Automated Sales Funnel System

An automated sales funnel system includes a website (or landing page), an email series and a range of products. Ideally your range of products will include:

  • Multiple digital products which can be sold over the internet
  • Products which pay you commissions of 40%
  • “Up-sells” which you can earn commissions on from existing customers – a product range
  • High ticket products of $500 and above
  • Multi-tier sales – Earn commissions from sales made by your referrals
  • A built in sales team – closing sales on your behalf
  • Subscription products which continue to pay you ongoing commissions

Automated Sales Funnel System

Take a look at the video below by clicking the image. In this video you will see how simple it is to set up a website which contains an automated sales funnel system like the one described above:

This website building software lets you create an automated sales funnel system which is integrated into your website. You can access the software through the full video series here.

Automated Sales Funnel System – The Website/Landing Page

automated sales funnel system

The automated sales funnel system starts with a website or landing page. This is the start of the automated sales funnel system. You could say that it begins even before there with online advertising, but we’ll come back to that in a minute.

The website or landing page is where someone lands because of either your advertising or your content. By offering a giveaway products (I offer this video series), you encourage your website visitors to enter their details in order to get your content. They are now in the sales funnel. Your freebie should of course offer huge value. The more value you offer, the more the likelihood of your website visitors entering into your sales funnel.

Automated Sales Funnel System – The Email Series

You can offer a series of emails to your subscribers which answers their questions and delivers some useful content. While delivering value in your content you can promote various products and services which may be of use to your customers. By getting your website visitors into a sales funnel, you dramatically increase the timescale in which your visitors can make a purchasing decision.

automated sales funnel system

Over time you can build multiple emails into your funnel which can offer more value to your subscribers. By delivering good content and building a relationship with your subscribers, you can generate more trust. Over time this has a powerful effect on your rate of sales.

People buy from people, not from websites. If someone lands on a website, they only have a short period of time to make a buying decision. If you get them into your sales funnel, this period of time can be extended to months, years and even decades!

Automated Sales Funnel System – Your Range Of Products

As has been mentioned already, your products are the key to a successful online business. Choosing the right products for your business can make a dramatic difference to your income. For example, physical products sell well on the internet but they pay out much less to affiliates than digital products. Digital products pay affiliates 40% in most cases. Physical products pay out between 1-10% commissions as you can see on the chart below:

automated sales funnel system

Having a product range or ‘suite’ can mean you earn ongoing commissions from existing customers. This means you can earn a better income from fewer referrals than with many physical products. For the same or a similar amount of work, you can make much more income, if you choose the right products:

For example:

  • Subscription based products pay out again and again for each referral
  • High ticket products pay you multiple times the commission you would receive from lower value items
  • A commission structure which rewards you for later purchases from existing customers is more lucrative than a single commission.
  • Multi-tier sales allow you to earn from sales made by your referrals.

These are just a few of the ways of working smarter with an online business. Much of the work will be the same, but if you choose the right products, your efforts are multiplied.

Marketing An Automated Sales Funnel System

Once you have your automated sales funnel system set up, you’ll need to learn how to market it. You can learn all aspects of online marketing and get your own automated sales funnel system with this online digital business education and training platform.

Once everything is in place you will need to send targeted visitors to your website or landing page. This can be done through either paid advertising, content generation, or, a combination of the two. Paid advertising is the fastest method of getting people directly into your sales funnel. Content marketing takes a little longer and is more time consuming. If you’re time rich, focus on the content. If you have no time but have the money to invest, focus on paid strategies.

You can access my ebooks on both these topics below:

automated sales funnel systemautomated sales funnel system

Paid Marketing – Automated Sales Funnel System

Paid marketing is a strategy with a number of advantages over content generation. Firstly, you don’t have to spend hours creating content. You only need to set up adverts and test and measure them. If an advert is working, you can cross test it with other, similar adverts. Once you find the best ‘winning’ advert, you can scale it up to reach more customers.

Adverts which don’t produce the required effect can be scaled back and stopped. Initially there is a fair amount of trial and error with this strategy. You want to find an advert which converts your visitors well into subscribers and gives you a good return on investment.

automated sales funnel system

Having a sales funnel set up like the one described in this article can help here too. If your funnel has high value products within it, you’re much more likely to recoup your advertising budget, than with low value items.

When you find an advert which works, you can scale it up. Then, move on to another one and so on. Eventually you’ll have a number of paid strategies all bringing in customers to your business on autopilot.

Free Marketing Strategies – Automated Sales Funnel System

‘Free’ marketing strategies, although free, to do take much more time and effort. If you find a ‘winning’ article, which generates traffic and gets opt-ins, scaling up is much more difficult than with paid advertising. You can’t recreate the same article and expect to reach more people. You’ll get penalised for duplicate content! But you can continue to write quality content, or create quality videos which bring in more customers.

automated sales funnel system

As your content reaches more people, and they opt-in to your sales funnel, you’ll have created content which can potentially continue to earn you new customers without paying. That’s great if and when it works. However, it does take much longer to make this happen. You’ll need to do a lot more work for much less in the first instance. Over time, and as your content gains more traction, you can find you are getting free traffic. This leads to opt-ins and then sales.

