Affordable Franchises

Are you looking for affordable franchises? One of the main barriers to a franchise is that many would be entrepreneurs lack the investment necessary to join. However, you can now buy into a low cost and affordable franchise for an internet based business. You can also buy in at a lower level and increase your steak as you progress and earn money from the business. Depending on your personal circumstances, you can also buy in at partner level which enables you to benefit from higher commissions and multi-tier sales.

affordable franchises

Cheap Franchises To Start

Many franchises are physical businesses. An internet based franchise offers flexibility and the ability to work from a laptop with an internet connection. An ‘online’ franchise can also give you the ability to sell high ticket products over the internet. You can also benefit from a digital education platform which helps develop and coach online entrepreneurs. The education offered on this program can help you understand the business and how to implement it. You can also benefit from a community of online entrepreneurs, and partner with the company to earn commissions of sales which you can generate.

Low Cost Franchises Under 5000

affordable franchises

Traditional franchises cost thousands, if not tens of thousands just to be able to open a shop. After that there are business expenses, employment costs for staff and of course advertising costs involved. A physical shop is also limited by its location. With an internet based franchise, you can work it from anywhere and access a global audience with the tools and systems accessible through this education platform.

A multi-level ‘buy in’ means you can join this franchise at various levels according to your circumstances. The more you invest, the more you can earn from individual sales and from sales from your referrals. See Six Figure Mentors Compensation Plan for details. Please note also that you can access the ‘app’ for a full free month. Login here for access.

At the highest level you can benefit from sales of up to $20,000 with a 40% commission, or $8000. Without buying in as a partner you can still make high ticket sales and earn £1000 a sale with a much lower buy-in rate.

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Affordable Franchises – The Benefits Of Online Marketing

The benefit of selling digital products is that you can sell to a global audience through online advertising. Online marketing has allowed many entrepreneurs to benefit from a global presence. In addition, you can start up an advertising campaign online very cheaply, and then scale up very easily. Online marketing can also allow anyone to target a specific audience down to their interests, age range, location and employment status. Re-targeting allows online advertisers to track visitors who have been to a certain website and then advertise to them directly, according to their activities.

All this technology has made it more possible to create a profitable and yet affordable business in the online world. The ability to scale up online is far more flexible with an online model than with a physical business. A physical business has more limitations than an internet based business. With an internet based business many systems can be automated and as such scaled very easily without needing someone to be there personally, as in the case of a physical shop.

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