Best Lifestyle Businesses

The best lifestyle businesses give you the money and the freedom to live however you choose. This is different for everyone. Some would rather have the stability and reassurance of a regular place of work. However, the best lifestyle businesses allow you to work from anywhere globally from a laptop. This sounds like a dream for many people but more and more people are realising this dream.

Best Lifestyle Businesses

best lifestyle businesses

I was on a search for the best lifestyle businesses several years ago. I started out buying and selling on ebay. I didn’t dream of travelling the world or even being a millionaire. I just wanted a means to stave off the wolf from my door and work from home. I wasn’t well educated and had dropped out of school after my A-levels. The jobs I was qualified to do were mostly low paid assistant type jobs so I looked to the internet as a means to make a living.

After I bought an ebook over the internet I decided on the model I thought would make the best online business. An ebook was remarkably easy to create and to sell. You could set up a website sell automatically through Paypal and deliver your ebook to your buyer. All while drinking pina coladas on the beach! Or so I thought anyway!

This is the model from which the best lifestyle businesses are made! Automated sales which are delived automatically free up your time and allow you to leverage the internet as means to generate customers. If you can sell products over the internet, you can also scale up and reach more customers, without your time being a factor in the ‘loop’.

Best Lifestyle Businesses – Don’t Trade Time For Money

best lifestyle businesses

The best lifestyle businesses don’t trade time for money. Instead they use systems, tools and strategies which mean you can free up your time while growing your income. This can mean selling things like affiliate products, drop shipping, or even selling your own physcial or digital products online.

Once you have a product which sells, you can scale up the avertising to make more sales. Providing the advertising costs less than your profit, you’re in business! You can increase your advertising budget and increase your sales as a result. What takes time and effort is the testing and measuring involved with finding a profitable advertising campaign.

Best Lifestyle Businesses Affiliate Marketing

The model of affiliate marketing lets you sell other people’s products and services online. This can save you a whole heap of time and money trying to come up with your own products. By selling digital products you can also make up to 50% commissions on a sale. You can sell physical products too of course and you get paid a referral fee for sending website traffic to other websites. Learn how this works here.

Dropshipping/White Label/Affiliate Marketing

Dropshipping is the same business model, in effect, as affiliate marketing. ‘White label’ websites let you set up an online ‘digital’ store of your own selling their products and services. Simply set up an advertising campaign to the website and sell other people’s products. Ecomerce platforms like let you set up and promote your own online store, sell other people’s products through it and earn commissions on the sale.

The Crux Of A Lifestyle Business

best lifestyle businesses

The model for the best lifestyle businesses is one which allows you to scale up and continue to increase your profits with online advertising. This doesn’t happen overnight and there’s plenty to do in the meantime. You also need to right business model to start with. Choose the wrong model and you could be in for a long, lonely, struggle! If you choose the affiliate marketing path, for example, you will need to right kind of products to sustain multiple sources of income. Choose products which have built-in sustainability not built in obsolescence. Ideally you should choose products which offer:

  • Memberships – giving you regular income from single points of sale
  • High Ticket products – Increase your ability to scale up and earn larger commissions
  • Up-sells – A range of products which you benefit from even after the initial sale
  • Built in sales team – Selling products on your behalf.

The best lifestyle businesses are about generating profit by using automation. That way you can increase profits by scaling online tools, rather than by working longer hours. 

Defining Yourself By Your Work

Imagine a scenario where you no longer need to work a job. You automate sales closed by someone else using the internet. As you learn and grow you improve the systems which do this by testing and measuring. Your income grows too. You can now leave your job and travel anywhere while your income continues to grow.

Although this situation sounds like a dream to most people what holds many back is the way they define themselves. We are used to defining ourselves by our job titles! When we no longer need a job, how do we define ourselves and are you ok with this?

Self image is intricated tied up with your ability to create and scale an online business which can eventually set you free from your job. What’s the first thing you say about yourself when meeting someone new? Does it relate to what you do? How will this change as your new business gives you more money and time freedom!?

Best Lifetyle Buinesses – Start Today

Anyway back to my ebook story! I thought selling an ebook over the internet was the simplest sales model imaginable. It led me to discover affiliate marketing, but only after I had spent a lot of time tying out various things by myself. It wasn’t entirely wasted time because I learned from it, but a lot was! I could have done it a lot faster. Many of the difficulties of starting an online business are in no knowing what to do and what not to do. You can spend a lot of time in education mode, learning, but not doing.

Get the right training and education from the start and build an internet based business from scratch. Learn how and get started here.