Customer Profile Example

What is your best customer profile example? Many businesses make the mistake of trying to market to anyone with a heartbeat. It’s a mistake. All customers are not created equal and this is particularly true of an online business. You need to niche down and get specific about who your perfect customer or client is. Who would you love working with? What are their values? Many would-be customers can create more problems than they solve and of course this depends on the particular business you are in.

perfect customer


Define your perfect customer avatar

Once you have defined your perfect customer avatar, you can market to them specifically. Your marketing copy can talk directly to them. You can filter out the people who would not be suitable for your business. Sales copy and marketing copy which is aimed at everyone can put everyone off because it smells of desperation! Quick buy my crap! On the other hand if you are focused on the small percentage of people who will ‘get’ what you are offering you can be more genuine, open and sincere. You don’t have to pretend to be something in order to ‘fit in’ with who you think you are talking to. It will make your business much more enjoyable.

How to find your perfect customer example

This will depend on the service you are offering. You need to create a picture of your perfect client down to their interests, needs, desires, activities and habits. By defining your perfect client you are in a much better position to target them with marketing through Facebook demographics, for example, and to write naturally for them so they will respond positively to what you are saying. This is so much more important when you are targeting people through the internet. Get it wrong and you can spend a lot of money targeting the wrong people.  By knowing your perfect customer avatar you can speak to them deliberately in a language they understand by speaking through their values. It is done all the time with television advertising. Values are imprinted into the adverts to speak to a specific ‘type’ of person – their best customers.


Once you have defined your perfect client you can use this information to filter out people who you don’t want to spend money on advertising to. If you are paying to advertise then you should deliberately target the people who will make the most impact to your business. This will save you time and money and also you won’t feel like you need to sell to everyone. Knowing your products and the likely best customers will save you a lot of energy, time and struggle.

Adverting to your customer profile

Targeting your customers is much easier when you know who you are looking for. Using Facebook marketing, for example, allows you to target by age, country, city, interests and even online spending habits. You can filter out people by their interests and friends also. This technology allows a very specific level of targeting, which is only valuable once you have defined your perfect customer profile example. Knowing what your worst customer is like is also valuable. You can filter them early and save yourself a lot of hassle.

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