Affiliate Marketing Coaching

There are many reasons why you should look for affiliate marketing coaching and not blunder into an online business not knowing what you are doing. I spent many years struggling with my affiliate marketing business. There was not a clear path to follow and there were too many so called ‘guru’s’ proclaiming to know the way forward. All of them were preaching a different message. Here are a few mistakes I made and what I have learned as an affiliate marketer: 10 Mistakes newbie online business owners make.

Affiliate Marketing Coaching

affiliate marketing coaching
If you haven’t yet ventured into affiliate marketing there are many ways to earn a living from the internet.
Affiliate marketing offers anyone with a laptop and internet connection the opportunity to build a long term sustainable income. You can do this without a boss or a place of work. It also allows you to work when or where you like – anywhere in the world. Providing you have a laptop and internet connection, you’re good to go!

An affilaite business gives you the ability to work around other jobs and commitments, spend more time with friends and family and live in a much more flexible way. This is what attracts many people to pursue a career as an affiliate marketer.
Get the right training from the start and you can be off and running. Within the first 6-8 months or sooner you can be making a profit. The time span really depends on how fast you can implement what you are being taught. It also depends on your own personal circumstances and you advertising budget, if you have one.


affiliate marketing coaching

Having a budget for advertising is a massive advantage. The longer, slower route is by using free marketing methods. This might include blogging, creating free adverts or video. You can also use social media to spread your content.
If you choose to go it alone on the internet you could be in for a longer journey.

I started looking to the internet as a means of income several years ago and jumped from one ‘system’ to another without really gaining ground in any. I learned a bunch of skills but didn’t really start making any serious money for a long time. This is why affiliate marketing coaching is a must for not only beginners but also for those who need to take their internet business more seriously.

Are you serious?

Are you only ‘playing’ with your online business? What is your mentality about your online business? What do you tell people about it (if you tell them)? The answers to these questions will help determine how serious you are about making a serious income out of your online efforts. If you are not putting in serious effort on a continuous basis, the chances are that you are only pretending to be an internet/affiliate marketer. Perhaps it is to kid yourself that you are ‘trying’ to improve your prospects and so you don’t have to look for a job. Remember what Yoda said about ‘trying’?

If you are on the ‘cusp’ of generating income from your business you could probably also do with a small reality check. Do you really want an internet business? Do you really have the time, patience, and perseverance to make it work and set yourself free of your regular job (if you have one)?
What is your vision for your business and life? Are you just going through the motions hoping that one day it might come good? These are all questions I have asked myself and I have doubted my ability and determination at times as to whether an internet business was really what I wanted. Was it just the money I wanted but without the work? Am I up to it? What are my alternatives? Am I lazy?

Are You Committed? – You Should Be!

But seriously, if you have decided, like me, that there is no way you are going to be an employee again, or if you are one then you’re not in it for the long term, then the internet gives you an opportunity to be your own boss, work where and when you like and use the power of leverage to create residual and long term monthly income streams and completely set yourself free from financial worry. This won’t happen overnight and without a lot of hard work and effort on your part. Are you up for the challenge?

If you are ready to take your internet business seriously and lift your results to the next level, or simply want to begin building your way out of a difficult set of circumstances, access this video course and get some affiliate marketing coaching to take your business further.

Affiliate Marketing Coaching – Problems To Avoid

There’s a few problems I encountered when I started learning affiliate marketing. Here’s the top 10:

#1 – Shiny Object Syndrome

Looking for an easier online business model which promises more each time is a trap! There’s so many ‘guru’s’ out there promising something for nothing. What’s frustrating is that when you’re new you sign up to them all and are inundated with emails from all and sundry promising you instant riches. Find a path which suits you and which works and stick to it!

#2 – Being A ‘Busy Fool’

affiliate marketing coaching

Here’s another major hurdle for the new affiliate. When you get started in affilaite marketing you can easily get caught up in pointless activities. Even learning a new skill can take up a lot of time. Watching videos and reading blogs can seem like progress. However, this is why affiliate marketing coaching is so important. Without a coach, you can get caught up in activities which suit you, interest you, but don’t produce results in your business. Don’t mistake activity for progress. make sure you focus on money producing activities and implement what you learn straight away to avoid getting stuck in ‘learning mode’.

#3 – Not Setting Goals

Not setting goals can mean you end up doing things you enjoy but don’t necessarily move your business forwards. Goal setting is necessary to focus your mind on the right activities for your business. Without goals you will easily drift between aimless activities, watching videos and reading blogs. You won’t be driven by meaningful purpose. The best book on goal setting and aligning your inner values and conflicting desires is how to get lots of money for anything fast by Stuart Lichtman.

#4 – Not Getting A Mentor

Getting a business mentor is vital, hence the title of this blog: affiliate marketing coaching! Getting a step by step process to follow and accessing other online affiliates is guaranteed to bring you greater success than by going it alone. Trying to learn everything by yourself without proper direction will take much longer and is a path of many pitfalls!

Access an affiliate marketing coaching course with step by step modules and a community based support system here.

#5 – Spending Too Much Time on Your Favourite Activities

It’s a good idea to play to your streanghts but not when it means you don’t move forwards. If you have been doing certain activities for a while and still don’t see any results, it’s time to look at your business model, daily activities and results. What website traffic do you have, what is your email opt-in rate? Do you have a range of products to promote to your list? Knowing the answers to some tough questions can help you make faster headway and concentrate on the right activities.