Career Change At 40 With No Degree

What are the choices for a career change at 40 with no degree? Changing careers is never easy, particularly if you have given a large portion of your life to another direction. If you’re planning a career change at 40 with no degree it’s highly likely you’re experiencing one of a number of personal reasons why you want a shift.

Career Change At 40 With No Degree

So why would anyone want to upturn their life and retrain for something else? This could be for a number of reasons. Perhaps your career never really panned out how you expected. Or maybe you’re just fed up of the job and would rather do anything but carry on? If you’ve wandered through several careers and never really found your thing, this could be the change you’re looking for.

Some people never really find their ‘thing’ until later in life, and that’s definitely true for me too. I ‘wandered’ through a multitude of employments in various different fields. From lifeguard to bin man, and TV extra to HGV driver to stuntman. It wasn’t until I stumbled accross a very different business model that I thought I had found what I was looking for.

Career Change At 40 With No Degree – Ebay

I was ‘resting’ from the film industry for a large portion of my life! But I knew I had to do something in between. I couldn’t just wait for the phone to ring. I tried many jobs but it always threw up obstacles when the TV work came in. Employers simply don’t like you having an alternative income source. They want you to be dependant on them! That way they get more control over you. This is fine it it works for you, but it really wasn’t working for me. To fix the situation I turned to ebay to make a little extra money on the side.

I bought and sold on ebay as I thought this was perhaps one of the few options available which offered me a good income and was flexible. I could drop it whenever I wanted and pick it up when the work dried up. It was perfect! I even found a ‘system’ for ebay to find cheap items and sell them on again. You can see it here in my article how to start a profitable ebay business.

It’s alittle ebay ‘hack’ which many people use to make extra money from the site. It’s basically finding cheap items which are selling for much less than they’re worth. Check out the article and give it a go!

I bought an ebook from the site which lit a little ‘light bulb’ in me which never went out! Let me explain.

Career Change At 40 With No Degree – Automation

career change at 40 with no degree

I was several years into the ebay business thing and I had tried all kinds of ideas. I had started with items I sold from my room and moved on to charity shop clothing and car boot sale bargains. Listing the items I picked up at low cost, I sold them on for profit. It got a little tiresome and it was a lonely game too. Eventually I found the strategy I mention above but by that time I was getting weiry of the whole ebay idea.

I had used my new strategy to good effect but it had worn me down. My spare room was full of ebay stuff and I was constantly listing items and on the lookout for new bargains. My life was a disaster outside of all this really too, but let’s not go there! The ebook I bought gave me the strategy I shared above in my article. But it was the simple idea of downloading an ebook which I couldn’t get out of my head.

It was automated. It meant the seller could write his ebook, list it on ebay and sell it automatically over and over. That really appealled to me. It meant no trips to the post office, no searching desperately for items and no filling my room with stuff – just a little ebook and an automated download!

I tried to write my own ebooks too, but struggled selling them. The main problem was marketing – I didn’t know it.

The idea stayed with me though and I later came to realise the business model which made this much simpler for me. It’s called affilaite marketing.

Career Change At 40 With No Degree – Affiliate Marketing

career change at 40 with no degree

Affiliate marketing is the model I was trying to use. But I was trying to do everything by myself. Products already existed on the internet which were far better than the ebooks I had written at the time. I later learned that I could simply use other people’s products. The model is known as affiliate marketing. With digital products, such as an ebook, you can also earn 40% of the cost of many items you can find on the internet.

Let’s take a quick look at what affiliate marketing is and how you can benefit from it.

Let’s say you recommend a restaurant you have been to to someone you know. They go to that restaurant on your recommendation. The internet simply offers a means to earn from recommendations like that. By recommending various products and services around the internet, you can earn commissions based on their sales. Links which you used to refer customers are tracked back to you. Product owners then attribute the sale to your efforts and you receive a commission.

Content Generation

This means that you can create content put it out there on the internet and earn commissions based on the sales your content creates. Starting with a single article, for example, like this one, you can’t expect to sell many items. It depends on a number of factors including how well you can market your article. However, when you have 1000 articles all linking through to recommendations via your affiliate links, you can start to see a real build up of sales.

Online Marketing

As your online presence builds up you will generate more and more sales. Ultimately, if you do the work, you can have continual sales being generated by work you have done previously. You can also set up paid advertising to send website traffic directly to products of your choosing. This is very powerful too because you can specify your audience down to their interests, age, location and a number of other demographics.

Checkout my ebook on online marketing here:

career change at 40 with no degree

Career Change At 40 With No Degree – How To Start?

It was nearly 10 years ago when I started learning how affiliate marketing works. Fortunately for you, the industry has come a long way since then. It’s now much easier, for example, to build a fully working website which already has a range of products which you can personally sell from it. Check out the video below which shows just how easily anyone can set up a website, even without any prior experience. Click on the image below to watch the short video:

career change at 40 with no degree

Career Change Ideas At 40 – Is This A Real Business?

Anything new is met with a lot of scepticism and the internet is relativey new. Despite the rise on online selling and in many of people’s jobs being taken over by automation, many people are still sceptical of this kind of business. After all, we have been conditioned to believe in the normal working week. If there was a way to earn which is outside this model, it negates many years of our previous ‘struggle’ and hardship.

How Does This Work?

The internet doesn’t offer a ‘free ride’. It is a business like any other. You still need to work at your online business for it to pay you an income. What the internet does offer however, is much more leverage than in a normal job. It does this by allowing you to use systems to automate online sales. You can also create and multiply content which directs people to products and services over the internet. Over time this can have a compounding effect and generate many links to your affilaite products.

