Conversion Funnel Digital Marketing

What is conversion funnel digital marketing? A conversion funnel is simple a sales funnel which converts lead (subscribers) into online sales. Digital marketing works very well with a conversion funnel because you can send targeted visitors down the funnel with online marketing. With digital products you can sell anywhere globally through an email with a simple link to a product. That’s why digital products work best with a conversion funnel.

conversion funnel digital marketing

Digital marketing is any form of marketing using digital technology. Usually though it refers to online marketing. Marketing strategies, particularly direct response marketing, allows digital marketers to test and measure their marketing efforts and then scale up to a global audience. When using digital products through a sales funnel, the whole process can be automated, worked from anywhere and scaled up.

Conversion Funnel Digital Marketing – Online Sales

There’s thousands of products available on the internet. Most of them can be sold by anyone too, for a ‘cut’ of the profits. This is a business model known as affiliate marketing. By using digital products and selling them through a sales funnel, anyone can benefit from a business model which can be automated and scaled up. Having a good business model within your sales funnel is key to a successful online business. Ideally, your conversion funnel should contain a range of products to sell, not just a single product. Having a range of products gives you many more ways to earn from your digital marketing campaign.

Digital products in particular allow you to earn 40% + commissions on sales. You can also sell your products over the internet through your conversion funnel with a link in an email. Physical products tend to pay much lower commissions partly because they incur manufacture costs and postage costs which digital products don’t have.

Digital Marketing Website and Sales Funnel

Click the image below to watch a short video showing you just how simple it is to create your own fully customisable digital marketing sales funnel. A sales funnel starts with a website. From your website you gather subscribers and send them through your sales funnel. As you build up the number of subscribers, you will start to generate sales from your email list.

conversion funnel digital marketing

Conversion Funnel Digital Marketing – An Online Business

As you can see from the above video, it’s fairly simple to build a website which has a conversion funnel built in. With this digital business system, anyone can set up a website which has a conversion funnel built in. You can also access a product range which has multiple methods of earning commissions:

  • Subscription products – ongoing commissions from previous sales
  • High ticket items – lets you build a scalable digital marketing campaign
  • Up-selling – Allows you to earn commissions from existing customers from later sales closed by the company
  • Multi-tier sales – Let you earn a percentage of sales made by your sales team

Once you have set up your conversion funnel, see ready made sales funnel, you can begin to learn and apply the various digital marketing strategies to build your online business. The SFM also has a training and education platform built in to their online platform. So you don’t need to have any previous experience in order to get started.

Conversion Funnel Digital Marketing – Marketing Your Funnel

Once you have built your conversion funnel, you’ll need to market it in order to start generating leads and sales. Digital marketing is a massive area and you’ll be able to learn all aspects of it within the digital business system that is the SFM.

Digital marketing can be done with either paid advertising or content generation. Pay per click advertising is one of the fastest and most effective ways to start generating leads immediately into your sales funnel. This is also known as direct response marketing. It allows marketers to test and measure their marketing campaigns to see how to they work. The ones which don’t produce results (leads) can be turned off immediately. The most effective campaigns can be scaled up and built on to generate even more traffic.

Free digital marketing methods include things like video marketing and blogging. These methods take a lot longer to start generating results. This article is an example of a free marketing strategy. Whether or not Google decides to rank this article will in some part determine its effectiveness. I won’t know the outcome until long after it is written. However, it does also depend on how I market my content. Content generation is much slower than paid advertising but it can take off and generate results long after the content has been created.

Checkout my ebook niche Blogging For Profit for more on this.

Paid Advertising Or Free Content Generation?

Paid advertising lets you immediately ‘switch on’ website traffic to your sales funnel. By testing and measuring each of your campaigns, you can determine which ones are the most effective. This takes time and cash, but once you have learned how to do it, you’ll have a lifetime skill which you can use to automate online sales.

What’s good about paid strategies is that you can scale them up once you have figured out what works best. When you know your return on investment you can determine how much you need to make back to make your campaigns profitable.

Paid strategies account for the fastest growing online businesses. Free strategies can work well too, but tend to take much longer. If you have the time, but don’t have the cash to invest, free strategies might be for you.

Viral traffic is the key to make free strategies more profitable. However, there’s only so much you can do to help your content go viral. Write the best quality content you can and share it as much as possible. You can even boost your content by using paid adverts to promote it. Over time and with a consistent content marketing strategy, your content can generate traffic, leads and then sales. But it’s going to be much slower than with paid methods.

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