Why mindset is more important than activity

Developing yourself along with your internet business is something every successful entrepreneur does. Not doing so can limit your potential and that of your business. But why is self development so important for an internet business? Unless you are growing along with your business, you will only get so far. Your limited ideas, beliefs and attitudes will always call a roadblock to your online success long before it reaches its potential.

Your mindset is the limiting factor of the potential of your business – any business. This is particularly true of internet businesses because you have no-one to answer to if you run your business how you see fit. You often have no accountability other than your bottom line. You set your goals, expectations, working hours, and ultimately levels of achievable success – as deemed by yourself. Ask yourself ‘what are your expectations of your business?’. What are your desires for the business?

As mentioned in the book ‘Working With The Law’ by Raymond Holliwell, desire and expectation are two very powerful energies. They should line up with your business projections. If you desire something but don’t expect it, you are creating a contradiction of energy forces. Similarly, if you expect something which you don’t desire, you are also creating or manifesting the unwanted. Often as business owners we can get bogged down with repetitive action which doesn’t necessarily lead us to our goals. We must constantly assess our action steps to determine how reliable they are in moving our business forwards.

Self defeating ‘Sub-personalities’ – Your Inner Demons

Hidden lurking in your ‘mind’-set are several sub-personalities which can undermine your ability to create that which you are seeking. Your best intentions may of course to create a large and profitable internet business. However what are the negative payoffs for not doing so? What are your negative sub-personalities feeding off? Listen to yourself often when you are talking about your business. How do you talk of it and of yourself? Often we have an inner conflict going on between what we say we want and what we really want. One of the first exercises in the SFM modules is to empower yourself with your self talk. Choosing the right things to say to yourself, and others, is a huge step in increasing self esteem and self empowerment.

If you are facing a seemingly invisible ‘success barrier’, either within your business or life in general, the chances are high that it is an unconscious behavior pattern holding your where you are because you need to grow and change before it can occur. You cannot grow beyond your self image because it is ‘who’ you believe you are. You will always make excuses to remain ‘that’ person, unless you accept a new reality to grow into. There is a comfort to be had in remaining within the remit of your ‘personality traits’ in order to maintain a consistent world view. By changing we must give up a portion of what we were and believed about ourselves. But we can also create a better, happier and more abundant version of ourselves in the process.

Mindset is the limiting factor in your business and life. You must have a vision of your life as you would like it, in order to create it. Otherwise you will create anyway by default, just in a less conscious way. Your ideas, realities and beliefs will shape the world you grow into. Only by becoming more conscious of these deeply held beliefs, which are often locked away in your unconscious mind, are you able to better consciously choose your path and direction in life.

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