Autopilot Business System

What is an autopilot business system and how does it work? An autopilot business system works on the internet, delivering products and services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It can reach a global audience, automate sales and help people find things they want and need, all at the same time. The best bit is that it can run automatically, without you actually being there. But what does it take to build such a business, and can anyone do it?

Autopilot Business System

The good news is that anyone can learn how to build an ‘autopilot business system’. It doesn’t matter what age you are or what technical experience or skills you have. However, this is not something which happens overnight. This isn’t your ‘push and click’ instant riches website! This is a way to build a legitimate online business from scratch.

How Does This Work?

An autopilot business system uses online systems, tools and strategies to sell other people’s products over the internet. The business model is known as affiliate marketing. Anyone can become an affiliate marketer and start promoting other people’s products over the internet.

Amazon, for example has the largest affiliate marketing program on the internet. Anyone can join Amazon’s affiliate program, grab their own personalised affiliate link, and start sharing and promoting it on the internet. As people find your affiliate link and are directed to the various products online, you can earn commissions based on what they buy through your link.

You don’t need to personally sell anything, or even speak to anyone. Your affiliate links take people through to products they might find useful. If they decide to buy, you get credit for the sales you make through your link.

Autopilot Business System – Some Tools Of Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate marketers don’t need to have all the answers. They can use other people’s products and tools to automate their online business. These are tools like:

Affiliate Products – Autopilot Business System

Affiliate products can be almost anything you can purchase on the internet. So long as a product has an affiliate program, you can sell that product and earn a commission for the sale. Affiliate products offer a different commission structure depending on what the product it. With digital products in particular, you can earn 40% commissions.

This is far more than the typical physical products you can choose to promote. That’s because digital products don’t have as many costs involved. They can be delivered over the internet instantaneously. Manufacturing costs are low too, and once a digital product is made, there’s very little costs involved in manufacture. Physical products need to be stored and delivered and this takes some of the profit away for affiliates.

By choosing digital products which also have:

  • Subscriptions,
  • High Ticket commissions,
  • Multi-tier sales,
  • Up-sells,
  • A built in sales team,

you can earn much more per customer than by selling separate single products over and over. This kind of sales structure also lends itself well to an autopilot business system for a couple of other reasons.

Marketing Your Online Business System

Marketing an online business can be done in a few different ways. The main ways though are by using paid advertising strategies and content generation (much like this article). By having a sales system which is set up like the one mentioned above, you can more easily use paid advertising.

This is because by using a sales funnel with a range of products, you can more easily recoup your advertising costs with your product range. For low value items, or physical products which offer lower commissions, this is much harder to do.

It’s also much easier to scale up your business, once you have learned effective marketing strategies with a low budget. If you use content generation (a free strategy), it can’t be scaled up as easily to reach larger numbers of customers.

Checkout my ebooks below for more on both these strategies.

autopilot business systemautopilot business system

Autopilot Earning Software – Autopilot Business System

An autopilot business system takes advantage of autopilot earning software. These are affiliate products which you can sell through a ready made sales funnel. “Autopilot earning software” is basically software like a product suite which can be delivered automatically through an email marketing funnel. Website visitors land on a website and are offered an opt-in offer. If they ‘op-in’ to your sales funnel, they are delivered a range of automated emails which offer them information and a variety of products which they can purchase.

Autopilot earning software is basically software which allows you to automate the sale of products over the internet. this includes:

  • Online marketing software – Facebook marketing, YouTube marketing, Adwords etc.
  • Digital products
  • Auto-responders – email automation
  • A sales funnel containing digital/physical product links (affiliate products)

Autopilot earning software isn’t something which should be considered a business in itself. With any business model, you need to offer value in order to make money. See autopilot money making system. Ideally, you should offer more value to your customers than the financial cost for the sale. By focusing on giving value with an online business, your customers are more likely to return and make repeat purchases from you.

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Autopilot Online Business

How realistic is it to have an autopilot online business? Well firstly there’s a lot of work involved with building an autopilot online business. Once it’s all done, it can be said to be a largely autopilot online business. However, there’s a lot of work involved and this isn’t a set it and forget it “money making system” which works without you doing anything!

Autopilot Online Business

An autopilot online business consists of an automated sales funnel, websites, landing pages and an email auto-responder. All of these systems can be completely automated. They are used to lead a website visitor down a sales funnel. Within the sales funnel is a range of products and services.

