Affiliate Marketing Ebook Free Download

Access an affiliate marketing ebook free download here. In my ebook “Affiliate Marketing For Beginners”, I share some of the concepts of affiliate marketing, mistakes newbie affiliates make and how to gear yourself properly to make your online business more successful.

affiliate marketing ebook free download

Affiliate Marketing Ebook Free Download

So what is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is a great business model because it allows anyone to sell products over the internet. This is great for a number of reasons. Even if you’re not ‘salesy’, you can make a living by sending people to products online. When they buy from your online efforts and through your affiliate link, you earn a commission. You don’t need to sell anything directly or talk to anyone personally. You don’t even need to send anything out in the post or hold any stock.

All of that is done for you by someone else. All you have to do as an affiliate marketer is to send website traffic to other people’s products and services. The products you choose, and how you choose to run your business, will determine how successful you are.

Products You Choose To Sell

Digital Or Physical?

affiliate marketing ebook free download

The products you decide to sell can have a massive impact on how well you do as an affiliate. You can sell physical products from companies like Amazon, for example. Or you can sell digital products – products like software and website membership. Digital products can pay out a lot more than physical products – up to 40-50% of the sale price. This is because there are no shipping or storage costs involved. The savings can be passed on to the affiliate.

Membership or Subscription Products

Membership products like website memberships, training courses and software products, can have a massive impact too on your business. Selling products which pay you an ongoing commission means you can earn continually from a single customer. Having ‘returning’ customers can impact your business a lot. Single point of sale products don’t offer this ongoing type of commission.

High Priced Or Lower Priced

The price of your chosen affiliate products impacts your online business too. Choosing low cost items might mean there is more chance of purchase, but it also means a lower commission. When it comes to scaling up your business, higher ticket items can allow you more flexibility when it comes to paid advertising too. A $100 product can earn you $40 per sale. A $1000 product can earn you $400 per sale.

Even though the higher priced item might be slightly more difficult to sell, it won’t be 10 times as difficult. Much of the work an affiliate does is the same regardless of the products they choose to sell. So chooing high ticket items can mean your business does better. When it comes to scaling up with paid advertising, you can also recoup your investment more easily too and scale up into the larger income brackets.

Other Considerations – Methods Of Marketing

affiliate marketing ebook free download

Access my affiliate marketing ebook free download here.

Other considerations in terms of an affiliate business are your marketing methods. You can choose to market your products through a couple of main strategies:

  1. Paid advertising
  2. Free advertising (content creation)

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising has a couple of benefits. It is like turning on a tap for traffic. You can get customers instantly with paid advertising and you can scale up once you find a winning advert. On the downside it costs money and you will have to test and measure your advertising methods until you find a good advert which converts. This means spending first before you even make any sales. However, once you find an advert which works well and is making sales, you can continue testing adverts and measuring the results against other similar adverts. Keep doing this to get your advert costs down and your sales up.

When your paid adverts are regularly converting and making sales you’re in a great position. You can increase your budget and reach more people, knowing how your advert performs.

Free Advertising – Content Creation

affiliate marketing ebook free download

Creating content is a great low cost method of generating website traffic. You can blog regularly and share via social media, or you can create videos and upload them on YouTube. Podcasts, webinars and seminars are also other ways to generate interest in your own personal brand. From there you can promote other people’s products and services over the internet. This is usually done by building a list of subscribers.

As your list grows you can send recommendations to an ever growing audience. Free advertising takes time and results are not guaranteed. You also can’t scale up your content if it start performing. You can share content and hope that Google likes it too so as to gain more exposure. However it can’t be scaled up as easiily and quickly as paid advertising once you find something which works.

List Building

With either method of generating traffic, you should always build a list of email subscribers. This is so you can grow your audience and reach. Once you collect someone’s email address, you have a larger opportunity and extended time period to generate a sale. So whichever method of traffic generation you choose, listing building should be used to take more control over your efforts. Otherwise you are at the mercy of your traffic generation methods in order to generate sales. List building gives you more time to build realationships with your subscribers and from there make sales.

Access affiliate marketing ebook free download here.