Entrepreneur Ideas For The Beginner

Looking for entrepreneur ideas for the beginner? First let’s look at what an entrepreneur is. Wikipedia defines entrepreneurship as “the process of designing, launching and running a new business….. offering a product, process or service for sale or hire” An entrepreneur can simply be someone who makes money out of a venture, either by risking his/her own capital, or someone else’s.

Entrepreneur Ideas For The Beginner

An entrepreneurial venture can consist of anything which requires buying and selling and in this respect I am going to start with ebay. This is because I spent a considerable amount of time buying and selling on ebay. Anyone can start small with ebay by buying and selling a product.

You don’t have to invest massively in any one thing to turn a quick profit on the auction website. However, making a consistent profit is something different. But you can start to develop the skills simply by buying and selling a single item on ebay. Using this same method with increasingly expensive items is how many entrepreneurs start.

Entrepreneur Ideas For The Beginner – E-bay Misspell

entrepreneur ideas for the beginner

I used the ebay misspell search tool to find items going on ebay for less than their worth. You can then re-list them in such a way as to attract more bidders. You can do this over and over again and with items of increasing value. Applying this principle to large items (such as houses) is how many entrepreneurs build property portfolios, for example. I won’t go into huge detail here as I have already written about the tactics I used with ebay. See my article “How to buy and sell for profit on ebay“.

Of course there are many ways to earn from ebay and using the misspell search tool is just one of them. Creating a single listing and selling multiple items through it is a much better option, in many ways. But you will need to find low priced items which already sell on ebay. This is a competitive field and those who can afford to buy in huge quantities can control the selling price and keep it very low.

Entrepreneur Ideas For The Beginner – Affiliate Marketing

entrepreneur ideas for the beginner

My search for the ultimate ebay business led me to affiliate marketing. Ebay tends to deal in physical products. The notion of a ‘hands off’ business appealed to me after a while of focusing on ebay simply because I was caught up with all aspects of the running of the business. I didn’t want it after a while and the money wasn’t enough. This is why it is a good idea to start with a business model which you can scale.

Affiliate marketing is selling other people’s products on the internet and making commissions from the sale. You don’t have any stock to hold, or have to speak to customers. This model appealed to me because it meant only needing a laptop and an internet connection. You don’t need to bulk buy anything, hold any products, talk to anyone or even be a ‘sales person’. You can also start an affiliate marketing business with very little overheads. You don’t need any staff and you can use systems, tools and software to reach a global audience.

Entrepreneur Ideas For The Beginner – Start An Internet Business

There are some who might say affiliate marketing is an internet business. However, I had a ‘dabble’ with affiliate marketing before I started taking my “affiliate business” seriously. If you treat your entrepreneur ideas like a hobby, they will pay you a ‘hobby’ wage. But think about your business as something more serious and it can change your life.

It might sound a bit melodramatic, but your mindset will definitely determine your results. All businesses start out small. However, choose the right model and your ability to scale your business up over time will be drastically different. 

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