These are delivered either automatically over the internet (for affiliate products), or are delivered by another company altogether (drop shipping). Once this system of automated digital tools has been set up, there’s a fair amount of tweaking needed, for it to be profitable. The main strategy is this:

  • Use paid advertising to send website visitors to a landing page
  • The landing page offers a freebie product in exchange for the visitor’s email address
  • They enter their email and are sent a series of automated emails
  • Within the emails is a product or range of products
  • Once a product is bought the customer enters into a product range where they can continue to purchase further products at a later date.

Digital Products

autopilot online business

Both physical products and digital products can be used in an autopilot online business. Digital products are good because they can be downloaded instantly from anywhere globally over the internet. With a business model known as affiliate marketing, you don’t need to own your own products. Use other people’s products in your sales funnel and earn 40% of their sales value for referring a sale. You can earn large commissions like this on digital products in part because there is no postage, storage or manufacturing costs with digital products once they are produced.

Frond End Marketing

With both models of affiliate marketing and drop shipping, you are effectively working as a marketer on the “front end” of the business, referring products into an existing business model. This means you can use online marketing strategies to promote other people’s products and not have to deal with any of the workings of the business itself. You’re therefore getting paid for referrals. When products are sold because of your efforts, your tracking code lets the product owners know where the sale came from. You are paid a commission accordingly.

autopilot business system

Autopilot Business System

An autopilot business system which uses this kind of model can be automated and scaled up to sell products on a near constant basis. Because all of the systems are able to be automated, and products can be sold globally, the systems in place make this an incredibly scalable business model.

Why Isn’t Everyone Doing This Then?

So if this is possible why isn’t everyone doing it? It’s not as simple as all that. You need to learn how to set up all these systems with the right products within your sales funnel. Then, you need to start advertising and tweaking your advertising as you go. Top online marketers spend thousands every day on their advertising budgets, sending people into their sales funnels. However, they didn’t start at this point. For some it took years to learn and develop these techniques in order to make sales over the internet.

Starting off with a big advertising budget is out of the ordinary for most people. It’s risky too! But starting out with a realistic daily budget and building up from there is possible for almost anyone. It’s just that most people either don’t believe it’s possible in the first place, or they don’t have the discipline and ambition to make it work over the long haul. 

Percentage Of Affiliate Marketers Who Make It

autopilot online business

Only a tiny percentage of affiliate marketers will actually stick at it long enough and work hard enough to make a full time business out of it. Most will give up or discount the idea straight away. However for those who stick at it there are great rewards. Lifestyle businesses which use this model allow their owners complete time and financial freedom. It’s a business system which runs on autopilot, selling goods and services over the internet continually. They can work where and when they want, use automation, digital systems and technology and scale up their businesses globally.

Access A Digital Business System and Education Platform

autopilot online business

If you think you have what it takes to make a full time business online, you can access a business system and online business community here. This business system can give you:

  • full training in online marketing methods
  • A business system which is able to run automatically, delivering emails and products to your subscribers
  • A range of products (product suite) which you can earn 40% commission on
  • All the tools and systems you will need for success online
  • Entrepreneurial mindset training

The mindset of an entrepreneur is often neglected by affiliate marketers to their detriment. Without the proper mental focus and fortitude, it is much easier to give up when the going gets tough with an autopilot online business system.

Even though the business system is automated, you still need to learn how to market your sales funnel and drive targeted traffic into it in order to make sales.

Driving Targeted Website Traffic

autopilot online business

Once you have a business system with automated systems up and running, building a marketing engine is your main job as an online marketer. Unless you can successfully do this, your automated systems and tools will sit idle, without any customers to serve! An online lifestyle business operates by using a number of automated systems and tools. But first you must set them all up successfully in order to sell products and make a profit. Then you need to re-invest profits and scale up your advertising. The basic strategies of an autopilot online business are:

  • Paid advertising – because it is scalable and it puts you in control
  • A landing page – To collect subscribers emails
  • A Sales Funnel – Email Auto-responders send automated emails to your subscribers
  • A product range – Ideally a range of products to offer globally through automated product delivery

Your product range should ideally include products with:

  • High ticket value products
  • Subscription products – to earn continual commissions from memberships
  • Multi-tier commissions – commissions from sales made by your referrals
  • Up-sells – Sales made later on to existing customers still pay you a commission

Access an all in one business system and online training platform here.

