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cyber marketing pdf

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cyber marketing pdf

Cyber Marketing PDF – What Is Cyber Marketing?

So what exactly is cyber marketing anyway? ‘Cyber’ marketing is basically marketing on the internet. We are in the information age. Google has placed at your finger tips the ability to access almost any information available. It has also made it possible for small and medium sized businesses to get their message in front of people across the globe. An international audience used to be the domain of multi-million dollar corporations. Now anyone can reach a global audience with a ‘digital’ presence on the internet.

Cyber Marketing PDF – Direct Response Marketing

Not only can anyone reach a global audience with an online advertising campaign, but they can also budget their adverts at a very low start up cost. By testing and measuring their advertising campaigns, they can find a profitable model and scale upwards. The ability to scale a business on a global level makes an internet based business very attractive. This same tactic can also be used on a local level in a much more cost effective way. Here’s an example of how this can be done:

Cyber Marketing – Google Adwords

cyber marketing pdf

Google Adwords lets you place a small advert and choose keywords which will trigger the advert to show. This means you can target people very specifically by what they are searching for in the Google search tool. For local businesses this can also be targeted down to a geographical area. By having your adverts show only in your place of business, you can focus all your advertising on a select group of targeted people.

Cyber Marketing Facebook Adverts

cyber marketing pdf

Another online advertising platform is Facebook. Facebook is great for advertisers because it can be very targeted towards your most likely target audience. See why is target market important. With Facebook you can show adverts to people you select who are most likely to buy your product. You can target people by their age, sex, location, interests and connections.

You can also ‘follow’ people on Facebook who have been on your website. This is done by tracking their IP address from their internet connection. By doing this you can re-target potential customers who might be interested in buying. Have you ever been on Ebay or Amazon looking at products and then later seen an advert for that exact same product pop up on your Facebook news feed? That’s re-targeting.

Cyber Marketing PDF – The Good News

Cyber marketing is not going away. It’s becoming more sophisticated by the day. If you have a business you simply need to learn how to use cyber marketing. If you don’t your business will get left behind. Access my email list and get notified of my Cyber Marketing PDF ebook as soon as it comes out. Sign up and receive my Niche Blogging Ebook FREE! See Niche Blogging For Profit.