can also easily transfer all your advertising campaigns directly over to the Bing Platform.

I cover these platforms in greater depth in my ebook. They are well worth learning about because they can allow you to scale your business, whether it is a physical or entirely digital business.

Digital Marketing Course PDF

Facebook’s advertising platform is another brilliant and useful too for digital marketing. It let’s you target people down to their age, sex, interests, connections and a whole host of other useful criteria. Knowing your target audience is vital to get the most from this platform. For example, if your target audience is the over 60’s, Facebook can remove anyone who doesn’t fit this age bracket. This can save you a huge amount of budget and target more specifically those who are more likely to buy from you. Google’s Adwords program is very intent driven, but it can’t get as specific as Facebook in so many ways.

Remember however, that Facebook is different to Adwords. With Adwords people are actively looking for what you are selling. The traffic is ‘intent driven’. Facebook on the other hand is a social media platform. People aren’t on Facebook in order to buy things, but to interact with friends, family and collegues. As such your adverts need to be slightly different in order to engage with the audience. Facebook is a form of ‘interuption marketing’. However, because it can be very targeted, you can set up very effective campaigns which focus on a specific audience which is most suitable for your products.

Digital Marketing Course

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