Affiliate Marketing Schemes

There are various affiliate marketing schemes which can allow you to make an income from the internet.  Anyone can join an affiliate program for free and sell other people’s products through their website.

You can do this by heading over to a site like, finding products which suit your particular field of interest, and then placing a banner for that particular product on your site, for example. You can also promote affiliate products through email marketing and by building links into your website copy. For each sale you make, of any given affiliate product, you will earn a commission, sometimes up to 40% and above.

affiliate marketing schemes

Why Affiliate Marketing Schemes?

You can also join a scheme which offers you something extra. Promoting single paying products can be very tricky. Especially if you don’t know what you are doing. Many people try and fail when approaching affiliate marketing. Joining a scheme or an education platform can be beneficial in a number of ways.

  • Training
  • Pre-made Website
  • High Ticket Products
  • Built in Sales Team
  • Monthly Commissions From A Sale
  • Plus other benefits

Multi-Tier Sales Commissions

Amazon is the first company to become widely known for affiliate marketing. Many people promote their goods. However, promoting goods on Amazon doesn’t give you a long term sales model. You are simply handing customers to Amazon. Once you have received a single commission from successfully selling a product on Amazon, the customer is theirs, not yours. The customer might go on the buy thousands of products from Amazon in the future but you won’t make any commissions from the customer you initially referred.

affiliate marketing schemes

A Good Affiliate Marketing Scheme

A good affiliate marketing scheme will offer you a lifetime value from your referrals. This means that after you have made an initial sale, the company who’s products you are promoting reward you time and time again for any sales made in the future from your referred customer. This is the smart way to become an affiliate marketer. Instead of sending customers to a single product, where you might make a single commission, send them instead to a company who offer multiple products, all with your affiliate commission attached.

A good affiliate marketing scheme will also have monthly commissions and memberships. This means that instead of getting a single payment for a single item, you get monthly residual commissions for each customer you refer who maintains their membership.

High Ticket Commissions

Selling a book on Amazon will make you a small commission. Only pennies. The real money in affiliate marketing is achieved by selling high ticket commissions. This is the mistake many people make when starting out online. They think people don’t have any money – often because it is the case for them personally. However, when you are selling globally, you have a global audience to sell to. You can target your audience based on the people who can afford high ticket products, not based on your own bank balance.

A high ticket commission can be anything from $500 to $8000 on higher value items. Imagine you wanted to earn $1 million from an internet business. You could sell a million $2 products or a hundred $20,000 products – based on 50% commission. Although selling the higher value item may be more difficult per item, it won’t be as difficult as selling a million $2 products.

Multi Tier Sales

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A good affiliate marketing company will also have multi-tier sales. By having items for sale you can benefit from a flexible payment option meaning your products are available to almost anyone. Not everyone will want to buy a $20,000 product from you, but many will benefits from the value of a $1000 product or even a $300 product. Apple have this sales model working well for them. They have many products in their range at various price ranges. This means they can cater for a broad range of customers. When looking at different affiliate marketing schemes, this should also be a factor you look at. Does your affiliate marketing company offer multi-tier sales which you earn commissions on?

Ongoing Training and Mentor-ship

A good affiliate marketing company will also offer ongoing training and education. Your online education is directly linked to the money you will earn from an affiliate marketing endeavor. Self investment is always the best use of your money. In whatever field you choose to develop yourself in. Unfortunately many people decide to go it alone in affiliate marketing. Neglecting to spend the time and money necessary in educating yourself in your chosen direction, is most likely to end in failure. In any field this is true and in almost all other fields bar affiliate marketing, no one would attempt to build a career without the proper training and investment of time. But for some reason people think training in affiliate marketing isn’t worth paying for – to their detriment.

affiliate marketing schemes

Community Of Like Minded Entrepreneurs

Good affiliate marketing schemes also have a community of people who hold each other accountable, support and help each other and act as a mastermind group to improve learning and implementing of new skills. According to Napoleon Hill in his book “Think and Grow Rich”, a mastermind group is one of the most important elements of developing success. You are the average of your 10 closest friends. People will go out of their way to develop themselves, change their habits and pursue new goals. But what often holds them from change is their pier group and closest allies, who have different goals and agendas to them.

Affiliate Marketing Schemes That Work

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