Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs

It was a long time before I found out about recurring commission affiliate programs. Before that I was promoting small valued products for a tiny commission. Little did I know that recurring commissions could have made my life so much easier.

Recurring commission affiliate programs are the best programs to use because they let you earn income from referrals, rather than a single commission. So long as your referral maintains their membership, or keeps subscribing to the software, you’ll continue to get commissions.

Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs

recurring commission affiliate programs

If you know about recurring commission affiliate programs, you should also know a few other key strategies too. Top affiliate marketers use these key concepts to increase their income potential:

  • Multi-tier sales
  • Up-sells
  • High Ticket Products
  • Product ‘Suites’
  • A Built in sales team
  • And of course subscription products (recurring commission affiliate products)

Let’s take a look at why using these strategies together is one of the best ways to build a sustainable online business.

Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs – Multi-Tier Sales

recurring commission affiliate programs

If you’re going to spend your time building an online business. You may as well pick the best business model for your success. This means using the right strategies from the get go. I struggled online for years because I simply didn’t get this! Multi-tier sales allow affiliate marketers to earn another income stream from their referrals.

Each time your members make a sale, you earn a commission. Think about building an online business which has a huge team of people. If you got paid each time they make a sale, that’s another income stream which is completely automated. This program offers multi-tier commissions depending on how you position yourself in the business system.

Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs – Up-sells

recurring commission affiliate programs

Up-sells are sales made to your existing customers after your have referred them. You know McDonald’s has a saying “do you want fries with that?”. Well, that’s an up-sell. The customer is already there at the counter, they’ve already made a purchase, they are very likely to upscale their purchase to include fries or a drink etc. In fact existing customers are a great source of income for most businesses. They are already in your ‘store’ and buying from you. Up-sells make sense for any business model, so you should include up-sells in your online business too. It’s another source of income for an affiliate marketer.

Amazon, as an example doesn’t do this.  After the cookie period has worn off, your customer could spend a lifetime shopping on Amazon and you’ll get nothing. That’s because they don’t acknowledge you as the referral for later sales. You don’t get rewarded again and again every time your customer returns. In this sense, Amazon wins a lifetime customer, but you only get a single commission. Using affiliate programs with up-sells makes sense, if you want to build a long term sustainable business from the internet. Check that any recurring commission affiliate programs you choose have up-sells, to get the most for your efforts.

Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs – High Ticket Products

recurring commission affiliate programs

High ticket products are another worthwhile addition to recurring commission affiliate programs. With high ticket, you can earn $1000+ per sale. That’s so much better than earning $40 for a sale. If you think about an internet business and your scope for a global audience, it makes sense to use higher valued items. Low ticket items might very well have a larger audience, but you’ll need to sell thousands of low valued items in order to make the same commissions as just one high priced item.

If you work smart online, you’ll be targeting just those people who are more likely to value what you have, regardless of its price. A small adjustment in your marketing tactics can have far bigger results with high ticket products, than with smaller priced items. High ticket products also allow you to use paid advertising more effectively because you can offset your costs more quickly. You can also scale up your business model more easily and quickly with paid advertising strategies.

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Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs – A Product “Suite”

recurring commission affiliate programs

A “suite” is a range of products which offer more and more value. Apple has a product range which could be called a ‘suite’. Apple’s products range from an iPhone to an iPad , an Apple Tv, a MacBook and iPod’s and so on. If Apple had an affiliate program which offered to pay you every time your referral bought another item from them, it’d be an awesome program. Unfortunately they don’t! However, here’s a program which offers a product suite.

By referring someone into a sales funnel and selling an introductory item, you can benefit from later sales to your referral. With most affiliate products, this isn’t possible. You only get paid for each individual sale. With a product suite, you benefit from low level ‘starter’ products right up to high valued seminar type products which sell for up to $30,000+. You can earn an $8000 commission on some of these type of products (depending on your positioning).

Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs – Built In Sales Team

recurring commission affiliate programs

Here’s another concept which can make a huge difference to your online business. Having a built in sales team closing sales on your behalf, can make all the difference to your bottom line. After you have referred an initial sale, and your customer books a call, a built in sales team will follow up with them and offer them other products. As they move through the business system, they will be offered several other products which may be of value to them. If they purchase a later product, you get credit for the sale, even when you only referred the initial sale. 

A built in sales team is perfect for the kind of people who don’t see themselves as sales people and/or they don’t want to personally sell.

Subscription Products – Recurring Commission Affiliate Products

recurring commission affiliate programs

Subscriptions come in the form of memberships or software. A membership website can offer ongoing value much like a piece of software. Aweber, for example offer an auto-responder service. This is a vital piece of software for any online marketer. They also offer their affiliates an ongoing subscription commission. This means one sale of their program can not only give you a commission for the sale, but an income, potentially forever! 

Subscription products also include online training memberships. As long as your referral maintains their membership, you will continue to receive commissions based on your initial referral. This is really quite exciting because it means you can get paid for doing the work once. You’ll continue to get paid over and over again for a single referral. As you refer more and more customers to a subscription product, you’ll increase your monthly income each time you refer someone new.

Access A Recurring Commission Affiliate Program

recurring commission affiliate programs

Access a recurring commission affiliate program which has the benefit of all of the above commission structures and has a built in training and education platform and online community. Sign up for the 7 day video series here. 

How To Build A Subscription Based Website

Wondering how to build a subscription based website? Subscription products are the way to go with an online business. They offer ongoing value and of course ongoing commissions. But what are the best subscription products for your website? Can you build your own, or are you better off using other people’s subscription products?

How To Build A Subscription Based Website – Traffic

Before we get into getting a website up and running with subscription products in it, there’s the small matter of marketing. How will you market your website? If you’re using your own products, will they sell? I say this because the first mistake I made online was to expect people to come running to my website once I had launched it.

Even if you have a range of top notch products in your sales funnel, you’ll still need traffic. Not just any old traffic either. You’ll need targeted, “buying” website traffic. You know, people who don’t just think you have a good product, but desperately need it in their lives. That’s the kind of traffic you want! Do you know how to do this? Perhaps you already do in which case you should skip this section.

If you’re wondering how to build a subscription based website, you’re wanting to earn an income online, most likely. This requires more than just having a good range of products. You need to aggressively market your sales funnel. This will either take a long time, or a lot of cash, depending on your particular route.

Paid traffic and free traffic are two different animals. Paid traffic is fast, free traffic is slow and time consuming. Checkout me ebooks on these two topics: Niche blogging for profit, and The Ultimate Guide To Online Marketing.

How To Build A Subscription Based Website

What products are you going to offer your customers? Why will they keep paying for your services? Building your own subscription based products is very difficult. That’s why it is far better to use existing products within a product range. By using a business model known as affiliate marketing, you can earn 40% commissions on sales through your own sales funnel, without having to create any products of your own, or even have to speak to a customer.

Why have a sales funnel? Can’t I just sell directly from my website? Yes and no. The main problem with trying to sell from your website is that no body knows who you are. They have only around 10 minutes or less to make a buying decision once they land on your website. If you get them to opt in to your sales funnel, you can build a relationship and promote products to them over the weeks, months and even years to come.

Checkout the video below by clicking on the image:

how to build a subscription based website

How To Build A Subscription Website – The Sales Funnel

The sales funnel is an important part of a subscription website. As you can see in the video, you can easily have a website up and running in a matter of minutes. The website building software above also comes with a fully integrated product suite and a built in sales funnel. You can access this software by signing up to the free video series here.

A sales funnel with a product suite can give you:

  • The ability to sell high ticket products and earn 40% commissions on sales you make
  • Commissions from up-sells – products bought later by your existing customers
  • Subscription Product Commissions – Memberships, Software etc.
  • Multi-tier Commissions – Depending on your buy in level, you can earn commissions based on sales made by your referrals.
  • You can make sales long after someone subscribed to your list, even years later.

Why High Ticket Products?

Subscription products give you a good business model which allows you to make ongoing commissions. Combine this strategy with high ticket products and you have an even better business model. Why? Simply because a high ticket product within your sales funnel allows you to recoup your advertising costs and scale up more quickly by using paid advertising.

Lower valued products, and even some subscription products won’t allow you to use paid strategies because you’ll struggle to recover your costs on lower valued products. This means you’re stuck with free advertising methods which can take a long time to work.

Subscriptions are a game changer when it comes to an online business model. So are high ticket products and up-sells. Up sells are basically products you can offer your existing customers. They are higher valued products within a product range. If you can use a business system with both subscriptions, high ticket and up-sells, your chances of success are much higher than with a single product.

How To Build A Subscription Website – Other Considerations

So if you’re going to build a website, it’s best to use both high ticket items which include up-sells and subscription products too. This gives you a few income streams from the same activities. There’s another factor too and that’s multi-tier sales. If you can sell an online product which has multi-tier sales commissions it means you can earn from the sales made by your referrals. This is another income stream and available depending on your positioning within a business system.

Learn more and access a digital business system and online training and education platform.This will show you how to build a subscription based website with the features detailed below:

  • Up sells
  • High ticket products
  • Multi-tier sales
  • Built in sales team
  • Commissions products (memberships)
  • A customised and ready made website and sales funnel system

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Best Recurring Affiliate Programs

The best recurring affiliate programs not only have recurring income from monthly memberships, but also benefit from a number of other strategies. Recurring affiliate programs are the best because you can earn commissions on a monthly basis from a single sale.

