Alternative careers for teachers

There’s a lot of unhappy teachers out there tired of their workload getting larger and larger while their paycheck either stays the same or diminishes. The big push for the ‘Mc’Classrooms’ or Academies as they are known is only going to increase this trend. They are looking for new cheaper teachers and throwing the expensive ones on the scrap heap! If you have seen the television lately you may have noticed a few adverts for how wonderful teaching is – strange then that so many teachers are actively looking for alternative employment elsewhere!

The digital age offers a new solution not just for teachers but for anyone who is looking for a career change and is finding the employment market over subscribed. Find our more here by accessing this FREE VIDEO SERIES.

Here are a few reasons why turning your hand to an online business will be the smartest decision you can make this year:

  • More people are tending to do their shopping online through the internet. It’s a growing economy and is only set to continue.
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  • Software has made an online business a viable option to anyone with a laptop and an internet connection. If you can operate an email you can learn basic skills to operate an internet business.
  • Training is available to anyone worldwide through their laptop. This includes hours of training videos, live webinars, seminars around the globe and instant access to a wealth of information and community. Learn more here by accessing free video series.
  • You can build an online business selling items/memberships or information. You will never have to speak to a customer directly or directly sell anything yourself! Using a digital system means much of the work has already been done for you. Simply learn a few key skills and implement them on a regular basis.
  • An online business can be run from anywhere and you can work around your priorities.
  • If you are looking for a career change you can earn while you learn and build up your business around a current job. Once you are earning from your business you can free yourself from your job or current career.

Why an online business is a perfect alternative career for teachers

Moving out of any career path has its difficulties. You have a good salary and are depending on it for your survival. The problem with many other optional career changes for teachers is that they mean a drop in salary. One of the benefits of building an internet business is that you can use software, systems and technology to reach a global audience and scale up once you have a successful strategy in place. Internet businesses can make passive income from selling products from websites largely on autopilot. Once the products and services are in place you simply direct people to your service and if they buy you make a commission.

How affiliate marketing works

Have you ever bought a product from the internet? Amazon is one of the most successful internet businesses running today and a large number of people have already become comfortable buying from them. E-bay are another such company. Both websites run an affiliate program where a member or ‘affiliate’ can link to products and services on their website. Once someone buys from your link, you make a commission. By finding customers for companies like these you can send people directly to the products and services which they are most interested in. It’s a little bit like referring someone to your favorite restaurant, only you get paid as a result of a purchase from your referral.

Why this is good for you

The concept of affiliate marketing allows anyone with a laptop (and access to the internet) to learn how to implement a few key skills and make money from these kinds of referrals. By setting up multiple referral links to various products, and channeling the right people through them, you can set up multiple income streams from your computer. Not only that but these ‘trickles’ can run mostly on autopilot once they are set up – although there is work to be done! It a lot like having multiple vending machines running simultaneously.

Best affiliate products

The best affiliate products to market are those with a membership attached to them. What this means is that you don’t just make a single commission but you make a commission every month based on one sale. You can also sell high ticket affiliate products which make larger commissions. This is much better than trying to sell 10 x $100 products. Instead you can sell just 1 x $1000 product. Learn more about high ticket commissions here.

Alternative careers for teachers

The internet offers a wealth of alternative careers for anyone who is looking to change direction.

  • Training can be done in spare time.
  • You can earn while you learn and build up your income before leaving your job.
  • Your background experience can be used in many areas with an online business.
  • The internet offers a flexible alternative income which can be run part time or full time.
  • Get the right training and you will have a better chance of success.

Learn more about building a legitimate online business from scratch. Access tools, systems and a community of people to connect with here.