Auto Money Generator

Is it possible to create an auto money generator? An automatic money generator is the perfect concept – generating money on autopilot while you sleep. But how possible is it in reality to create an auto money generator? Many online marketers have done just that. By building websites which direct their visitors down a sales funnel, online marketers can not only build a system like this but also scale it up massively. Let’s have a look how it works.

Auto Money Generator

auto money generator

Back when I was working on ebay buying and selling to make a profit, I came accross a concept which seemed like the perfect business model. It was a simple ebook which I purchased. I could buy it, pay online (with Paypal at the time) and access my ebook straight away. It was a simple concept which I couldn’t get out of my head. It was automated and I was buying an  e-book (downloadable book) which had already been produced. (Stay with me here, if you already know what an ebook is!)

Essentially the simple buying of an automated downloadable product was an auto money generator.  It was simple and effective. I think I paid around £10 for it ($7-$8). Admittedly the guy wasn’t going to strike it rich from this single item. However, it was automated and he could make sales again and again without having to continue to deliver new products or even lift a finger.

Essentially this system was a way to stop trading time for money. It wasn’t the size of the thing that mattered. I had stumbled accross something magical!

Autopilot Money Generator – Making My Own Ebook

auto money generator

I started making my own ebooks and building small sales pages to sell them from. I didn’t really know what I was doing back then. It was more a case of enthusiasm overtaking common sense! I failed miserably a number of times. Ebooks I created didn’t sell simply because I didn’t know anything about online marketing. I thought just by putting something up on the internet people would flock to it and but in their droves, such was the level of my naivety. In case you’re thinking of doing this, I’d say don’t bother.

Learn online marketing first. Then you can sell whatever you want.

Auto Money Generator – Finding Affiliate Marketing

I later learned how much time I had been wasting. I found a business model known as affiliate marketing, maybe you’ve heard of it? Affiliate marketing basically is a form of referral marketing. If you recommend a nice restaurant to a friend, your friend might go there. However, you don’t receive any commission for your referral.

The restaurant basically picks up trade simply by being awesome! With affiliate marketing people make recommendations for various products and services on the internet and they earn commissions when these items sell. By referring people to various products and services online, you can earn commissions based on the sales you make.

This struck me as very similar to my earlier example of the “auto money generator” – the ebook I bought from ebay. However, rather than trying to make your own products and services, you can use products which are already doing really well.

Auto Money Generator – How Does It Work?

So how does it work? Hang on because I’m getting to that! Let’s take Amazon as an example. Anyone can join Amazon as an affiliate and direct people to various products on the website. If you send someone to Amazon and they buy a product through your affiliate link, you earn a commission. So by building content on the internet and linking to products, you can earn commissions based on their sales.

What about the auto money generator part? That’s not very automatic perhaps? Well not at first maybe but once you have built a lot of content and start getting website traffic through your affiliate links you sales can start building up. Do this for long enough and you will have a steady stream of online sales.

Do I Have To Create Content?

auto money generator

Not all affilaites promote Amazon products or create content. You can promote almost anything you want online. Some products pay better than others however and it’s as well to be informed before you set off with high hopes. You also need to learn how to build your content well so that it gets found.

You can also direct website visitor directly to offers and landing pages. This can be done through paid advertising aswell as content creation. Paid advertising is the fastest kind of traffic generating tactics and it’s like turning on a ‘tap’ for traffic.

Digital Products Vs. Physical Products

auto money generator

Digital products typically pay much more to affiliate marketers than physical products do. Typically they pay 40% of their sale value. This is because digital products don’t need any storage and they are simple to deliver over the internet. The savings product owner make can be passed on to their affilaites, since the affiliates are basically doing all the marketing for them.

Digital products often come with a range of sales pages, and landing pages done for you too. See done for you internet business. This makes it much easier to set up an advertising campaign since you don’t even need a website to get started.

The Best Affiliate Business Models

Getting back to my earlier example of the ebook. There was a simple strategy which worked. Sell a simple ebook over and over again. But what there was a business model which was much, much better? With traditional business models the trader make money from repeat custom.

Why not include repeat custom with digital products. That way you can have the benefit of an “auto money generator” which is “hands free” with the added bonus of regular income from existing customers. This strategy was already being used when I discovered subscription digital products. Subscription products are things like online software and training programs. If you promote these things you can earn again and again from each individual sale.

The most lucrative ‘hands off’ business model also includes:

  • High ticket products – Instead of selling an ‘ebook’ for $7 why not sell products/seminars for $1000?
  • Monthly subscriptions – membership products
  • Up-sells – higher valued items which are sold to existing customer (and sales closed by built in sales team)
  • Multi-tier sales – Sales made by your team are credited to you.


So the ‘idea’ of my initial example of the ebook I bought on ebay still stands. Only instead of selling a single digital product online you sell multiple products through a sales funnel. Most sales funnels start with a low ticket item and continue to ‘up-sell’. (Offer your existing customers higher valued items.)

The sales funnel is basically a pre-built email series linking through to your affiliate products. This work automatically collecting emails and delivering content to your list. As your list grows your sales grow too, providing you have a well-targeted list of subscribers and a good product range.

Learn more and access tools, training and education to turn this ‘idea’ into a reality. Access a free video series here.