Alternative Careers For Doctors

A career in medicine is a massive achievement and this makes it all the more difficult when facing the disillusionment of a system which caters for drug companies and government policies ahead of best practices, safe working hours and if you’re in the U.S., a system geared to the insurance industry – all of which massively overburdens health care professionals of all departments.

If your passion for helping people with their health is taking second place to feelings of resentment for the system you are trapped in, you are not alone. There are alternatives to seeing 40+ patients a day and your expertise can be used elsewhere in a less stressful environment. There are many alternative careers for doctors and health professionals available.


Here are a few alternative careers for doctors:

1. Writer /online blogger

Having a vast knowledge of medicine places you as an authority in several areas which you can delve into as a writer or a blogger. You can write for magazines and journals within your field and even create your own website to blog from.

2. Internet business

By selling products and service through your website such as e-books, training videos webinars and seminars you can create a following and quickly build a profitable internet business. This can be done even around a job to create a safety net before you pave your way out. As a doctor you can use the credibility of your qualifications to build a online platform which can be used to promote either your own products or other people’s as an affiliate. (See what is affiliate marketing). Using this platform many people go on to create their own downloadable e-books, webinars and become successful speakers, internet marketers and entrepreneurs.

3. Consulting

Many companies seek out doctors for consultancy work. This could be for pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies or even work as an expert witness overseeing criminal cases around malpractice and similar cases. You can also use your expertise to build an informative website around the medical profession and the various aspects of this.

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4. Insurance services

Insurance companies pay doctors to complete insurance medical forms for injury victims. You can set yourself up as an insurance medical company.

5. Medical Director

Authorities which overlook medical establishments employ ex-doctors for their inside knowledge of the health service and understanding of the profession.

6. Niche spin off medical careers

Is there a particular aspect of medicine which appeals to you. Could you build a business out of it? Do you have an interest which you could tie in with your expertise to create a side income?

7. Side business and multiple income streams

You don’t necessarily have to build a single income since there are many available ways to generate multiple income sources. This allows you to follow a passion and create an income which supports that passion. If you are looking to get out of a career it can allow you the flexibility and freedom to choose a completely new path. The only question then is where will your income come from..


8. Build a ‘lifestyle business’

Many people have already build a series of successful income streams using only their laptops and an internet connection and this is now available to anyone with these resources and the drive to make it happen. Technologies, systems and software have continued to develop to make building an online business a much more viable alternative to the traditional career than it has ever been.

9. A career from your laptop 

People who have already discovered this have made it their single minded mission to create a viable source of income which keeps growing over time and allows them to live life completely on their own terms. Operated from anywhere globally this gives anyone a second option when they become disillusioned with their job or career but are stuck for alternatives in the ‘system’ which their current career allows.

Learn how you can build your own online career and use your passion to drive it, whatever that may be. Access this free video series which explains how this can be done and why it is a growing trend in today’s marketplace.