Autopilot Business

An autopilot business takes advantage of a number of automated systems and tools using websites which run 24 hour a day on the internet delivering products and services automatically. Digital products, combined with a website and “auto-responder”, make for an excellent autopilot business. An auto-responder is an automated email delivery and collection service. It lets website owners collect emails from their visitors and deliver a series of emails over the course of time. Within their emails are links to digital products which can be downloaded over the internet from anywhere globally.

autopilot business

Autopilot Business – Marketing

Finally there’s content creation and online advertising. Content gets searched by Google and is indexed. When website searches bring up content, they take customers to products. Online advertising is another major tool of an autopilot business. By automating a targeted advertising campaign, and sending qualified leads into a sales funnel, sales can be made on complete autopilot. What’s better still is digital products can be sold anywhere globally. This means your advertising campaign can be scaled for a global audience.

A Sales Funnel – Autopilot Business

autopilot business

A sales funnel starts on a website or landing page. A website visitor is taken directly to a landing page from an advert or, they find a website through content marketing and opt-in to a ‘freebie’ giveaway, in exchange for their email address. They are now inside the sales funnel. From there they will receive a number of automated emails. Emails can recommend a series of products while giving value to the subscriber. If a product is sold from a sales funnel, the owner of the business makes a commission.

How Can I Get One?

Anyone can get a sales funnel and use other people’s products to market through it. See ready made sales funnel. You can market anything through a sales funnel, even your own products. However, there’s a huge benefit from using other people’s digital products. Digital products in particular let you sell over the internet. This is a massive advantage for a couple of reasons:

  • You can access a global audience
  • There’s no postage costs so companies can pay larger commissions (40%+)

Your Marketing Engine – The ‘Heartbeat’ of An Autopilot Business

autopilot business

If cash flow is the blood of a business, marketing is its ‘heartbeat’. Even with the best sales funnel in the world and the best products, your business won’t make any money without marketing. Affiliate marketers are paid to market other people’s products. Unless they do this successfully, they won’t make any money. A good marketing engine might involve a number of different strategies:

  • Content marketing (creation of articles, blogs and videos)
  • Paid advertising – Pay per click direct response advertising (YouTube, Adwords, Facebook etc.)

List Building – The Money Is In The List

For affiliate marketers the list they own is an important part of their business too. It’s their ‘leverage’. As subscribers opt into their subscription list and receive emails, they generate sales. Over time the size of their list will grow. Subscribers who opted in months, or even years ago, can decide to purchase something. New subscribers will also purchase products immediately. As your email list of subscribers grows, you should see an ever growing increase in the amount of purchases from your line of products.

autopilot business

Types Of Products To Sell

You can sell almost anything over the internet as an affiliate marketer. You just need to find a product you want to sell and choose a suitable affiliate program. If the product has an affiliate program, you can sell their product from your website or sales funnel, and earn a commission on the sale. Amazon has the biggest affiliate program and anyone can apply to join and promote their products.

However, physical products like you might find on Amazon, offer much less in the way of earnings for affiliates. Digital products pay out more, partly because they are so cheap to store, manufacture and deliver. They can be accessed over the internet by anyone from anywhere with an internet connection. If you can find the right digital products to sell, this is a great autopilot business model to use.

Digital Products ‘Suites’

autopilot business

Selling a single digital product for let’s say $100, can earn you a commission of $40 (at the 40% typical commission rate). However, if you sell a single product, that’s all you make. You will need to sell many of these items over and over to earn a good income from your online business. However, if you choose a products suite you can benefit from:

  • Products sold later to your referrals (Up-sells)
  • High ticket commissions (Larger valued digital products which offer more value)
  • Multi-tier sales – Let you earn commissions from sales made by your referred customers.
  • Subscriptions – Memberships and subscription products let the affiliate earn over and over for a single sale. This makes a huge difference to your income structure in an online business.

Get Started – Your Own Autopilot Business

Anyone can learn the skills to build their own autopilot business by using other people’s products. Digital business platforms like this one, let you build websites and sales funnels with a product range already built in. Your only job then is to learn the business model and build a solid marketing engine to send targeted website traffic to your autopilot business ‘machine’.

Use this all on one training and education platform which gives you:

  • A working business model – Sales funnel, product suite, landing pages, sales pages, website etc.
  • Training and education in how to market your business
  • A community of online business owners to connect with and learn from

Access a free 7 day video series here to learn more and get started.