It’s Not A Job It’s A Business

Ititially this might mean a lot of work before seeing any results. However, once you reach a ‘tipping point’ where you start to see sales, they can keep coming in and even increase exponentially. This is because of the work you have done previously. Like royalty payments where you are rewarded for previous work, affiliate marketing can pay you for sales you make from content even created several years ago. If your content continues to get website traffic and direct people to products they want, you can continue to earn from content you created weeks, months and even years or decades previously.

Career Change At 40 Without A Degree – Top Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing

If you want a career change at 40 with no degree, there’s probably a few things you want from your career. An affiliate business can give you a lot more freedom and financial stability than most careers can, if you work hard and do it right. Not everyone succeeds with an internet business though. If you stick at it long enough to see results, you won’t want want to give up because an affiliate business can offer you:

  • It offers flexible way to work
  • You can work from anywhere globally
  • Just a laptop and internet connection are needed
  • Build it up around existing work and commitments
  • Income is performance related

Performance related income means you are responsible for how much you earn. Depending on your outlook you might see this as either a good or a bad thing. A slightly different mindset is needed to approach a business like this. You can’t expect it work if you don’t work dilligently at it. On the plus side this also means your earnings aren’t capped by a limited amount. Affiliate marketing allows top marketers to earn high incomes because of the leverage and automation involved.

List Building – A ‘Key’ Strategy To Online Success

career change at 40 with no degree

List building is one of the main key strategies which allows top marketers to earn the big bucks. They can build a list of tens of thousands of subscribers and run a single webinar to generate multiple sales. Or they can even send out a single email for a product launch and sell thousands of items at once. Selling digital products can be done over an email. Simply send people to the right products which are of value to them.

If your looking for a career change at 40 with no degree, and want to access the higher salaries, list building is probably one of the best ways to do it.

What To Sell To Your List – Digital Products

Digital products are great to sell to a list of subscribers simply because you can sell them through an email. It’s hands off too and you don’t need to deliver products personally, hold them or invest in them upfront. Plus you don’t need to speak to a customer either or handle sales enquiries continually.

How To Sell To Your Subscribers

As your list builds so do your sales. However, that being said, you still need to learn how to best serve your list of subscribers. Sending them continual emails asking them to buy from your will likely result in them leaving. If you become known for delivering value, they are more likely to value and respect you, and open your emails and click on your offers.

What Are The Best Products To Sell?

The best products to sell are products you can personally recommend genuinely. You should also aim to promote a product suite to your list rather than single ‘one off’ products. A product ‘suite’ is a range of products which you can promote to your list starting with a low value ‘giveaway’ product at the beginning of your sales funnel. Ideally, you should have a product range which automatically ‘upsells’ to your subscribers once you have made your inital sale. Having a range of products to sell can have a dramatic effect on your bottom line. Instead of selling only an item for $100, for example, and making a 40% commission ($40), you can sell items worth much more.

Selling a $1000 item can earn you $400, for example. You would need to sell far fewer items if you could sell them for larger amounts.

For more information, to gain access to a training platform and to access a free video series, follow this link and sign in with your email address.

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Career Change Ideas At 40

Are you looking to change career at 40? Many 40 years old’s feel stuck in their careers due to financial pressure and family commitments but this shouldn’t stop you from looking for new ways to earn a living and enjoy life. There are ways around the obvious financial problems associated with changing career later in life. Some training courses offer bursary’s towards your training costs, particularly if the job role is is high demand. Check Google for government funded training and bursary training.

career change

Working a part time business

Many over 40’s are now discovering how they can earn and learn while building an internet business from scratch. You can develop skills around existing employment with an online business and training is available to suit your calendar. Learn more here.

Build a business around your passion

If you have a hobby you can turn it into an online business. Many hobbyists build blogs around their hobby and create a following online. From here they can develop their own downloadable products, online tutorials, videos and e-books. Although this takes time to build up you could have a monetized blog earning you money 24/7 – particularly if your specific interest is in an untapped niche. By building a list of subscribers you can generate a potentially  huge income over time from doing this. Learn about list building here.

rat race

How else can you monetize your skills? 

Think about your particular skill set. Can you use them in another industry or even to set out on your own? If you have been an employee in a company can you take those skills and build your own company with them? Think about what you would really like to do and don’t limit yourself by your previous actions and work habits.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing allows anyone to build an income online without having to speak to any customers or even deal with any products directly. You can work anywhere with an internet connection with a laptop. If you don’t have a specific interest or field of expertise you can sell other people’s products online – affiliate marketing. This is done through advertising, websites, blogging, article marketing, video creation and various other online and offline methods. The exciting thing about affiliate marketing is the freedom it can give you and the earning potential which is unlimited. Anyone can market products to a global audience and earn commissions on those products, even if they don’t own them personally.

Never stop learning

Get an online education and never work for anyone ever again!

For many over 40’s, working for themselves is a strong enough motivation to overcome their fears, laziness and uncertainty about a new career path. Building an online business is not a quick path to easy money. Many try and fail to build their own online businesses.

Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek have put together a comprehensive and systematic educational platform which has seen successes time and again through using their system and although some give up before they achieve a long term sustainable income, the system has proven itself to work with those that persevere long and hard enough with the steps laid out to achieve it.

You can get access to Stuart and Jay’s online education here. Start with the FREE VIDEO SERIES.