Affiliate Marketing Mentor

Are you looking for an affiliate marketing mentor? Having a mentor with your affiliate marketing business is the best way to get out of being ‘stuck’. As an affiliate, it can be easy to continue down the wrong path and never realize. You can keep pursuing a particular line of activity and continue to get nowhere. Before I found these mentors, (two affiliate marketing mentors going by the names of Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek) I had tried several ‘systems’,  written thousands of articles and built over a hundred websites. However, despite all the work I had put in, my affiliate marketing business was going nowhere. I was frustrated and confused. My activity had become sporadic at best and I had no direction after a series of disappointments. I needed an affiliate marketing mentor.

Affiliate Marketing Mentor

affiliate marketing mentor

Having found the sfm (Six Figure Mentors) I found new hope and direction in my affiliate marketing business. I had already learned a lot about affiliate marketing but the results just weren’t there. Having a mentor allowed me to start from scratch and really commit. The SFM offers a community of like minded individuals which allows you to post questions and discuss any problems as you work your way through the modules.

The training modules cover all aspects of affiliate marketing but also delve into personal development – something which is truly needed if you are attempting an online business on your own. This subject I find particularly interesting and have written several articles on. Checkout this one on why you must change your self image to change your life. There are a couple of book recommendations on my site too: 1. Stuart Lichtman’s How to get lots of money for anything fast, 2. The New Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Mattz.

Light Bulb Moments

affiliate marketing mentor

One of the first ‘lightbulb moments’ for me during my training was watching a video of Jay Kubassek doing a seminar. In it he mentions self image and states that ‘you cannot grow beyond your self image’. Self image is such an illusive thing. It exists but you cannot see it. It controls and defines you, but you cannot see its impact.

Changing your self image is a major step towards increasing your income and building a successful business. It can help in all aspects of life. It struck a chord with me because it was something I had overlooked. I kept learning and attempting new things, but without an affiliate marketing mentor – someone to point out where you are going wrong, it is almost impossible to see yourself as a part of the problem.

My Sponsor

My ‘sponsor’ a guy caller Oliver helped me to see my limitations and also to do the practical stuff like building my list and creating adverts. Oliver was the guy who had posted the advert which I responded to. He introduced me to The SFM.
Another limitation for me was money. This is what drew me to look for a mentor in the first place. This again can hold you back from success, particularly in a business like this one. Once I had paid the upfront cost to find a mentor, I was reluctant to pay any more in my own personal self development.

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

affiliate marketing mentor


I wanted to earn now not to spend. However this again was a limitation which I had dragged with me for a long time. I persevered through this and began paying a little for advertising at first and increased my ad budget once I was seeing some tangible results.

Again this was a limitation of mine and although I was seeing some results I was still holding on to the money I had, in fear that I would over spend and not get anything in return. In marketing this can be slightly counter intuitive. You can only find customers by advertising or creating content. Creating content however takes much, much longer to get results than simply increasing your advert spend.

After learning more about online marketing and how things like return on investment, residual sales and lifetime value of a customer affect a business, I was more confident in spending on advertising. Check out my ebook The Ultimate Guide To Online Marketing.

affiliate marketing mentor

Work on the business and on yourself

Seeing yourself as always a work in progress allows you to look towards your own development. No money is wasted if it helps you to improve your own development. My fear, holding back and lack of belief – in myself and in the business was one of my barriers to success.

Although simply throwing money at a problem is not an answer in itself, holding money and holding back can be equally as disappointing and devastating for your growth and for that of the business. I found a middle path where I could start increasing my budget little by little.

Getting Confidence In Your Online Business

affiliate marketing mentor

As my results grew so did my confidence in myself and the business. Although sometimes it takes a strong belief to really have the guts to throw money at your advertising, there also needs to be some thought behind it in order to target the right market for whatever it is you are selling. Don’t rush in with a huge advertising budget. Start small and build up your daily budget when you see a positive result.

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Affiliate Marketing Mentor

There’s lots of ways to build an affiliate marketing business and your own direction is determined by your skill set and particular set of circumstances. You can build one very quickly with paid advertising or more slowly by creating content. Having an affilaite marketing mentor gives you the confidence to continue your business for the long term. Build it up around your other work until it starts to pay off. Once you can give more time to affiliate marketing you can grow your business much faster.

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