Disclaimer: Even though this business system does allow automation, there’s still a lot to do! Don’t expect this business system to do all the work for you! Earnings can never be guaranteed. There is still a business system which needs to be built and this requires a lot of learning, patience and overcoming of mental and physical barriers to succeed.

Remember this is a business system which requires consistent effort and hard work to build and scale into a profitable business. Top earners are among only a small percentage of those who attempt to build this business (Around 3%).

Autopilot Website For Sale

Looking for an autopilot website for sale? Take a look at this video which shows just how easily you can have your own website up and running with only a few clicks. With this software, you can also build your own fully automated, pre-populated website. This comes with your own unique affiliate banners, plus you can also access a ready made automated sales funnel with a range of high ticket products attached.

autopilot website for sale

Autopilot Website For Sale

So what exactly is an autopilot website? An ‘autopilot’ website can be set up in only a few clicks and runs by itself collecting emails and delivering products. But even though there is a certain amount of automation with a set up like this there are still things to do.

Fisrtly having a website isn’t an immediate hands off income, even if it is fully capable of selling products for you. You still need to get people to visit your website.

Once you publish a website, it doesn’t automatically get thousands of visitors to it. That’s the more difficult part of an internet based business. Once you have a website up and running, you need to generate traffic to it in order to make sales. This can be done in a number of different ways.

Generating Traffic To Your Autopilot Website

Traffic generation can be automated too. The quickest method of generating targeted traffic to your autopilot website is with paid advertising. Paid advertising is like turning on a tap for traffic. Simply set up a campaign through the various advertising platforms such as Google Adwords or Facebook.

When you start to see your campaign working and generating sales you can scale up. With an autopilot website which has affiliate products on it, the sales process is automated entirely. Digital products can be delivered entirely on autopilot through your sales funnel. See ready made sales funnel.

You can also generate traffic to your website by creating content (much like this article). By getting your content to rank on Google’s search engines or shared via social media, you can generate traffic and sales. This is a much slower way of generating traffic however, and depending on your content can be much less effective.

autopilot website for sale

Learn how to use paid advertising with my ebook The Ultimate Guide To Online Marketing. You can also use article marketing and keyword research to give your content the best chance of ranking on Google. In Niche Blogging For Profit I describe how I use a simple strategy to do this.

autopilot website for sale

Building And Scaling Your Autopilot Website

So you’ve found an autopilot website for sale and got it up and running. You start generating traffic to it and building sales. One of the exciting things about an autopilot website is it’s ability to be scaled up without having limiting factors in the way.

For example, with a physical business there’s a bunch of problems when you start getting too many customers. You need to get more stock, it’s more stressful, your staff want holidays and you need a larger premesis. None of these are a problem when you have an autopilot website with built in affilaite products.

Affiliate Marketing

An autopilot website benefits from a model known as affilaite marketing. Affiliate marketing lets you promote anyone’s products and earn a commission. With digital products the commission can be 40% of the cost price. That means without having to even deal with a customer, personally sell anything directly or handle any products you can still earn a massive 40% of the cost price of any sales you make.

It’s a business model which takes advantage of the ability to refer customers to other people’s products. What’s even better is the whole thing can be automated. Your autopilot website can collect emails (once you set up an autoresponder) and send visitors directly to products. When they buy through your website or affiliate link, you earn a commission.

As you step up your advertising and build more traffic, there’s nothing in the ‘loop’ which stops sales being made or holds things up. So by learning online marketing you can scale an affiliate business into the larger earning brackets.

Autopilot Website For Sale – Sales Funnel

autopilot website for sale

This autopilot website for sale comes with more than just a website. By accessing this program you will also learn all you need to build a profitable online business from scratch. Included with an autopilot webste for sale is a fully functional sales funnel with a range of high ticket products.

Your autoresponder will collect emails from your website and deliver a pre-built email series to your subscribers. As your list grows larger in numbers you will find you get more sales. Top marketers have a list of over 100,000 subscribers in some cases.

With a single email they can reach a huge number of people. By providing value and delivering useful content, that’s a list of people who (ideally) look forward to getting your emails. A singel email with a link to an affilaite product can create multiple sales. This is how website owner scale up their business. They simply send more people through their sales funnel and deliver more value.

Access An ‘Autopilot’ Website

Watch this video to access an autopilot website. You will also get:

  • A range of affiliate products to sell,
  • A ready made sales funnel,
  • Training and education in online marketing,
  • Access to an online comunity
  • A personal coach
  • Mindset training for entrepreneurial success
  • Plus much more.