Autopilot Income System

Just how possible is it to create an autopilot income system? Digital technology has made it possible to sell products and services online, create digital sales platforms and deliver products and services completely on autopilot. Before the internet this simply wasn’t possible. Thousands of people are waking up to the opportunities which are now possible thanks to this technology. Access this video series to learn how here. 

autopilot income system

Benefits Of An Autopilot Income System

With a normal job your income is limited to the time you can put in. As a result you will always have a finite income because you only have a limited amount of hours available to put in. When you stop working you stop getting paid. With an internet business you can use leverage to scale up your business and operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Content you have created previously can work for you generating leads and sales for potentially years to come. Systems, tools and software can leverage your time to reach a global audience and work on ‘autopilot’ even when you are no longer working.

The ability to scale up a traditional business is limited by a number of factors. Location, number of employees and your business model all play a factor in this. With an online business model your reach is international so you have the ability to scale up globally. This is now a possibility to anyone who wants to start an online business, regardless of previous education. And it can be done for a fraction of the cost of a traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ physical business model. Learn more and access training here.

Autopilot Income System – Digital Products

Digital products are to thank for the rise in lifestyle businesses which have spawned from the new digital age. Products can be automatically downloaded globally and accessed 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Anyone with a laptop and internet connection can now access these kinds of products and services. This also means that people can learn how to create their own digital products and sell them internationally on autopilot. This has the potential to offer a completely flexible lifestyle, and this is what many online entrepreneurs are seeking.

autopilot income system

Autopilot Income System – Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the model which allows anyone to create a largely autopilot income system. Affiliates don’t have to create their own products and can benefit from selling other people’s products online, and make large commissions. The model of affiliate marketing also allows affiliates to create content which send people to sales pages and lets them purchase products 24/7. With affiliate marketing, the model allows you to leverage products with digital technology. This model is far better than the traditional one of trading time for money. By using technology to sell online products you can scale up massively and reach thousands of people at once.

Autopilot Income System – The Money Is In The List

“The money is in the list” is an affiliate marketing maxim meaning that the most successful affiliate marketers all have built large lists of emails. They can sell products and services to multiple people at the same time through an email list. The top marketers give advice and value and build a relationship with their email list subscribers. Over time and by delivering good content, marketers can sell multiple products through their list with a single affiliate link. Affiliate links are tracked links to products and services online. Once a sale is made, the link is tracked back to the affiliate who referred it. They are they credited with the sale and given an affiliate commission.

autopilot income system

Autopilot Income System - Affiliate Commissions

Digital products can be accessed from any laptop given an internet connection. They can be downloaded instantly or in the case of membership products they can be accessed online. This means that much of the process of delivering and selling products can be automated. There is no posting or storage of products and even the customer service department can be outsourced or automated.

autopilot income system

This means affiliates can make a larger ‘cut’ of the sale since there are fewer costs involved than a normal ‘physical’ business. A physical business has rent, employees and many more overheads to consider whereas a digital online business has much fewer costs involved.

Autopilot Income System – The Sales Funnel

An affiliate sales funnel begins with an email capture page. The website visitor is offered a course, e-book or some sort of reason to enter their email address into the website. You can access my email series and learn more how this is done at the top of the website on the right. Once the email is received the subscriber will verify their address and receive a series of emails. By building a list of thousands of subscribers, affiliate marketers are able to generate multiple sales through their email list. Initially though they must offer value – something of use to their subscribers.

autopilot income system

Autopilot Income System – The Right Business Model

Selling a few low value digital products can make you some small pocket change. However, the real money is in high ticket products. You can sell an item for $100 online and earn 50% commission, or $50. You can also sell products for $2000 and make $1000 per sale. To make $10,000 online you can either sell 200 of the lower value products or sell 10 of the high ticket item.

Of course it may be more difficult to sell a higher priced item but much of the work will be the same for both.  In addition, to scale up will be much easier for the higher ticket product. The best affiliate business model  has:

  • Membership products – so you the affiliate make commissions every month
  • Up-sells – Higher value items for sale to existing customers
  • Built in sales team – A team of people promoting and selling products on your behalf.
  • High Ticket Products – Making you more commission upfront

As an affiliate you can take advantage of tools, strategies and business systems like these which are already in place. To get started you can access a full month free with this digital business system:

autopilot income system