Autopilot Business

An autopilot business takes advantage of a number of automated systems and tools using websites which run 24 hour a day on the internet delivering products and services automatically. Digital products, combined with a website and “auto-responder”, make for an excellent autopilot business. An auto-responder is an automated email delivery and collection service. It lets website owners collect emails from their visitors and deliver a series of emails over the course of time. Within their emails are links to digital products which can be downloaded over the internet from anywhere globally.

autopilot business

Autopilot Business – Marketing

Finally there’s content creation and online advertising. Content gets searched by Google and is indexed. When website searches bring up content, they take customers to products. Online advertising is another major tool of an autopilot business. By automating a targeted advertising campaign, and sending qualified leads into a sales funnel, sales can be made on complete autopilot. What’s better still is digital products can be sold anywhere globally. This means your advertising campaign can be scaled for a global audience.

A Sales Funnel – Autopilot Business

autopilot business

A sales funnel starts on a website or landing page. A website visitor is taken directly to a landing page from an advert or, they find a website through content marketing and opt-in to a ‘freebie’ giveaway, in exchange for their email address. They are now inside the sales funnel. From there they will receive a number of automated emails. Emails can recommend a series of products while giving value to the subscriber. If a product is sold from a sales funnel, the owner of the business makes a commission.

How Can I Get One?

Anyone can get a sales funnel and use other people’s products to market through it. See ready made sales funnel. You can market anything through a sales funnel, even your own products. However, there’s a huge benefit from using other people’s digital products. Digital products in particular let you sell over the internet. This is a massive advantage for a couple of reasons:

  • You can access a global audience
  • There’s no postage costs so companies can pay larger commissions (40%+)

Your Marketing Engine – The ‘Heartbeat’ of An Autopilot Business

autopilot business

If cash flow is the blood of a business, marketing is its ‘heartbeat’. Even with the best sales funnel in the world and the best products, your business won’t make any money without marketing. Affiliate marketers are paid to market other people’s products. Unless they do this successfully, they won’t make any money. A good marketing engine might involve a number of different strategies:

  • Content marketing (creation of articles, blogs and videos)
  • Paid advertising – Pay per click direct response advertising (YouTube, Adwords, Facebook etc.)

List Building – The Money Is In The List

For affiliate marketers the list they own is an important part of their business too. It’s their ‘leverage’. As subscribers opt into their subscription list and receive emails, they generate sales. Over time the size of their list will grow. Subscribers who opted in months, or even years ago, can decide to purchase something. New subscribers will also purchase products immediately. As your email list of subscribers grows, you should see an ever growing increase in the amount of purchases from your line of products.

autopilot business

Types Of Products To Sell

You can sell almost anything over the internet as an affiliate marketer. You just need to find a product you want to sell and choose a suitable affiliate program. If the product has an affiliate program, you can sell their product from your website or sales funnel, and earn a commission on the sale. Amazon has the biggest affiliate program and anyone can apply to join and promote their products.

However, physical products like you might find on Amazon, offer much less in the way of earnings for affiliates. Digital products pay out more, partly because they are so cheap to store, manufacture and deliver. They can be accessed over the internet by anyone from anywhere with an internet connection. If you can find the right digital products to sell, this is a great autopilot business model to use.

Digital Products ‘Suites’

autopilot business

Selling a single digital product for let’s say $100, can earn you a commission of $40 (at the 40% typical commission rate). However, if you sell a single product, that’s all you make. You will need to sell many of these items over and over to earn a good income from your online business. However, if you choose a products suite you can benefit from:

  • Products sold later to your referrals (Up-sells)
  • High ticket commissions (Larger valued digital products which offer more value)
  • Multi-tier sales – Let you earn commissions from sales made by your referred customers.
  • Subscriptions – Memberships and subscription products let the affiliate earn over and over for a single sale. This makes a huge difference to your income structure in an online business.

Get Started – Your Own Autopilot Business

Anyone can learn the skills to build their own autopilot business by using other people’s products. Digital business platforms like this one, let you build websites and sales funnels with a product range already built in. Your only job then is to learn the business model and build a solid marketing engine to send targeted website traffic to your autopilot business ‘machine’.

Use this all on one training and education platform which gives you:

  • A working business model – Sales funnel, product suite, landing pages, sales pages, website etc.
  • Training and education in how to market your business
  • A community of online business owners to connect with and learn from

Access a free 7 day video series here to learn more and get started.

Disclaimer: Even though this business system does allow automation, there’s still a lot to do! Don’t expect this business system to do all the work for you! Earnings can never be guaranteed. There is still a business system which needs to be built and this requires a lot of learning, patience and overcoming of mental and physical barriers to succeed.

Remember this is a business system which requires consistent effort and hard work to build and scale into a profitable business. Top earners are among only a small percentage of those who attempt to build this business (Around 3%).

