Autopilot Make Money At Home

Are you looking for an autopilot make money at home ‘system’? There are many such ‘systems’ professing to be an ‘easy money’ type of thing, so beware. Making money from the internet is a great opportunity. However, it’s not as easy as some make out. It takes time, effort and hard work. So now that’s the boring bit out of the way, let’s look at the ‘how’ of an autopilot make money at home strategy.

Autopilot Make Money At Home

autopilot make money at home

I struggled for years looking for a means to earn an income from home. I tried many different strategies and tactics. Ultimately I wanted more time and more money. The deeper I dug, the more I realised the reality of an online business wasn’t the ‘magic bullet’ picture I had been sold!

Initially I found eBay to be a useful platform to make money. In my article I share a simple strategy which anyone can use to make some extra money: how to start a profitable ebay business. But it’s not an autopilot make money at home system. There’s a bit of work involved with this business idea. Even automated systems which do make money, involve a good amount of work. However, that being said, I would rather work hard at a system which can ultimately be automated, than at a system which requires continual work just to make a little extra. So I looked beyond eBay and found a different business model.

Autopilot Make Money At Home – Affiliate Marketing

autopilot make money at home

Many of the systems claiming to be “autopilot make money at home” enterprises use the model of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing lets anyone sell someone else’s products over the internet. Amazon, for example, has the largest affiliate program on the internet. Anyone can join Amazon’s affiliate program and send them customers. If a referral makes a sale, the affiliate earns a commission based on that sale.

Affiliate marketing is a major ingredient in the concept of an autopilot make money at home ‘system’. It allows anyone to send targeted website visitors to someone else’s products where they close the sale, deal with orders and deal with customers. Drop shipping is another similar business model in which anyone can start up in business and earn money by referring customers to someone else’s products. Sales, delivery and customers service is someone else’s problem! You only have to refer the sale!

So How Do You Refer Sales Online and Automate?

autopilot make money at home

Yes that’s the right question! Affiliate marketing is a great business model regardless of what anyone says about it. Many online entrepreneur has made it and built a business system around this model. But how? The answer lies in automating their marketing campaign, getting it profitable, and then scaling up by reinvesting their profits. 

Some of the tools you will need to do this are:

  • A Website
  • An Email Auto-responder – An automated email service which delivers email campaigns and products
  • Digital products – Digital products are best because you can deliver anywhere worldwide through an internet connection. This makes your business model more scalable and easily automated.
  • Online marketing tools – Knowledge of marketing platforms and the ability to create content and market your content.
  • A Sales Funnel – See ready made sales funnel

Had Enough Already?!

autopilot make money at home

If this is already more difficult that you have imagined, it’s probably not for you! But before you leave think of this:

  • Never having to work for anyone ever again!
  • Not needing a job again
  • Never having to do a commute
  • Continual income and financial freedom, ultimately without working.

That’s what’s at stake here so don’t forget it! Most people who attempt to build an online business will give up. For the small minority who pursue it and never quit, there are great rewards.

Autopilot Make Money At Home – The Easy Part

Setting up an automated online business system is the easy part! Checkout this video if you don’t believe me (click on the image below):

autopilot make money at home

As you can see in this video, building websites isn’t the tricky part. In addition to the ease of building your own monetized website, you can also build a sales funnel into your website backed by a product range including:

  • Ready made affiliate products to sell
  • Digital products with a range of income streams
  • High ticket, subscription and up-selling products for you to earn from

The Difficult Part – Building Your Marketing Engine

autopilot make money at home

If cash flow is the ‘life blood’ of your business, marketing is its “heartbeat”! Without a marketing engine behind your automated business system, you can guarantee you won’t make any sales. Don’t kid yourself and think that by investing in an automated business system like this one, you’ll be able to sit back and watch the money flow in! You’ll be sorely disappointed if you do that!

Marketing is vital for an “autopilot make money at home” type of system or for any business for that matter. Without it, you’ll surely fail. 

That’s why you need to learn how to use digital marketing strategies to use alongside your digital business system.

Marketing your business online requires knowledge and understanding of your business system. You can’t market a business system like this one in the same way you might sell an item from your house on eBay. It just won’t work like that! Marketing methods include:

  • Pay per click online advertising (YouTube, Facebook, Adwords etc.)
  • Content marketing (article writing, video creation, podcasts, webinars etc.)
  • Offline advertising (Papers, adverts, banners, car bumper stickers etc.)

Building and Scaling Up An Online Business – Mindset

autopilot make money at home

Most successful online affiliate marketers have used a marketing strategy which can be scaled up by reinvesting profits back into the business. As they start to see sales online, they can increase their marketing budget. This can be a sticking point for many would-be online marketers. We are taught to “hold on” to money as if our lives depended on it. But if you make sales by spending money on advertising, and have the counter intention to ‘hold on to money’, the idea of spending in order to earn more is counter intuitive.

As you see more sales come in from your online business, you ideally want to increase your spending budget over time. The goal being to spend more on advertising. Obviously you need to have the guts to start spending on a business system you don’t fully understand. That’s why you need training and education to understand an online business model properly. Otherwise you can easily let your doubts and fears stand in the way of the progress of your online business. 

Online Advertising – Autopilot Make Money At Home

Once your digital business system is set up, you can send qualified website traffic to it directly from a number of online marketing platforms. YouTube, Facebook, Bing, Adwords etc. all offer the ability to advertise to a specific targeted and global audience. By testing and measuring all your advertising, and tracking all of your leads and sales, you can focus on the adverts which are the most effective. Scale back adverts which don’t work and scale up those which do.

autopilot make money at home

Once your marketing strategy is working, you can leave it running and move on to another strategy. Ultimately you want to continue moving from one platform to another, building up a number of ‘trickles of subscribers’ into your business system. Over time you will learn which ones perform the best and so you can increase your budget and scale up to a larger audience.

This takes time and effort of course. Most people who attempt online marketing strategies will try once, fail and then give up. This is a mistake because once you have found a profitable strategy, you can scale up and continue to find more profitable strategies to add to your list. These strategies are then automated and scalable.

Get started with your own online business by accessing this all in one digital business platform and training and education resource.