Automatic Lead Tools

Are you looking for automatic lead tools? Lead tools allow you to capture anyone’s email address and send them a series of emails on autopilot. Email is the ‘killer app’ of online marketing and through a single email you can sell multiple products and services. As your email list grows, so should your bank account.

Automatic Lead Tools

First off here’s an automatic lead generation tool called Simple Lead Capture. Simple Lead Capture allows you to custom build landing page templates according to your needs. Choose from various templates and create a tempting offer for your visitors. Lead capture pages can massively improve your online business. By sending traffic directly to lead capture pages you can dramatically increase your subscription rates.

Automatic Lead Tools
Automatic Lead Tools – Simple Lead Capture

Sending visitors to a website gives them the opportunity to look around, browse your content and make several choices. With a lead capture page you have two choices: leave or opt in for the offer. Many more people will opt in simply because you have given them less choice than they would have on a standard website.

Of course you should also be sending targeted traffic to that page too, so your offer should be very compelling to the people landing on your page.

Automatic Lead Tools – Qualifying Leads

Automatic lead tools collect email addresses automatically for you. What you must do is send qualified traffic to those lead pages. Sending unqualified traffic will not result in a positive response. The offer on your landing page must be very attractive to whoever lands on that page. Otherwise people will simply leave. Creating an attractive offer – something of value, and sending qualified leads to your landing page is the crux of attracting qualified subscribers.

Qualified subscribers will be more likely to be interested in buying your products too. See why is target market important.

Automatic Lead Tools – Multiple Opt-In Methods

Another way to increase your number of subscribers is by creating multiple opt-in methods on your website. Ideally you should have a call to action in your content too. Most online businesses have an opt-in form on their website with some kind of ‘freebie’ offer for the subscribers. You should definitely have this too.

Automatic Lead Tools

By giving your visitors a few ways to opt-in to your newsletter and become subscribers you are increasing your chances of turning website visitors into subscribers. Once they become subscribers, you have many more chances to sell them your offers. A website visitor is much less likely to become a paying customer than a subscriber. With subscribers you have the opportunity to build a long term relationship over months, years and even decades.

Having multiple opt-in options is another way to increase your intake of subscribers. One way of doing this is with a plugin called My Lead Bar. This is an unobtrusive drop down bar which alerts visitors to your offer. While some ‘pop ups’ can be annoying and damage your reputation with Google, My Lead Bar alerts your visitors to your offers and is subtle enough to be no hassle to visitors. Get My Lead Bar FREE HERE.

Automatic Lead Tools

Automatic Lead Tools – Your Tube Player

Are you using YouTube on your website? It’s a mistake because YouTube brings up other videos at the end of your content. This takes your website traffic straight off your website/landing page and takes them YouTube instead. All your efforts to get people to your website are then benefiting YouTube and not you!

Your Tube Player

A quick and simple way round this problem is to use Your Tube Player. Customize your YouTube videos on your website without links back to YouTube or other similar videos at the end. You can also get your video to auto-play, hide the controls and change a number of other settings.

These options are available on the advanced settings within YouTube itself. However, to learn how to use these settings and alter the code is quite tricky, even for the tech savvy. With Your Tube Player you can easily and quickly alter the settings for many options within your video. Alter text, colour, size of video and playback options. Remove links to YouTube from your videos to prevent your website visitors leaving your site for YouTube. Get the FREE plugin here.

automatic lead tools

Automatic Lead Tools – Graphix Creator

When someone visits your website you only have a few seconds to grab your visitors interest. Getting them to opt-in to your email list through your lead tools is as much to do with the look of your website as it is to do with your offer.

A lot of the attraction of your website has to do with the quality of your graphics. Getting someone to create graphics for you can be expensive and doing it yourself can be very time consuming. With this piece of software you can easily create custom made graphics for things like e-book covers and other pictures on your website.

Access The Graphix Creator here.

Automatic Lead Tools

Tiny Url – Automatic Lead Tools

Unless you track your leads, you will never know which of your campaigns are working the best. By tracking all of your lead generation methods, you can see quickly which ones to focus more of your time on. Your business will be more efficient and grow more quickly if you concentrate your energy on the best performing strategies.

Tiny Url is a great plugin which shortens, cloaks, tracks and organizes your long messy urls. You can also share all of your affiliate links on your own domain and server. Access FREE PLUGIN Tidy Url here.

automatic lead tools

Automatic Lead Tools – My Free E-Books

As a thank you for visiting my website, and getting to the end of this masterpiece article 😉 I’d also like to give you my e-books Niche Blogging For Profit and the free version of The Ultimate Guide To Online Marketing. Both these books have helped me build automatic lead generation strategies in the form of free and paid advertising. Access here.

Automatic Lead Tools