Turnkey Home Based Business

Are you looking for a turnkey home based business? Many people are discovering a means to work from home entirely from their laptop. Working from a laptop with a turnkey home based business means:

  • no lengthy commute to work,
  • no boss and
  • you choose your own hours.

What could be better?

Turnkey Home Based Business

turnkey home based business

But what is involved with a turnkey home based business and can anyone do it?

There are several ways to use a laptop to create a home based business. The one I am about to share with you involves a business model known as affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing lets anyone promote and sell other people’s products online. Before you start thinking you’re not a sales person, don’t worry.

There’s very little actual ‘selling’ involved. That’s the ‘turnkey’ part. Affiliate programs let you use their sales materials such as banners, landing pages, sales pages, websites and products to sell the products. You typically earn 40-50% commissions on a sale. But that’s not the best part of this turnkey home based business.

What’s Involved?

turnkey home based business

Even though this is a ‘turnkey’ home based business, there’s still work involved. You still need to promote your website, for example. Although you don’t need a website for this program, it’s a useful tool and it’s a cheaper form of advertising than simply setting up paid adverts.

Turnkey businesses let you earn money over the internet by selling digital products. You can do this in several different ways. You can create content either by writing, creating videos or giving webinars for example. This article is a piece of content to attract people to various products, which I promote to my website visitors.

There’s lots of ways to do this and the training you will need will help you determine your specific course of action.

Can Anyone Do It?

turnkey home based business

Only 10 years ago a business like this involved several different skill sets. You needed to be able to build websites, for example. Software and technology has come a long way since then. Push button websites creators now let anyone build their own custom made website in a matter of a few simple steps.

Not only that but your website will be pre-populated with your own customised affiliate banners and links. Your job is then to send traffic to your website. This can be done via creating content, sharing on social media or advertising through several different means. All these simple skills can be learned by anyone with the desire to do it and full training is given in a step by step modular progression.

What Else Do I Get?

This turnkey home based business can give you:

  • A turnkey website of your own which is pre-populated with a range of products from which you can profit
  • A range of landing pages ready to use to collect emails
  • An email series which is pre-built to offer your subscribers
  • Built in sales funnel which you can simply direct website traffic to
  • Built in up-selling from which you can earn commissions
  • A built in sales team closing sales on your behalf
  • Training and Education in building and scaling your online business

Plus much more besides. You can also access a community of people and attend meetings and seminars globally.

Why Do I Need An Email List?

turnkey home based business

Email marketing is the number one accessory of top internet marketers. It allows you to control your website traffic. Getting website traffic by any means either takes time of money or both. Adverts cost money and creating content for your website takes time.

By owning your own email list you can build a list of potential customer to whom you can offer value. Again, this is a turnkey business and doesn’t take much to set up your own email ‘auto-resonder’. This is basically an automated email service which collects email addresses for you and distributes emails.

As your email list grows, so does your potential to earn. Top marketers have lists which extend into the tens of thousands of subscribers. This means when they offer a promotion or a sale, they can earn more simply by growing their list. An email can be sent out to thousands of subscribers at once.

Even if only a small percentage of your list purchases a product, this can be very profitable as your list size grows. All this can be done largely on autopilot too, which means you can work at building your list while your autoresponder (email service provider) works away in the background.

What Products Will I Be Selling?

turnkey home based business

You can sell whatever products you decide to sell. The training and education given in this turnkey home based business will give you the ability to choose products you feel are a good fit for you. There are however products you can begin to sell immediately through your website, email list, links and landing pages. Recommended products will include multiple streams of income. Anyone can join an affilaite program and promote products as they deem fit. However, not all products are equal and most products will only pay you for the initial sale.

Which Are The Best Kind Of Products?

Digital products are best for commissions and you will earn more selling digial products. Typically you will earn 30-40% commission on a digital product. The reason the product owner can pay so much is that costs for delivery and storage are so low. Physical products incur greater costs because of these factors.

Let’s say you decide to promote an online product which teaches the guitar. Your product sells for $100 (for example) and you make $40 of that. However, you still need to sell continuously to continue earning from this kind of product. By choosing products which have monthly memberships (for example) you can make commissions each month for previous sales. This has a compounding effect and creates more financial stability.

Other factors which enable you to earn a more sustainable income from a turnkey home based business include:

  • High ticket commissions – let you earn more per sale
  • Back end sales – (Not all affiliate products reward affiliates for sales made later by the company)
  • Built in sales team – (Many affiliate products only pay affiliates once and they are not rewarded for later sales)

By choosing products and services to promote which offer these kinds of benefits, you business can become much more sustainable over the long term. Single sales generate more profit, memberships mean you earn continuously for each member you have referred, and a built in sales team does the selling of higher valued products after your initial referral.

How Can I Get Started?

turnkey home based business

You can start by accessing a free video series which will explain more about this turnkey home based business. If you want to get going simply join the program through the links in the videos you will receive. Working your way through the modules will enable you to:

  • Set up your pre-populated website with (products ready to go)
  • Set up your email list and email series (with your own pre-built affiliate links)
  • Learn how to start promoting your website and links (with various online strategies)

Get started here.

More Benefits Of A Home Based Turnkey Business

This business model has a number of benefits. However, one of the main benefits is that you can learn how to scale up your business once it starts generating profit. This takes time but it is something which is well worth pursuing. Most people trade time for money. They go to work every day knowing that if they ever stopped, so would their income. An online business like this one can use the power of the internet as leverage.

You can earn from sales even when you are not working. The internet runs 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It never stops. Once you start getting targeted traffic to your website and making sales, this can continue working day and night without you really doing much. Simply tweeking your advertising and scaling up can mean dramatical increases in sales. This kind of scaling cannot be done in a normal working job. You can’t scale your time, it is always limited. But you can scale an internet business which has a global reach.

Some other benefits of an online business include:

  • Work from home
  • Choose your working hours
  • Work around existing commitments
  • Build your business up around exisiting employment until income matches your current salary
  • No boss
  • No commute

Why Doesn’t Everyone Do This?

Even though most of the work is already done in this business, there is still work to do. You get access to a business model with all the above benefits.

However, unless you work on your business, it won’t generate sales by itself. Your job is to promote your website and/or landing pages and send website traffic to the website and through the sales funnel. You will be given the training to learn how to do this and everything else has been done for you. You get access to a fully operational online platform with your own advisor, a step by step training program and all the fully functional sales materials you need.

You do need to set up your website and email servive provider to get everything going. This can be done fairly quickly. Once set-up you need to promote your business with content creation and/or paid advertising. Not everyone has the motvation to continue working on a business like this until it becomes successful. Time taken to generate positive results is different for everyone.

You can test drive this program for a free 30 days and see if it’s for you. Start here.turnkey home based business