Automated Income Online

Wouldn’t it be great to earn automated income online? With all the new technology available today, and if this is possible, why isn’t everyone already doing this? First let’s look at how automated income online is possible, then we’ll look at why everyone isn’t doing it.

Automated Income Online

automated income online

If I asked you the question: “Why do you think automated income online is possible?” you might come up with a few reasons and examples. On the other hand if I asked you the question: “Why is an automated income online NOT possible?” you might start searching for reasons too. Hold that thought because we’ll come back to this later.

Bloggers make money online from their blogs. Affiliate marketers make money by selling products online. But how much of this income is truly automated and how hard do they work for it? Also, is this possible for anyone or is it only super achievers who can make this work?

How Bloggers Make Money

automated income online

Bloggers blog about things. People read their stuff, they make money. But how? Some bloggers build huge websites and have a massive folowing. They can monetise their website/blog with Adsense. Adsensel  lets anyone put some code on their website which is automatically converted into adverts relative to the blog content.

As their visitors come to their site and click on these adverts, they make small commissions based on the content of the adverts. Some adverts can make them a few pennies and other can make a little more. One click on an advert isn’t going to make them a fortune. However, super popular bloggers get thousands of visits every day and so can make a nice passive income from their blog simply from using Adsense.

If you’re thinking of starting a blog and that you’lll be able to quit your day job think again. It can take years before a blog gets the recognition and website traffic it needs even to make small pocket change. If you don’t know what you’re doing it’s going to take much longer, too.

How Affilaites Make Money

automated income online

Affiliate marketers make money by various means. They choose products to promote for their blog, website or advertising campaign/s.  Affilaites earn commissions based on the sales they make of other people’s products. Bloggers can be affilaites too and most are. They use their blog as a platform to build traffic which they send to various offers. If they make a sale from their blog, they earn a commission. Affilaite products vary in their commission levels but digital products tend to pay the highest commissions (around 40%).

Top affilaite marketers have created great online resources which offer value in themselves. Martin Lewis created which is basically an affilaite website which gives people discounts and help and advice on money matters. It’s a great website you’re probably already aware of. It’s also an affilaite website. Links to discounts, credit cards and other products and services are affilaite links. When a sale is made these links are credited to the website and it earns commissions.

This is just an example of how affilaite make money. They can make automated income online, but it usually comes after a great deal of work in building a website. There are other methods of course and some affilaite marketers simply send traffic to offers directly. This can be done without even having a website.

Is This Automated Income Online?

automated income online

After a fair amount of hard work bloggers can get a regular and growing number of visitors. Their traffic can ‘snowball’ as more people discover their blog and share it. Exponential growth can result after building a great resource which gives value. If this happens you can find you have created automaed income online. However, this doesn’t happen by accident. You have to create something worthy of sharing first and then market your content to get it in front of people.

Paid Advertising

There’s other ways of doing this too. Paid advertising is another method affilaites use to sell products online. Again, it takes time to learn this skill. Affiliates who use paid advertising typically will send traffic to a landing page and follow up with a series of emails and affiliate products. Get this right and you can scale up your daily budget to send more targeted visitors through your sales funel. (See ready made sales funnel).

This strategy is best with high commission affiliate programs because the higher paid items help offset advertising costs.

Why Isn’t Everyone Doing This?

automated income online

Not everyone believes that automated income online is possible, for starters. It’s not something on everyone’s radar. Plus an automated income online doesn’t happen overnight. The people who wake up to affilaite sales which happened overnight have worked at affiliate marketing for a long time.

It didn’t happen overnight and they didn’t just turn on a ‘set it and forget it’ system. The ‘get rich quick’ schemes don’t work for the long term. However, a legitimate online business can provide a lasting and partially automated income. I say partially because it still takes work to set everything up so that it works on its own. Even at this stage you still need to put effort in to ‘tweeking’ and assessing. However, an online business can offer more freedom and flexibility than a regular job for one simple reason.

Trading Time For Money

automated income online

Here’s another reason why people don’t believe in an online business model which can offer an automated income online. They may have spent the last 20 years of their lives trading time for money. It’s the traditional working model. Now if some one tells you that you have been wasting the last 20 years of your life, it’s not going to go down very well. People have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. After all they have often invested their lives in their current level of awareness and earning power. In many cases it has taken time and effort to get to the position in the business they are already in.

Mental Barriers To Automated Income

automated income online

Only when this is threatened do they look for something different. When people are faced with redundancy or unemployment they start to look for something else. An internet business turns the ‘time for money’ model on its head. Instead of trading time for money, an online business can let you scale up and sell digital products over the internet. You can make much more money for much less work with a model like this. The automation involved with a digital business means you can scale up and free up your time too. This is a huge mental barrier to many people who build thier whole identity around their jobs and/or careers.

Access a digital training resource which can teach you new mindsets and how to build and scale a simple business model from your laptop. Start here.

The Fastest Way To Build Automated Income Online

The fastest way to build an automated income online is with a range of high ticket products and by using paid advertising. Spending lots of time building content, for Google to judge, in order to rank a website has been considered a good tactic. It can still work. However, most people are simply not going to have the time, resources or understanding to be able to realistically do this. On top of that, Google may penalise anyone and drop their content off the first page of Google. It can be the most frustrating way to attempt to build an online business.

The faster way is by using a product ‘suite’ and promoting a range of products through a sales funnel.You can do this through content marketing too, but again this will take a super long time to do, and you may even give up before you get anywhere. Paid advertising in conjunction with a high ticket product suite it the fastest way to earn online.

But first you have to spend. This is one of the main problems for people looking for an online business. They come to the online business market because they don’t have a large income. However, many come from high paid jobs which offer them no time. It is much easier for those people to set up an automated income online. They don’t have any time but they have disposable income. They can set up a done for you sales funnel and start using paid advertising methods.

Once you have a paid advertising method running, you need to track and record everything that’s happening. You can’t simply rely on your very first strategy working. Test and measure a few campaigns and see which works best. Once you find a working advert which creates leads and sales, you know you’re in a position to scale up y increasing budget. The hard work is in the testing and measuring and this costs money to do.

Start with a small monthly budget and learn what works and what doesn’t work. Once you start seeing a strategy work, you can simply increase your daily budget and scale up. With an automated product range and digital products your sales system does the selling for you. You only need to concentrate on the advertising part and this is easily scaled up.

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