Affiliate Marketing Step By Step Guide PDF

Looking for an affiliate marketing step by step guide pdf? Visit my affiliate marketing for beginners pdf for an overview of what affiliate marketing involves. You can also download this entire article: affiliate marketing step by step guide pdf here.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

I cover affiliate marketing in depth in both my ebook mentioned above, download here, and in this article: what is affiliate marketing. The short version is that affiliate marketing is a kind of referral marketing. You might refer a friend to a nice restaurant if you enjoyed your dinner there. With affiliate marketing you refer other visitors online to various products and services in a similar way.

If those visitors go on to purchase a product from your link, you earn a commission based on the sale. Affiliate marketing has a great many benefits. You can work from anywhere and you can earn without storing products or even talking to any customers. However, you need to work in the right direction, otherwise you can end up wasting a lot of time and money. This is why I have created this affiliate marketing step by step guide pdf.

Starting Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing step by step guide

There are many ways to go about affiliate marketing. Some people advocate building a list of subscribers and then regularly emailing your list with various products and services. Others prescribe building content and getting ranked on Google for various keywords. Once visitors are there you can send them to affiliate products and services around the internet.

There is no hard and fast rule but one thing is for certain, building content takes time. To build an affiliate marketing business fast you will need to use paid advertising and the right kind of products. You can, of course do both. In this affiliate marketing step by step guide pdf we will look at the overview of starting an affiliate marketing business and the step to take for the best results.

Affiliate Marketing Step By Step Guide PDF

When I started affiliate marketing I was super excited. I did all kinds of crazy activities, thinking I would soon be mega rich. I wasted my time and energy because I didn’t know which direction to go in. There is a huge amount of conflicting information on the internet about it. Each one tells a slightly different story. My main problem wasn’t one of enthusiasm. It was lack of knowledge which held me back.

Step 1 – Educate Yourself

affiliate marketing step by step guide pdf

No amount of enthusiasm will make up for a lack of knowledge. Don’t waste years like I did going round in circles. Get the education you need up front. Join this affiliate program which will let you access an online education platform for a full month absolutely free.

With the right knowledge you can work more effectively towards building a lucrative online business. Without it you can wander around for years trying various strategies and getting mediocre results.


Step 2 – Use The Right Products For You

Some affiliates say to pick the products first and some say to start with keywords. This will depend on your particular situation. You can access my ebook Niche Blogging For Profit which will help you choose good keywords so you can get ranked on Google for your content. However, it is always best to lead with your passion. If you have something you are super enthusiastic about already, this will likely be your best direction.

Step 3 – Get Started by Creating Content

Creating content which you love is much more fulfilling than doing it for the sake of the money. Choosing your niche can take a little time but once you have decided it’s time to get started. Don’t try and be perfect straight away. The important thing is to start creating some content so you get into a good habit with it. You may prefer video or writing a blog. This ebook “affiliate marketing step by step guide pdf” is a piece of content I have written specifically to help new affiliate marketers.

Step 4 – Advertising

If you’re going the ‘free’ route of blogging and creating videos expect it to take a lot longer to start making money. If you can afford a monthly budget of some kind it’s well worth starting to learn some advertising techniques. Even if you only start out with a tiny budget every day, it’s well worth mastering paid advertising. Paid advertising can be scaled to reach a global audience.

This is the real power of an affiliate marketing business. Of course your business structure will determine your return on investment. If you want to choose the paid route, and I highly recommend doing so, use a product range with a back end of products and monthly commissions. Get one here.

Step 5 – Testing And Measuring

Don’t expect your results to come straight away. An affiliate marketing business takes time and effort and plenty of learning curves along the way. Advertising can take time but once you have a profitable advert, you can scale upwards to reach more people. This is very powerful, especially if you already have a winning strategy. You can simply increase your budget and reach more people.

This doesn’t come easily and is a hard won tactic. Success comes to those affiliates who have tested and measured their advertising to the degree that they know what works and what doesn’t. This takes time and budget. Don’t spend money you aren’t prepared to lose initially and don’t expect your adverts to work straight off the bat!

Step 6 – Analyse and Measure

affiliate marketing step by step

Once you are up and running and making a profit that’s not the end. You need to do this consistently to make affiliate marketing work for you and to replace your current income. A single sale doesn’t mean you can pack your job in!

There is a fair amount of analytical work as an affiliate. Testing of each element of your advertising campaign against similar adverts is a good way to learn which adverts convert the best (cross testing). The more you do of this kind of study the more successful you will be.

Step 8 – Look At Your Activity Not Just Your Results

Although we need to look at the overview of results to see whether the activities we are doing are returning a profit, don’t get too stuck on results in the early days. This can often lead to inaction. Don’t expect results immediately. It can take months and even years for things to start working with an affiliate marketing business.

It depends on your route and your budget too. Focus on your daily activities and make it a habit to do money making activities on a daily basis. Create adverts, create content and initially there will be a lot of learning to do as well. However, don’t confuse learning for activity. You need to put what you learn into motion before you will achieve anything. Take a long term view of your affiliate business and work hard every day to make it a reality.

Step 9 – Keep Assessing Your Activity and Results

Looking for results too early is likely to kill your enthusiasm. You need to focus on activities which move your business forwards. No business is easy. Don’t expect your affiliate marketing business to be any different. Set some realistic goals and track them back to regular daily activity.

