Best Hands Off Businesses

The best hands off businesses use technology and the internet to free up your time. They can work 24 hours a day 7 days a week, generating sales, taking leads and delivering products. What’s even better is that anyone can learn how to run an internet based business.

Best Hands Off Businesses

best hands off businesses

So what makes an internet business one of the best hands off businesses? An internet business can be started fairly cheaply. Compared to a physical business, an internet busines has far fewer overheads. With a normal ‘bricks and mortar’ business you need to pay for business premises, staff, equipment and stock. And that’s before you even open for business. With an internet business you only need a laptop and an internet connection to get started, and most people have these already.

What About Products?

Using the right products is one of the main keys to long term success online. Digital products can be sold online without you having to own them personally. You can earn commissions based on the sale of those digital products. Digital products work well online because they can be delivered over the internet very cheaply, it doesn’t cost to post them or store them. As such the owners of digital products can pay larger commissions to their affiliates, for selling them – See what is affiliate marketing. Often up to and even beyond 40% of the sale price of a product.

The Money Is In The List

best hands off businesses

Another reason why an online business makes one of the best hands off businesses is email marketing. Email marketing lets you build a list of email subscribers and sell prooducts directly through your email list. Subscribers can click on a link and purchase a product over the internet. This process can also be largely automated so your subscribers receive pre-written emails which have been created already. As your list grows in size so does your number of sales. Growing a list can be done with online advertising and through a landing page – a specific website page designed to capture an email address. All of this process can be automated and scaled.

Scaling An Internet Business

best hands off businesses

An internet business makes one of the best hands off businesses because of its ability to be scaled up. With a physical business there are all sorts of limitations. Scaling a physcial business requires much more hassle: updating equipment, getting more staff and a larger building etc. The logistics of scaling a small physical business to a larger business are much more limited and require much more investment. An online business, on the other hand, can be scaled relatively easily, once everything is in place.

Once a sales funnel, sales pages, email marketing campaign and products are in place, scaling up is just a matter of increasing the advertising. Because an internet business is international, there are no limitations to location either. A locally based business will always be limited to the number of people it can serve. An international business can serve people globally.

Best Business Model For An Online Business

The best business model for an online business includes subscription products. Subscription products allow you to stabilise your business much more quickly with consistent income. Selling ‘one off’ products over the internet can be more difficult. Selling products which have monthly income attached means you can gain more traction much more quickly. Even in a quiet month of sales, if you have sold a number of subscription products, your income continues to come in. In addition to subscription products you should also consider:

  • Hight Ticket Products – Let you earn larger commissions per sale
  • Up-sells – Choose products which rewards you for later sales closed by the company
  • Built in sales team – Choose products which reward you for sales closed by ‘in house’ sales team
  • Multi-Tier Sales – Earn commissions for sales of your team

Paid Advertising vs ‘Free’ Advertising

For your business to be truly hands off you will need to use paid advertising. ‘Free’ advertising means you will need to create content and share it on the internet. This takes time and energy but is much cheaper than going down the paid traffic route. However, it takes much longer too. Content you create can bring in sales for potentially years to come. Paid advertising can be scaled much more quickly and easily.

The fastest way to build an online business is to set up your own pre-built sales funnel (access one here which has a best hands off businesses‘done for you‘ sales funnel). Use paid for advertising for send targeted leads to your sales pages. Test and measure your advertising and scale up when you find a profitable advertising campaign. See my guide for more detail on using paid for advertising.

Other Benefits Of An Internet Based Business


An internet based business allows anyone to work from their laptop from anywhere, earning money from the sale of digital products. A business can be built up around existing work too. Whatever your situation you can usually fit in a few hours each day to work on an internet business.


Over time your internet business can start to have a big impact. Small ‘trickles’ of income can turn into larger streams and then rivers! Work you have done previously can continue working for you. This has a compounding effect to generate more and more leads, sales and income. If you have geared your business right, this can have a massive impact over the long term. Many online entrepreneurs have gone full time online and left their day jobs for the ‘internet lifestyle’. This takes time and consistent effort of course!

