Best Website Builder For Affiliate Marketing

What is the best website builder for affiliate marketing? Well it depends on your needs and your particular circumstances. Many website building software companies will claim theirs is ‘the best’, but really it depends on your needs as a customer. The best software might also be far out of your price range. Take a look at the video below by clicking the image. In it, you’ll see how you can have a ready made website up and running in a few minutes.

best website builder for affiliate marketing

Best Website Builder For Affiliate Marketing

So you can see that the website building software is very easy to use. But this isn’t just a website. If you only want a website, this probably isn’t the best website builder for you. This is also a business system which includes:

  • A built in sales funnel  (access your own email marketing tool and start building a list of subscribers)
  • A product ‘suite’ – A ‘suite’ is a range of products which you can earn affiliate commissions from.
  • A built in sales team closing sales on your behalf.
  • A range of high ticket products within your product ‘suite’.
  • Full training and support backed by an online business community

So why is it important to have all of this anyway? Why is this the best website builder for affiliate marketing?

best website builder for affiliate marketing

Depending on what you want for your affiliate business, the SFM business system has a number of products to accommodate. Ultimately, if you want to grow and develop an online business which leverages digital products there a lot of advantages in having high commission affiliate programs.

Advantages Of High Commission Affiliate Programs

One of the main advantages of high ticket programs is that it allows you to start generating larger commissions more quickly. Whereas, with low value items, you’ll need to sell a lot more products in order to make the same amounts.

High ticket products can also give you greater flexibility when it comes to advertising too, both in terms of how much you can spend, before you break the bank and in terms of advertising platforms and techniques which are available to you. Facebook and YouTube, for example, are very sophisticated advertising platforms. They’re also rather expensive to use. You simply can’t afford to use these platforms for low value items. Spending $500 in advertising is much more easily recouped with a high ticket program.

best website builder for affiliate marketing

If you only sell low value items, it’s going to be very difficult to use these platforms at all, let alone break even. Knowing you have a product suite which offers products valued at $500 – $35,000 in them, (and you can earn 35-40% commissions on those products) gives you a huge advantage and much more confidence in spending on advertising.

Best Website Builder For Affiliate Marketing – Speed

Are your building a website with the intention of blogging? Blogging is a much slower method of building an online presence. Paid advertising is a much faster one. Paid advertising can grow an online business very quickly, particularly with the right business model.

best website builder for affiliate marketing

This is the best website builder for affiliate marketing if you’re looking for a long term sustainable business model. Whether you want to build your business quickly with paid traffic or more slowly with content marketing, the right business model can make all the difference to your business.

  • Subscription products – give you a monthly income from previous sales. This means you earn continuously from each previous sale (providing the member continues their membership).
  • Up-sells – As already mentioned, a range of products allows you to earn later on from previous sales you have already made. Some members might upgrade their membership long after the initial sale – make sure you get the credit with the best affiliate program.
  • Built In Sales Team – A built in sales team means you don’t have to close sales of larger high ticket products. A sales system like this works for you even after you have referred a customer, giving you commissions even after your initial referral. 
  • Multi-Tier Sales – A multi tier sales system means you can earn commissions based on the sales your team makes. (Eligibility depends on where you place yourself in the business tier system).

Why This Isn’t The Best Website Builder For Affiliate Marketing

When I started out in the affiliate marketing field I did everything as cheaply as possible. I didn’t have any money to spend on something which I knew nothing about. I didn’t know the value of things, because I didn’t have much knowledge in the area.

Over time I realised the value of certain software and strategies which I initially failed to appreciate early on. For me, it would have been a waste of money back then because I would have expected to be able to “buy a profitable business” and not have to do anything to earn from it. If you are in this camp, this definitely isn’t for you.

However, if you’re serious about rolling up your sleeves and actually learning some new skills and working hard on your business, this might be the right starting package for you.

One of the best things about this business system is its online community. When I was working on my own, I was working hard at many of the wrong activities. As I joined this company, I realised where the most successful people were putting their efforts. By modelling the success of other successful people, you can achieve far better results than by going it alone.

Access an online business system which gives you the benefit of:

  • A website building software
  • Landing page software and ready made templates to use
  • A modular step by step set-up procedure
  • Training and education on marketing and set up
  • A business community on hand to help you
  • A built in sales team
  • High ticket products to earn from (access according to how you position yourself in the business system)

Access the full 7 day video series here to learn more