Why your state is the most important thing in your business

We all have a huge array of different psychological states for the different activities in our lives. Sometimes we are caught up in a state of anger and frustration and other times we are in a state of contentment and bliss. Between the various events and circumstances of our lives there are often many gaps which we fill with our thought processes and our planning. The quiet times in between our conscious acts can be filled with various psychological states. As we give more energy to these states, it becomes harder to change and create something else. Our dominant state gets caught up with our personality and we believe ‘that’ is who we are.


But it is not who we are – just what we are becoming. And we can change it!

The ideal state for running your own online business is one of flow where everything seems to work effortlessly and you enjoy every moment. You see the bigger picture and you look forward to the future, but you are also enjoying the present moment, you are in a content and happy state.

Conversely a state of frustrated energy where you are unhappy with your present circumstances and focused on what you don’t have will more likely produce worse results for you than those from a more positive state of mind. Given time, either of these two states can become your dominant mental state – depending on which one you give more attention. (And each one will produce its own unique set of circumstances).

If you are running an online business or any business for that matter, you want to be in a good state of mind as often as possible. It is unpleasant not to be and ultimately no-one wants to work in a uncomfortable environment. It is short lived if it becomes unbearable and we want our businesses to be sustainable.

When we are working for ourselves it is easy to get caught up in the ‘busyness’ of our business doing one task after another to the extent that we can run ourselves down. It’s important to remember why we are working for ourselves and to continue to look at the bigger picture. Part of owning your own business is choosing how to live and consciously choosing to be in a good state of mind as consistently and persistently as possible. It is easy to forget the present for the sake of the future which we wish to ‘obtain’. Your state, however, is always in the present. When we get caught up in the ‘achieving’ process it is very easy to forget this and put ourselves in frustrated, uncomfortable and even angry and destructive states. We damage ourselves, our environment and our relationships in this process.

If you find yourself in a bad state make sure you take the time out to change it and consciously put yourself in a better more pleasing state of mind. Become aware of your daily states of mind and know that being in a good state will help you to be more productive in your online business.

Meditation is a great way to calm your mind and become aware of your dominant thoughts. If your business is not moving forwards it is an effect of your thinking, motivation and vision. It is not necessarily about doing many tasks over and over but more a case of aligning your longer term goals with your shorter term ones. When you use your mind properly you will not need to ‘hurry’ in your business and make yourself ill in the process. You can take your time because you know where you are heading. Make sure you take time out from your business to enjoy life and don’t let your business run you – make sure it is you who is running your business.

Stuart Lichtman’s ‘How to get lots of money for anything fast‘ is a fantastic resource on the best way to run your mind for your business.

Take a look at this video which explains how important your state is to your internet business: