Best Products To Resell Online

What are the best products to resell online? Anyone can resell digital products online, and earn commissions from their sale. Digital products are good because they offer 40% commissions.  You don’t even need to personally own products and, you can sell almost anything online. The internet has opened up many opportunities and not least of these is the opportunity to earn an income. More people are realising this opportunity every day, and learning how to resell digital products on the internet.

Best Products To Resell Online

Why resell digital products? Because you can reach a global audience with digital products and automate the sale. That means hands free selling! Imagine your online business running by itself, earning a profit, without you even being there! This is a reality for many people who have already discovered the huge potential of combining the internet with the sale of digital products.

Resell Digital Products – My Story

I discovered this concept after purchasing an ebook over the internet from eBay. It was several years ago now, but I remember being so excited by the concept that I couldn’t get it out of my mind! It was an eBook written by an eBay member who was selling his own ‘system’ of making money from the auction site. I successfully used his system too, which you can read about in my article: how to start a profitable eBay business.

best products to resell online

The simple concept of selling a digital product stuck with me for years. It eventually led me to an online business concept known as affiliate marketing. I struggled for years as an affiliate marketer, but knew it was worth pursuing. It can ultimately give anyone the ability to work for themselves from anywhere globally. By using technology and the internet to automate sales of digital products, anyone can stop trading time for money, and create more financial and time freedom, simultaneously. Most people trade a portion of their life for money, and keep doing it. While at first an online business takes time to build, eventually it can be automated and scaled up. Systems and automation can allow you to move away from the ‘trading time for money’ trap.

Resell Digital Products – Some Mental Barriers

The main barrier to success online isn’t the technology. People are already doing this and others are learning. The main barriers to what is possible from an online business are mental barriers. Trading time for money is in our minds at a deep, unconscious level.

What would we do if time and money were no object? We would look for ways to struggle in some other way perhaps? Or would we pursue more meaningful lives? Most people need to be at breaking point before they decide to make the shift. Anyone can learn to resell digital products to give them more time and financial freedom.

Resell Digital Products Online – What Kind Of Products?

After a while of buying and selling on eBay using the strategy I mention above, I realised there must be a better way to make money with the internet. This led me to look at other methods and ultimately to a business model known as affiliate marketing. I wanted to make automated sales while I was asleep! Working on eBay was too time consuming and there was no way to automate most of what I was doing. I tried all kinds of products and money making strategies but decided that affiliate marketing and in particular, digital products was the way to go for me.

Digital products offer 40% commissions for their affiliates. Before I found digital products I was trying strategies like Google Adsense and Amazon products. A digital product though gave me my first breakthrough and I made a $40 commission on a sale after writing a simple review. It wasn’t until some time later that I discovered the power of a product ‘suite’.

A product ‘suite’ lets you sell products which are linked to other products within a range. You only need to sell an initial product to benefit from later sales closed by a built in sales team.

Best Products To Resell Online

So what are the best products to resell online? After several years of attempting all kinds of online selling and, after using many strategies; I’ve discovered what I believe to be the best products to resell online.

  • Digital products – Give you an instant global audience, automation and 40% commissions
  • Subscription products – Allow you to earn an ongoing income from previous sales
  • Up-sells – Using a product ‘suite’ allow you to benefit from later sales made to your existing customers
  • Multi-tier sales – Let you benefit from a second tier of sales made by your referrals. I.e. your ‘team’ makes a sales, and you earn a commission, from having made the initial referral.
  • A built in sales team – closing sales on your behalf.

Access an all in one business system which offers all these benefits and which also offers an online training program,  step by step progression modules, an online community and everything you’ll need to succeed online.

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