Autopilot Cash System

Is it really possible to build an autopilot cash system? Sounds too good to be true? Well even though this is possible there is quite a lot of work involved. It’s not just a ‘set it and forget it’ system. The ‘autopilot’ of the cash system is the use of tools, strategies and software, and the internet. The internet runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It is also global. With automation and a global audience, you can use the internet to sell products and services all year round without even owning those products and services.

Autopilot Cash System – Affiliate Marketing

The model of selling other people’s products and services online is called affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing you don’t need your own products. You can simply sell someone else’s. By pointing links to various goods and services online you can send website visitors (traffic) to good they want to buy. Each sale makes you an affiliate commission.

The owner of the goods deals with queries, customers and delivers the products. You earn a commission. All this can be done with an internet connection and a laptop. There’s no stock to hold personally and you don’t have to deal with any customers either. You are simply being the ‘middle man’ in a sales transaction.

How Does This Work?

autopilot cash system

Sites like Amazon and E-bay both have affiliate programs. Anyone can send customers to those websites and make a commission from a sale. By placing links on websites, in adverts and content accessible on the internet, people go through to websites where they purchase items. If they purchase through your affiliate link, the link is tracked and you earn a commission for a sale. By creating content and directing visitors to products and services online, affiliate generate sales.

Digital Products

Some affiliate products are better than others for affiliates. Selling a book, for example, from Amazon will only make you a few pence in commission, hardly a fortune. You would need to sell a lot of them in order to make it pay. Digital products, however often pay out 40-50% commissions. That means for an item priced at $100 you make $50. That’s a bit better. Still you would need to sell multiple items to make a living from it.

Automation And Multiple Sales

The internet is a wonderful tool for automation. Getting people to come to your website and sign up to your offer lets you capture their email address. Once you do this you can send out automated messages which include links to your affiliate offers. This gives you in effect and ‘autopilot cash system’. The visitor lands on your website, signs up to your email offer and received a series of automated emails from you – all on autopilot. Great! You then need to turn your subscribers into paying customers by offering the right products and services.

Let’s Back Up A Bit

However, it doesn’t start there. Let’s back up. How do you get people to your website in the first place? That’s not all that easy. There’s two main methods of getting people to your website landing pages.

  1. Content
  2. Paid advertising

The content you create is either shared socially or you get ranked on the Google organic search results or both. Your content needs to be congruent with your product range. Otherwise your visitors won’t be interested in your products. By writing content which is useful to your target audience, you can find appropriate visitors for your website. Getting shares is another matter. Your content needs to be good enough for people to want to share it, and for it to rank on Google.

Content creation starts with research. You can research keywords, for example, to market your articles. Keywords should reflect an interest in your products and successfully combine your knowledge with the products.

Paid advertising can send people directly to your landing page where you collect their email address. You can do this by offering some kind of ‘legitimate bribe’. Some offer which is attractive enough to your visitors to make them give you their email address. From here you can send them an automated series of emails which offer your affiliate products.

Sound Like Hard Work?

If this sounds like too much hard work then maybe it’s not for you. But If you want an autopilot cash system then this is the stuff you need to learn! You also need to choose the right products to promote through your affiliate links. We touched on this already but it’s worth a closer look. Selling digital products is great when you first start out. It’s a great feeling when you make that first affiliate commission. However, it can be short lived. You need to be making them again and again in order to escape your job and make your online business pay.

Best Affiliate Products

Some of the best products to sell offer monthly commissions. A monthly commission from a single sale is the way to go with your online business. Selling a single item gets you a single commission. Selling a monthly recurring product gives you an income. You get paid over and over. Products like website hosting and autoresponder memberships can get you commissions which come in every month.

You definitely want to focus on this rather than small single commissions. Also you can sell high ticket items which sell for $500+. This gives you a larger commission on the front end. You can also take advantage of back end sales. These provide another means of income from the same customer when they buy again from the company you referred them to. Don’t miss out on the opportunity of making money from recurring income, high ticket sales and the lifetime value of a customer. Learn more here.