Step 10 – Keep learning

Never stop learning and implementing that knowledge. Don’t expect to ‘arrive’ and everything be done for you. An affiliate marketing business allows a great deal of freedom. But don’t take that freedom for granted. Work hard every day on your affiliate business and within a year you can completely replace your income.

If you only ‘play’ at your internet business and treat it as a hobby it will only pay you a ‘hobby’ wage. Join a community and meet up with like minded people. Work on yourself and keep working until your business is successful!

Final Thoughts

affiliate marketing step by step guide pdf

An internet based business can completely free you of your job but only if you work hard at it and use the right business model. No amount of hard work will bring results if you spend your time working in the wrong areas.

Work smart and hard.  You can only achieve the level of success which your thinking is capable of delivering. Therefore work hard on developing yourself and your thinking, and not just your business.

Further training and a fully set-up sales funnel including high ticket products, back end sales and monthly commission can be accessed here together with cutting edge training and a community of like minded online entrepreneurs.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this affiliate marketing step by step guide pdf. You can also download my ebook Niche Blogging For Profit here.


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Affiliate Marketing For Beginners PDF


Are you looking for an affiliate marketing for beginners pdf? Affiliate marketing has to be one of the best ways to earn a living available. No other business can offer the freedom and flexibility which comes with affiliate marketing.

To get started, download my affiliate marketing for beginners pdf here.

affiliate marketing for beginners pdf

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners PDF

So what is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is basically a kind of referral marketing. The affiliate can refer website visitors to various products and services around the internet. By sending your website traffic to other people’s products you can earn a commission based on the sale, should you make one. Amazon is probably the biggest affiliate website on the internet. Amazon has an affiliate membership which allows their affiliates to send referred traffic to their website. When a sale is made, the affiliate is rewarded with a commission.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

affiliate marketing for beginners pdf

Affiliate marketing ticks a lot of boxes for people simply because it is so flexible. You can work as an affiliate from anywhere globally, providing you have a laptop and an internet connection. Software and technology has come a long way in the last 10 years. It is now easier than ever before to start up an online business and earn from the internet, even with no previous experience. How much you earn is related to the path you choose, your knowledge and work ethic. Just 10 years ago, even building a website was the domain (no pun intended) of the ‘tech’ savvy. Now anyone can have their own website up and running with only a few clicks. Learn more here.

Time and Money

Another massive bonus of affiliate marketing is its ability to scale up to a global audience. With a local business you are always limited to a local audience. However, with the internet you have a global population to sell to. By choosing global products to sell, you can reach more people and leverage the internet to do so. Most jobs don’t allow you to scale upwards because you can’t scale your time. With a traditional business model you trade your time for money. With the internet you can sell products to a global audience and scale up with technology, leveraging the internet to create more time and money.

The leverage which affiliate marketing can give you equates to having your own business and lots of staff but another advantage of affiliate marketing is the low cost. With a normal business you have stock to hold, staff to pay and premises to pay for. With an internet business you don’t have to hold any stock or even speak to any customers. All that can be done automatically for you through websites and emails. You can get paid for work you have done previously, even many years previously in some cases. Most people are excluded from owning a traditional business simply because of the initial startup costs. With an internet based business the start up costs are much lower.


affiliate marketing for beginners pdf

Automation is probably one of the biggest selling points of affiliate marketing. Much of the ‘selling process can be automated online. You can reach an ever growing audience through email marketing. Emails can be pre-written and set to be sent out on autopilot whenever you choose. Collection of emails can also be automated through websites. By offering value to your visitors in exchange for their email address, you can build an email list of subscribers.


affiliate marketing for beginners pdf

Although as an affiliate marketer you can sell whatever you choose online, many affiliates go with digital products. This is because digital products are much more lucrative. There are no storage costs to consider with digital products. They can be sent out automatically and instantly upon purchase through a website. Best still, owners of digital products can reward affiliates more handsomely because of all these savings. The main cost is in advertising, and this can be done by affiliates.

Advertising – The Main Job Of An Affiliate

Although the activities of affiliates varies. The main job of an affiliate marketer is to send people to products and services. Some affiliates simply set up paid advertising campaigns and send people to landing pages where they can collect their email address.

From here they send them a series of automated emails which offers some kind of value and various products and services. Some affiliates prefer to blog and create other content online. Videos, podcasts, webinars and articles are all the domain of various affiliates. Without traffic affiliates will never make a sale.

Take this article for example “affiliate marketing for beginners pdf”. You probably found this article through a search or through a social media platform. By creating content and providing value I can then send you to various products which may interest you. If these products sell, I earn a commission based on the sale.

Please download my affiliate marketing for beginners pdf here. You can also access a full 30 days of training for free here.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners PDF – The Right Products

Choosing the right products has got the be the most important thing you can do as an affiliate. Choosing the wrong products can mean your internet business doesn’t get properly started. You can also waste a lot of time when attempting to build an affiliate marketing business.

The best investment you can make is in your education online. Having the wrong direction can mean you waste a lot of time. Time is far more valuable than money. Time is finite, whereas you can always make more money. Don’t waste time by trying and failing as an affiliate marketer. Get the right education upfront and it will save you years of wasted time and frustration.

Access a free month of this digital platform. You can access coaches, a community and valuable insights into all elements of affiliate marketing.

Don’t forget to access you affiliate marketing for beginners pdf, you can download it here.

affiliate marketing for beginners pdf