Automated Business Concepts

What automated business concepts can make your life easier with automation, while paying you an income? An automated online business does this very well. But how does it work and how can anyone use this model? An automated online business can allow anyone to work from a laptop from anywhere, and build their business up around existing work.

You can also easily scale up automated business concepts too. A normal ‘bricks and mortar’ business is limited by the human factor, staff, premesis and equipment.  An automated business, on the other hand is much more scalable since it has automated systems in place which are not limited like a physical business.

Automated Business Concepts

The concept of an automated business struck me when I bought an ‘ebook’ from ebay several years ago. I bought the book, paid online and the book was automatically delivered. There was no person in the way or human element slowing down the process. This is the crux of many online automated business concepts. When everything is automated, scaling up is so much easier. More on scaling up later.

automated business concepts

Take this sweet dispenser, for example. It’s an automated business concept much like an internet business. It takes money and dispenses sweets automatically. However, you still need to service the machine and refill it once it has run out of stock.

You still need to place it somewhere of commercial value where it will get used, and this is usually going to cost you in rent. A physical vending machine like this also needs to be restocked continually and you also have to purchase the machine in the first place. You can pay for someone to service and refill it for you of course. But this is another person in the loop. An online business has fewer people slowing down the business model.

With an internet based business the cost is much cheaper. All you need is a website and this means paying a modest fee to host it and keep it running. Products you can sell with an online business don’t even need to be your own. The model of affilaite marketing lets you sell other people’s products for a commission. In the case of digital products you can earn 40% commission.

Automated Business Concepts – Scaling a Digital Business Model

Affiliate marketing can be applied to physcial products too. Amazon, for example is one of the biggest affilaite websites you can use to sell other people’s products. There’s more costs involved in physical products though. Amazon needs to store products and deliver them.

As such the commissions tend to be much lower for affilaite marketers. Digital products however, can not only pay out 40% commissions to affiliates but they can also be downloaded instantly and automatically without anyone being there. This makes it very scalable.

Scaling a business model like this is simply a matter of sending more people to the products sales page. Once everything is set up (set up your own online business here) you can simply send qualified ‘traffic’ (visitors) to your website or landing page. From a landing page you can collect your subscribers email address and from here send out automated emails. There’s four elements here all of which can be automated:

  • Online advertising – can be set up and scaled
  • Websites and landing pages (set up once and run continually 24/7)
  • Email marketing (set up pre written emails linking to various online products)
  • Digital products (Payment is taken and products are delivered over the internet)

Automated Business Concepts – Online Advertising

automated business concepts

There are various models you can use in an affiliate marketing business. You can spend more for access to a ready made sales funnel and affiliate products already done for you. (See also done for you online business). Or you can choose to pick your own products and set up everything independently.

Whichever route your choose your success will largely depend not only on your chosen products but also on your advertising methods and knowledge. There’s two basic strategies for online marketing: paid traffic and content generation. The fastest method is to use paid advertising to send website visitors directly to your products and services.  Content generation (like this article) can take a little longer.

Building and scaling an online business can be done very quickly with paid online advertising and the right business model.

Websites And Landing Pages

Access a range of pre-built landing pages, ready made sales funnel and a ‘push and play’ website with this business platform. Websites, once up and running can run forever 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This is basically your ‘shop front’ and allows you to generate opt-ins to your email marketing list via an email capture. An email capture allows you to offer a ‘freebie’ – some kind of value driven product to a potential customer. Once they have accessed this information by exchanging their email address, they go into the sales funnel.

Email Marketing

automated business concepts

Once in the sales funnel, your visitor can be sent a number of emails over a pre-determined period of time. This whole process can be automated. By sending information relative to your subscribers interests, you can build a relationship over time. This is how many online transactions take place online. If someone lands on your website they only have a few minutes whether to decide to buy or not. Email marketing allows you to extend the period of time which the potential customer has to make a purchasing decision. This can extend to weeks, months and even years and decades.

Digital Products

The products you choose will have a massive bearing on the success of your online business. The right digital products not only pay you up to 40% commissions, but also continue to pay you after the sales are made. This works with a particular business model. Not every affilaite product will offer this. For example, by choosing products which pay you subscription commissions, you can earn again and again from a single sale.

Choose products which also pay you for their after purchase ‘up-sells’. Up-sells are basically sales made later by the vendor (owner) of the affilaite products. “Do you want fries with that?” is a slogan which obviously works for McDonald’s. It’s also an ‘up-sell’. Sales made to existing customers account for a large proportion of business for many companies. Choose affilaite products which offer this for residual commissions.

Multi-tier sales can offer you to the option to earn commissions from sales made by your referred customers. Again, this allows you to do the work once and continue to earn later on.

High ticket affiliate programs allow you to earn higher than normal commissions. With a product which sells for $100 you can earn $40 as an affilaite per sale. However, by choosing high ticket products you can earn $400 per sale instead. This is obviously a better commission for what can be the same amount of work. Plus, high ticket products allow you to scale up an online business much more quickly and efficiently.

Learn more about high ticket products and access a digital business platform here.