Clickfunnels Alternative : Online Business System

If you’re looking for a clickfunnels alternative, you might want a ‘done for you sales funnel’. Or do you need a training platform and online community? Are you attempting to start from scratch with your own internet based business, and have no previous experience? Perhaps you don’t have a product of your own, and need to use someone else’s proven system?

Take a look at the video below by clicking the image. You can see how easily you can set up a fully functional business system with this tool:

clickfunnels alternative

Clickfunnels Alternative – A Business System & Training Platform

The video above shows just how easily you can have a website set up and running. Integrated into your website is a fully loaded product suite and an online training and education program. If you don’t already have a business of your own, this might be a good fit for you and offer a useful clickfunnels alternative. Like Clickfunnels, this business system offers a digital business platform which has taken the ‘tech’ out of building an online business. Anyone can use this digital business lounge to build a fully functional online business from scratch, without needing any experience. As you can see in the video, it’s very easy to set up a website. But what else do you get?

ClickFunnels Alternative – A Product ‘Suite’, Sales Funnel and Online Community

With the SFM digital business system you get access to:

  • An online community of business owners who are helping each other to succeed online
  • A ready made business system you can use to sell a range of products
  • Software you can use to build websites and sales funnel in a few steps
  • A modular step by step training system designed to help you in all aspects of an online business.

What’s Different About This Business System?

Clickfunnels offers a similar set up. You can build landing pages and funnels to suit your own particular business. You can sell your own products through Clickfunnels. But what if you don’t have a product already, or any knowledge of how to sell online?

The SFM business system not only gives you a product range and sales funnel you can use immediately, but it also offers the training you will need to make a success of an online business. This is often the missing peace for would-be online marketers and entrepreneurs.

Mindset Training

clickfunnels alternatives

Why mindset training? Simply because most businesses struggle past their first 5 years. If you’re transitioning from either a bricks and mortar type of business, or a regular employment type of job, you’re likely to be unprepared for the online world. Much of this transition means building new ideas about marketing and focusing on the right activities online. Owning a business requires a different approach and a different skill set to working in one. You mindset is probably one of the most important things to master for the online world.

Online Marketing Skills

Even with all the tools of the trade, newbie online entrepreneurs often fail. That’s not just because their tools aren’t working. It’s because they don’t know what they don’t know. The SFM offers a digital marketing education platform and online community. You can connect personally with other members of the community in your locality. It’s this personal attention which people entering a new career really need. Not everyone can learn remotely, because they can easily get stuck on the wrong kind of activities.

The Business System – Multiple Earning Strategies

There’s a few benefits to this online business system:

  • Digital products – With digital affiliate products you can earn 40% commissions
  • High Ticket Items – Why sell products for $40 commission when the same work can make you $400?
  • Up-sells – A product range or ‘suite’ can give you multiple earning strategies from a single “entry level” products
  • Multi-Tier Sales – Earn from your members’ sales.
  • A built in sales team closing sales on your behalf – Sell one product and continue to earn for repeat sales and the lifetime value of a customer.
  • Subscription products – Products like software and memberships give you a continual income from a single sale

Get Started

Access this digital business system here by getting the free video series.