However, your content need to be very focused on your ideal customer. Getting the wrong people to your website, for the sake of ‘any old’ traffic, is a mistake. You need well targeted website traffic first, and therefore well targeted content to get that traffic.

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Automated Sales Funnel Creator

An automated sales funnel creator can be used to build the “back-end” of an online business. Using other people’s products and services, you can automate an online business by sending qualified website traffic into the sales funnel.

From there, your subscribers are offered various products and services which they can buy. If you make a sale through your funnel, you earn a commission. The best thing about an automated sales funnel creator is that it can be used to completely automate an online business. You can earn an income from your sales, and scale up your business globally.

Automated Sales Funnel Creator

Checkout the video by clicking the image below. Here you can see an automated sales funnel creator at work! This is just the website of course and you can access the full sales funnel and digital business system here.

automated sales funnel creator

As you can see from this video, it’s very easy to set up a website. Within this website is a sales funnel which you will need to set up through the business system. You can learn more and access the business system here.

Automated Sales Funnel Creator – The “Back End”

automated sales funnel creator

This particular sales funnel creator contains:

  • Subscription products
  • High ticket products
  • Multi-tier sales (according to your positioning)
  • Up-Sells
  • A built in sales team

Not all sales funnels are alike of course. Many sales funnels only offer single point of sale products. There’s a good reasons why you should choose a product ‘suite’ instead of a single product to sell through your sales funnel.

Subscription Products

automated sales funnel creator

Subscription products pay you again and again. Single point of sale products only pay you once. Affiliate products let you earn commissions on other people’s products. Digital products allow you to build an online business and scale to a global audience. By choosing subscription products, you can earn multiple commissions on each individual sale. If you’re going to start an online business, you should use subscriptions because you can earn substantially more over time.

High Ticket Products

High ticket products enable you to earn larger commissions for each of your sales. Compare a commission of $40 to $400. It not only gives you larger commissions but also enables you to offset spendings on paid advertising and scale up more quickly and easily. For what amounts to the same or a similar amount of work, high ticket products offer much larger rewards. You need fewer customers to be in profit with high ticket products. When you can sell to a global audience, you are far better off using high ticket because you can target your audience accordingly.

Multi-Tier Sales

automated sales funnel creator

Multi-Tier sales are available at higher partner level membership of this program. This means when your referrals join the program and start making sales, you can earn commissions based on their sales. This again gives you more leverage in your online business and allows you to earn from work you have done previously.


automated sales funnel creator

An automated sales funnel creator should also have up-sells to offer. Up-sells are part of a product ‘suite’. They offer affiliates the opportunity to benefit from sales made after their initial referral by a built in sales team. Up-sells are basically sales made to existing customers, after their initial purchase. McDonald’s, for example, the massive burger chain, has a slogan “Do you want fried with that?”. That’s an up-sell.

Burger King have the same idea with their slogan “Would you like to supersize that?”. Both companies know that up-sells account for a massive portion of their business model. A sale is more likely for an existing customer so they sell their customers again at the point of sale. For affiliate marketers, it makes sense to join a program which offers up-sells because it effects their profits too.

Built In Sales Team

automated sales funnel creator

This automated sales funnel creator has a built in sales team. This means you don’t need to personally close sales yourself. With a sales funnel, you can simply refer customers into your system. Sales are made by pre-made videos and sales pages which run in the system. Once the first sale is made, a sales team will contact your customer and offer other products and services which may be of use. You make commissions on every level of sale after your initial referral, even without having to speak to a customer.

Automated Sales Funnel Creator – What Next?

So let’s say you’ve used your automated sales funnel creator and built a great sales funnel. What’s next? Do your clients come running to your website? Of course not! They don’t know where to come. Your job next is to learn online marketing and send qualified leads through your sales funnel to the products within it. You must provide value to your subscribers once they are in your sales funnel.

Giving value is one of the main ways you are going to get your subscribers to know, like and trust you. But first marketing is key. Without a marketing campaign, you’re going to find your sales funnel is not performing. You must build an aggressive marketing campaign and drive an ever growing flow of targeted visitors to your landing page.

How do you do this? Learn with this all in one sales funnel creator and digital marketing training platform.

How To Drive Traffic?

automated sales funnel creator

Once you’ve got your sales funnel, that’s only half the job. You have got a working ‘back-end’ business. Your responsibility is to build the ‘front end’. The ‘front-end’ is the marketing engine. Once you master marketing and learn how to test and measure your advertising methods, you can eventually scale up as you start seeing sales. This is the exciting part of owning an online business.

Eventually your marketing can be automated and your sales system will work whether you work on it or not! Before you get to that stage though there is a lot to be done. Don’t expect your sales funnel to do all the work for you! You must drive traffic to build your list first – otherwise your sales funnel will be sitting idle, without anyone in it!

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