Autopilot Marketing

Any business can benefit from autopilot marketing. ‘Autopilot’ marketing is possible with a variety of online marketing platforms. Platforms like Google’s Adwords, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo and the various other social media sites offer online advertising which can be automated.

Any of these platforms can be used to set up an autopilot marketing campaign to direct suitable website ‘traffic’ to your website or landing page. From there you can bring in customers directly or collect subscribers email details and send an autopilot email series, promoting and selling products.

If you have digital products, you can sell them directly through your emails on complete autopilot, too.

Autopilot Marketing Automation

autopilot marketing

The automation of an online marketing campaign is incredibly powerful. But initially there is some work to do. First off you will need to join one of these platforms. You can set up a Facebook advert once you have set up and account with Facebook and created a business page. Likewise with Google Adwords. Simply create an account by foolowing the step by step instructions on Google’s Adwords program.

Autopilot marketing ‘automation’ is possible once you have set up your first advert. Initially you will also need to test your adverts to make sure they are profitable. This can be done by measuring all the different aspects of your adverts and cross testing them against other similar adverts. Once you find the best performing advert, you can zone in on the elements which work the best. Keep split testing these against each other until you have the best performing advert.

Autopilot marketing automation starts with a small budget and some simple adverts. Once you have discovered the best performing adverts, you can increase your budget and simply let them run continuously. You can also start to increase your daily budget at this point to increase the reach of your advert.

Autopilot Marketing

Once you have set up a profitable advert using one of these platforms, you can go on to create many more. At first you will need tot test and measure your adverts. Each element of an advert should be tested against various other parameters. When you have a ‘winning’ advert, which is profitable, you are in a position to scale up. Simply increase your daily budget and leave your advertising campaign running.

Then move on to another advertising platform. This is how businesses can grow very quickly. Ideally you shouldn’t rely on one single form of business. Build multiple streams of customers to your business and automate as much as possible.

Autopilot Email Marketing

Most businesses have caught on to the power of an email autoresponder. Whatever kind of business you have, it can benefit hugely by collecting subscribers emails and sending out regular messages to keep in touch with your customers or potential customers. You can do this by offering some kind of benefit to your website visitor when they land on your website. Many website owners give away freebies or offer some kind of discount voucher in exchange for personal information such as an email address.

autopilot email marketing

Once signed up the visitor get access to a free giveaway or discount and an auto-responder sends them out an email with the relevant information. Once on your email list, you can send out a series of autopilot emails to your subscribers. Auto-responders can be set up to deliver emails over a certain time period and in sequence once someone new subscribes to it. Auto-responder software can be bought from Aweber, Mailchimp, Getresponse and ConstantContact to name just a few.

Autopilot Money

autopilot marketing

If your products are automated, as in the case for affiliate marketers or drop shipping businesses, you can easily scale up your business without having to do any more work. Simply build advertising campaigns on these scalable autopilot marketing platforms. Once they are built, scale up and move on to the next one.

If your business is set up through your email list, and you can sell automatically through your emails, you effectively have an autopilot money system! Of course you are spending money on advertising first. However, once you get your advertising right, and can double (or better) your spend in profits, you’re in a great position to scale up.

Digital products make this process much easier. With digital products you simply sell them through your email sales funnel. With different business models your business system might be limited; especially if it involves organising people, speaking to customers and sending or delivering products personally. Learn more about starting an automated digital products business here.

Autopilot Program

An autopilot program can benefit from both autopilot marketing and autopilot systems. With a traditional business model, you have employees, business premises, and customer services within your business model. With an autopilot program like affiliate marketing, there are fewer physical barriers to making sales. Affiliate marketing lets you sell other people’s products for a commission.

As such the customer service, delivery of products and even sales are all taken care of. As an affiliate you simply use automated marketing techniques to send customers directly to products. An automated program like this one can allow anyone to build and automate a business simply by sending qualified traffic to other people’s offers and services.

An autopilot program like this involves building a website, accessing a ready made sales funnel and sending targeted traffic through it to generate online sales.

Autopilot Business

autopilot marketing

The ‘autopilot’ of a business isn’t just the online advertising. With an autopilot business, all aspects of the business can be automated or outsourced. With an affiliate marketing business, for example, the processes of taking payment and delivering products is completely automated. Simply send website traffic to other people’s offers and scale up once you have a profitable model.

A bricks and mortar business is far less automated because you physically need to be there in order to make sales and keep the processes running. In fact, any business model which requires you to keep turning up to your business isn’t an autopilot business. A real autopilot business is one which keeps running once systems are set up. Any element of the sales system which requires human intervention will limit the potential of an ‘autopilot business’.

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