Stop Trading Time For Money

An online business is one of the best hands off businesses because of its ability to be scaled up. Most people give their time to their jobs. However many days you turn up for a job you always get the same income. This is the model of trading time for money. The internet business model allows you to stop trading time for money. Online sales can be automated and scaled.

As your income grows from the internet you can reinvest this income back into advertising and your business can be scaled up into the larger income brackets. To earn more money from a job, you have to put in more time. Since time is finite and you only have so many hours in the day, your earnings are limited. Use a differnet model and stop trading time for money. Learn how here.


Hands Off Business Ideas

The best hands off business ideas use automation, instead of your time, to make money. As you have probably noticed, automation is slowly taking over in all areas of society. If you have been unlucky enough for your income to be affected by this, you will know first hand.

Business models such as Blockbuster video have been completely replaced by automation. You can now access films directly over the internet and you can order almost anything.

Food can even now be delivered to your door directly from the supermarket. Simply place your order online over the internet.

hands off business ideas

Automation has produced plenty of hands off business ideas too. Online businesses allow anyone to use automation to sell products over the internet and to start their own ‘hands off business’ from a laptop. Start one here.

Best Hands Off Businesses

So what are the best hands off businesses? What hands off business ideas are available for anyone to start? I started looking for methods of making money online several years ago. What immediately struck me was a simple and effective concept – buying a digital ‘information’ product online from ebay.

I could immediately download it and access it over the internet. For me this was the best hands off business idea I had seen. You can set up a system like this and it simply sells products again and again over the internet. There is no need for any intervention and it’s completely hands off once set up! But what’s the catch?

Hands Off Business Ideas

This seemed to me to be the model I wanted to learn about. A completely hands off business which would send customers to an online sales page and then deliver their product, taking the money online all completely automatically. This was like an online vending machine.  See also autopilot money making system. The basic premis of this model led me to learn affiliate marketing, a similar concept.

What is different about affilaite marketing is that you don’t need to personally create a product yourself. If you do have a unique product which you can sell online, you can set up a website, send customers to it, and earn from selling the same digital product again and again. But even this business idea is limited for a number of reasons.


One of the main obstacles to selling online digital products is the getting of buying customers to web pages. Even with the best products available, more on this later, you still have to actively promote your website in order to sell your products. Yes you can also do this in a hands off way, but you still need the know-how to set up automated advertising campaigns.

Value Of Products + Business Model

Another limiting factor to an online sales model is the products. You can create your own products and sell them or use someone else’s products to promote. In the case of many affilaite products you can sell them for a 50% commission. This is a great mark up considering they are not even your products. However, where this model falls down is with the continuous need to keep selling over and over. Let’s say you sell a $100 product and make $50 on each sale. You need $1000 a month minimum to sustain the business. That’s 20 products you need to sell a month. If you pay for avertising you might need more sales. But there’s a better model than this, and it’s definitely one of the best hands off business ideas you can use.

Email Marketing, High Ticket, Multi-tier and Back End Sales

Email Marketing

hands off business ideas

Collecting emails is the best way to market products online. This is true because it allows you to build relationships and offer your products more than once. In the case of someone visiting your website, they only get one chance to buy. Once you have their email you can offer multiple opportunities to browse and buy your products.

High Ticket Products

best affiliate program for beginners

A high ticket products allows you to earn a larger amount per sale. This can help offset advertising costs and allow you to scale more effectively into a higher earning bracket. With small value products you need to sell more and more to increase your income. With high ticket products it is much easier to do this.

Multi-Tier Sales

Some online affilaite programs let you earn from building a team of sales people. You then get paid for sales your team have made, sometimes years after the initial sale. This adds another layer of income to your sales model and lets you build multiple income streams into your business.

Back End Sales

Back end sales give you another scource of income from selling digital products online. With back end sales the company rewards you for products which they sell to your initially referred customers later down the line. Once you have referred a customer, you continue to earn for money they spend on products with that company, even years later!

Membership Products

hands off business ideas

Memberships let you earn commissions each and every month for every sale you have made. This is far more lucrative than by selling single products alone. Plus it can still all be completely hands off too. Membership products are vital for a long term, sustainable hands off business.