Best Second Career Choices

I started looking for the best second career choices a few years ago. I wanted something which was super flexible and could work around other commitments. I started looking at ebay as I had already used it to buy and sell from. You can see one of the business models I used in my article how to start a profitable ebay business. It was ebay that led me to something else and a simple purchase sparked an interest in me which led me to what I believe to be one of the best second career choices available for anyone.

Best Second Career Choices

Admitedly working from a laptop is not everyone’s idea of heaven. For me though it works perfectly. You can operate this business from anywhere with an internet connection and a laptop. Build it up around existing comitments and work full time or part time. Eventually it can replace your existing income, and then some.

The purchase I had made on ebay was a small ‘ebook’ digital download product. It showed me the ‘system’ I describe in my article how to start a profitable ebay business. But the ebay model wasn’t the business model I later discovered. It was too limited because even though I was selling internationally to a global audience, I couldn’t scale it up because I was in the loop. The ebook I bought sparked an idea in me which eventually led me to affiliate marketing.

Best Second Career Choices – Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing uses the model of selling other people’s products over the internet. Because they are other people’s products you don’t have any stock to hold, people to deal with or things to sell yourself personally. Simply sell things from a website or email by sending people to a landing page or sending out an email to a list. Because you can sell digital products over the internet there is very little cost involved.

There are no postage or storage costs for digital products so the only main cost after the product is made is in advertising. This is why affiliate marekters can get paid up to and even beyond 40% of a products value. Products can be delivered automatically over the internet by downloading some piece of information, or by accessing a website. This makes it very scalable.

Scaling An Online Business

Scaling an online business is so much easier than scaling a normal type of business. With a ‘bricks and mortar’ business there is the limitation of the locality, there are people in the sales process. Although automation now helps many businesses they are still more limited than a model which uses complete automation. With a business which can sell and deliver automatically over the internet the only limitation is in advertising.

Everything else is automated. Scaling an online business therefore comes down to creating many adverts pointed people to simple landing pages. They in turn send people into a sales funnel and automated emails are sent out. Products are delivered over the emails and when someone purchases something the process is entirely hands off.

Selling Digital Products Online

Start your own online business and learn how to set up landing pages, email series, website and advertising with this digital education platform.

best second career choices