Autopilot Cash System – Overview

An ‘autopilot cash system’ is a real possibility. It’s not an overnight strategy but it is possible. If you join a system which has a sales funnel already set up with products you can capitalize on, you can save a heap of time and effort. Trying to go it alone online is hard. Once you have a sales system set up the next step in in marketing your landing page. It’s well worth getting the right education upfront to make a real business out of this, rather than just experimenting on your own. You can set up a ‘sales system’ with a week and start working on your marketing engine – driving people to your landing pages to make sales.

Get started here.

Autopilot Money System

An autopilot money system is much more of a reality today than previously in history. Automated systems and digital technology can allow anyone to sell other people’s products and services on the internet. It doesn’t mean the ‘persuasive’ kind of selling either because you’re not doing the ‘hard sell’ online. You can sell on autopilot.

Autopilot Money System – Selling Digital Products Online

autopilot money system

Selling products through websites can happen completely on autopilot. Visitors click on a link which takes them through to a sales page. They then click to buy a product. You have probably bought something yourself on the internet. Most people have used e-bay or Amazon to purchase a product online. An autopilot money system benefits most from selling digital products online.

The reason is that the products themselves can be accessed digitally. There are no delivery costs or storage costs and there are no overheads for employees. Because of this product creators can pay their sales people sometimes half the product’s value for each sale. So selling digital products is convenient and lucrative. See most lucrative startups.

Autopilot Money System – Advertising Online

Advertising has come on in leaps and bounds on the internet. Global reach, once the domain of large international corporations, is now available to anyone with a laptop and internet connection. Direct response marketing lets you target a specific audience and test and measure each step of the advertising process. Platforms like Facebook and Adwords (Google’s advertising platform) allow you to laser target people suitable for your products and services.


Adwords allows you to target people by what they are searching for. You only pay when someone clicks on your advert. You can also set a daily budget and test your campaign until you have a profitable model. Once this is achieved you can scale upwards, reaching more people with a profitable advert.



Facebook is watching you. Literally. They know your every move. The targeting now available through this platform for advertisers is quite scary. But it’s good new for advertisers. You can target people down to their interests, age range, geographical location and a bunch of other demographics. Not only that but you can also track them through their I.P address and ‘stalk’ them after they have been on your website. You can obtain a lot of information about your likely customers and then create a ‘lookalike’ audience – people who match your ‘target’ market’s interests and likely habits.

This is all great for advertisers who can create an autopilot money system of sorts by targeting directly and speaking directly to those people who are most likely to want and buy their products.

Autopilot Money System – Clever Advertising

Before all this happened you would need to spend millions on advertising to build your ‘brand’. Now you can pay to advertise to only those people who are most likely to benefit from your product and who are very likely to buy. You can ‘tweek’, test and measure you advertising to serve your specific demographic better and better over time. And you can set your budget to whatever you want. A campaign which proves profitable again and again can then be scaled to reach millions of people with a few clicks. This is the power of the internet to create a largely autopilot money system.

Autopilot Money System – Products

Of course you still need products to sell. You still need to offer something of value and to bring benefit to people. As mentioned earlier the ideal products to sell online are digital products. This is because they give a larger commission and the process can be automated. The sale of digital products can also be scaled very easily. Hundreds of people can buy digital products at once through a single website. The best products to sell online also offer:

As a digital marketer or ‘affiliate’ of these digital products your job is to find customers and eventually scale upwards. It helps immensely if you have a range of products and services to ‘up-sell’ which you earn commissions from. It also helps if the sales of these high ticket items are closed by a built in sales team. This further automates the process.

Autopilot Money System – Email Marketing

autopilot money system

Email marketing is to thank for much of an online autopilot money system. With ‘auto-responders’ (email marketing software), online marketers can reach thousands of subscribers just with a single email. They can also automate the process of communicating with their subscribers and delivering products and services.

Make Money On Autopilot

An autopilot money system is a reality now for many online marketers. Their systems take subscribers through the process of signing up to an email and delivering content. Products can be sold which offer value to the subscribers. Advertising brings the customers to a website where this process starts. The whole system can be completely automated and ‘hands off’:

  1. Advertising brings visitors to your website where they become subscribers
  2. Subscribers receive content and value through an autoresponder.
  3. Products are delivered when a customer makes a purchase
  4. Up-sells‘ are handled automatically and commissions are made on monthly memberships, sales and up-sells.
  5. People are continually added to your email marketing campaign which runs continually and automatically.

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