It is far better to sell a product which has a subscription than to only make a single commission on a ‘lone’ sale. To make even a basic living on the internet is far easier if you choose the products and services which offer recurring income.

best recurring affiliate programs

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs

The best recurring affiliate programs also have other built in strategies which make them a winning business model for affiliates:

  • Membership commissions – As an affiliate many products only offer a single commission. After the initial sale the customer may continue to buy but the affiliate doesn’t benefit from the relationship they have created. Choosing an affiliate product with membership commissions means you will continue to benefit in the form of monthly commissions for as long as your referred customer keeps  their membership.
  • Up-Sells – Up selling is the process of selling higher value items to existing customers. Many affiliates make the mistake of continuing to recruit new customers and ignoring previous sales. However, the existing customer has already proved they are interested in your products. By having more products and services to offer them after the initial sale you will be increasing your sales without having to recruit new customers.

Recurring Affiliate Programs – Additional Considerations

As an affiliate you also benefit from other strategies which can gear your affiliate business for maximum success:

  • High Ticket Products – Selling small value items means you need to sell a lot of them in order to make a viable business. By selling higher priced items you can make larger commissions on each sale. You can either sell a $100 product 20 times, or sell a $2000 product once. If both give the same return in commissions it will be easier to target customers who would buy the large value product. (see why target market is important) Also it is easier to scale up the sales of higher ticket products.
  • Built in sales team - A built in sales team means an affiliate can benefit from up-sells which are closed by the team. This can be of huge benefit to your commissions, especially when used in conjunction with high ticket commissions and monthly memberships.
  • Community based program – A community based membership program is one of the best ways to keep offering value to its members and is much better for the longevity of a program.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs – Choose Wisely

best recurring affiliate programs

Before starting down the path of promoting affiliate products it is wise to consider all these options. Many affiliate programs only offer commissions on a single sale. After that, you have referred a customer to a company and they keep the customer – potentially for life. However, you have only made a single commission. Choose products which offer monthly membership commissions, not just a single commission. Work smart not just hard!

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs – Digital Products

Some of the best recurring affiliate products are digital products. Digital products also offer some of the best commissions. This is because they have low overheads. Low overheads means owners of digital products can pay 50% + in commissions to its affiliates. Physical products typically have lower commissions. Digital products can also have membership platforms which physical products don’t.

Learn more about how to promote:

  • high ticket affiliate products which have
  • monthly commissions,
  • built in sales team, community and
  • up-selling products to the value of $20,000

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best recurring affiliate products

Examples Of Recurring Affiliate Income

Let’s take an example of a normal single sale compared to a recurring subscription sale. If you sold a £100 product and made a commission of £40, how does this compare to a subscription of just £10 per month? Even though your initial £10 is less that the £40, after only 4 months you would have caught up. £10 over 4 months = £40. Not an amazing profit though.

However, let’s say you sold 10 of each product. 10 X £100 = £1000. This gives you a commission of £400 (at 40%).

Selling 10 of the subscription product at £10 per month = £100 per month. After month 1 you would only have made £40, much less than the single sale product. However, (assuming your members continue their subscriptions) after month 4 you will have made £400. In addition each month you will continue to receive an income from membership products. Over a year you would receive (12 x £40 =) £480, and you would continue to receive this whether you sold any more products or not.

With the single sale product you would need to continue making sales over and over again. If you stopped making sales you wouldn’t continue to get paid.

So you can see that over time and with continued subscription sales, the recurring income is worth much more than a single sale product due to the compounding effect.

100 sales of the £100 product would make £1000. At 40% commission you would earn £4000.

100 sales of the £10 subscription product would make £1000. At 40% commission you would earn £400 per month. After 10 months your subscription commissions would have caught up with your other ‘single sale’ product. Plus, you would continue making £400 per month for as long as those members kept up their memberships.

Combining Subscriptions, Up-sells and High Ticket Sales

The best recurring affiliate programs combine both subscriptions with up-sells and high ticket products. You can also benefit from multi-tier sales if you position yourself as a partner in this business model. Multi-tier sales allow you to make commissions based on the sales of your team. You can also benefit from:

  • Subscription products
  • High ticket sales
  • Up-sells closed on your behalf by a sales team

By combining multiple income sources you can benefit from high ticket commissions and residual membership commissions. Most affiliate companies only offer you the initial commission on the first referral. After that they sell to your referred customers but you don’t get a commission. By choosing a company which also rewards you for subscriptions and later up-sells closed by the company, you can earn from multiple sources.

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