Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

Can you do affiliate marketing without a website? Yes of course! Simply send traffic to your affiliate link from an advertising campaign. The main problem with this is of course you need money to send traffic to an affiliate offer. A website is a good idea because it’s a cheap way to generate traffic. With a website you can generate free traffic by creating and sharing content. This in turn brings people to your affilaite offers. But you don’t need one.

Affiliate Marketing Without A Website – Choose Your Products Accordingly

affiliate marketing without a website

You can do affiliate marketing without a website of course. But you need to make sure your products match your audience. This sounds obvious but it’s one of the main problems affiliates face. Before you even set up an advertising campaign to send potential customers to your offers it’s a good idea to choose your products wisely.

If your product is of low value ($100 or less), you will have a considerable job trying to pay for (website) traffic to your offers and making a profit. Without a website you will need paid advertising of some kind. Paid advertising can get pricy so pick high ticket products to offset your costs. 

With high ticket products you can earn a lot more for each sale. This means you can spend more on an advertising campaign testing and measuring what target audience you should aim your adverts at and what images and copy works the best for sales.

Testing and Measuring – Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

Creating paid for (pay per click) adverts on the internet is probably one of the best ways to spend your time (and money) online. But you should start small and only scale up when you have a consistently profitable advertising campaign. Before this happens you will need to spend money by testing and measuring various adverts which send potential customers to your affiliate products.

Target Audience

affiliate marketing without website

Defining your target audience is job number one. With a well defined target audience who match your criteria for the most likely customers for your specific products, you have a good starting point. You can then use Google Adwords to target exactly the type of people who are actively looking for products like your already.

Or you can ‘zone’ in on the Facebook users who match your age range, geographical area and/or match of interests and social groups. The more information you have on your target audience, the more likely you are to create a profitable campaign.

Landing Page & Email Series – Affiliate Marketing Without Website

Before you even get to your advertising platform you need a range of products which you can offer. Get one here. Preferably your products should also contain high ticket items, a range of up-sells to profit from, a built in sales team and membership products which bring in a regular income from every single sale.

Single point of sale products are much harder to capitalize on, especially without a website. You need to keep selling them over and over. With memberships you can benefit from previous sales in the form of monthly membership commissions. You also need to send your website traffic to landing pages. A landing page is a website page which is pre-made specifically for taking people’s email addresses. You don’t need to make these yourself if you use certain affiliate programs.

You can access a range of high ticket products, tools, training and pre-made landing pages and emails here.

Affiliate Marketing Without Website – Email Series

affiliate marketing without website

Once a visitor lands on your landing page and enters their email they are sent a series of emails. Again this is something which is built into a sales funnel and contains access to a series of products. The email series is used to engage inform and entertain.

You can also use email marketing to build relationships and of course sell products. Building your own series of emails and products takes a lot if time and money. Once built you need to test and measure your email series for its effectiveness. This can take a lot of time and cost a lot of money. Or you can access a pre-made email series which has already been tested and proven. Get one here.

Affiliate Marketing Without A Website – Facebook and Google Adwords

Facebook and Google Adwords are not the only advertising platforms which you can use to send website traffic to affiliate offers. There are literally hundreds of other advertising platforms. Many lesser known social media platforms now also have their own advertising platforms. Yahoo and Bing also offer a similar platform to Google for intent driven search adverts.

Facebook is a social media platform rather than a search engine like Google. As such it takes a slightly different approach to advertising on it. With Google Adwords you can specify exactly what your potential customers are searching for for your advert to show up. See my ebook for more detail on this : The Ultimate Guide To Online Marketing.

Let’s say you are sending people to an affiliate offer which sells golf training videos. You can instantly find people who already search for this keyword on Google and send them directly to your offer. If you’re using Facebook to advertise you can target golf enthusiasts to show your advert to. Remember to send them to a landing page and collect their email address rather than sending them directly to a sales page. You can do this by offering them some free gift of some kind.

Affiliate Marketing Without A Website – Why A Landing Page?

affiliate marketing without a website

There’s a very important reason why you should send your traffic to a landing page. If you pay to send traffic to a sales page directly you only have one opportunity to sell to them. By sending them to a landing page and offering them a free gift of some kind in exchange for their email address you increase the opportunities to sell to them.

When someone visits a website (affiliate sales page) you have only a small window of opportunity to sell to them. If you capture their email adress you have extended this time frame (from a 10 minute or so ‘window’) to weeks, months and even years and decades. 

So let’s recap what’s needed to do affiliate marketing without a website.

Affiliate Marketing Without A Website - Summary

affiliate marketing without a website

Yes of course this is possible.

  • You can use paid advertising and therefore you should ideally choose high ticket products which offer up-sells, built in sales team and monthly commissions.
  • Send your potential customers to landing pages to collect their email. Choose a product which offers ready made landing pages. Here’s one. Collecting an email extends the opportunity of making a sale.
  • Test and measure your advertising campaigns. ‘Tweek’ your images, headlines and sales copy. Change your target audience appropriately until you have a consistently performing campaign. Once you do, scale it by increasing your budget.
  • Rinse and repeat this tactic for other advertising platfoms, testing and measuring and ‘tweeking’ to get the best performing adverts. You can also ‘cross test’ adverts against each other to find the best performing one. See my ebook The Ultimate Guide To Online Marketing for more on this.

You can access a range of high ticket products, training, landing pages and all the tools you need to do affiliate marketing without a website here.