Six Figure Work From Home Jobs

Looking for six figure work from home jobs? It is much more realistic to earn six figures from a laptop than ever before. The internet has opened up a huge amount of opportunity for anyone to build an internet based business. Anyone can now work from home, or anywhere, so long as they have a laptop and an internet connection.

Six Figure Work From Home Jobs

six figure work from home jobs

So how can you earn six figures online, how does an online business work, can anyone do it and what’s involved? Firstly let’s start with how it is possible to earn six figures with an internet based business. Mostly this is possible by using a business model which lets you automate and scale. So let’s have a look at both the automation and the ability to scale an online business first.


Most businesses involve people within the day to day running of the business. A store, for example, has someone running the shop. You need to buy in stock and somewhere to store it. An internet based business doesn’t need any staff or business premesis and this is part of how it can be so easily automated. By using digital products which can be sold over the internet there is no need for checkout staff or storage space. Straight away this saves a heap of money. Products can be sold directly from a website or from an email. Products can be delivered automatically and without any human intervention. The customer checks out on a web page and the goods/products are delivered automatically.

Scaling Up

six figure work from home jobs

Six figure work from home jobs are also a possibility due to the ability to scale an online business. Although an online ‘business’ is really not the same as a job. In a job you get paid by an employer. In a business you earn profit and work for yourself. The ability to scale up an automated system, as described above, is what makes it possible to generate such high income from an online business.

Scaling up can be done with paid advertising. Initially you would start sending ‘traffic’ to a website in order to make sales. Once this is working profitably, you can increase your advertising expenditure. Affiliate marketers have been known to spend thousands per day on their advertising. This is because they have spent the time to find a profitable advert. They don’t start off with huge budgets and only scale up once they already have a profitable campaign running. Once this is achieved they can simply increase their daily budget and their adverts are shown more widely.

Email Marketing – The Power Of Email

6 figure work from home jobs

Most, if not all of the top paid affiliate marketers use email marketing to leverage their sales. By creating a list of subscribers, you can generate multiple sales through a single email. As your subscribers list grows, so does your income. Top marketers who effectively have ‘six figure work from home jobs’ use paid advertising to send people into their ‘sales funnels’.

The sales funnel is effectively a list of subscribers to which they can market goods and services. One single email, sent to a well targeted list of subscribers, can make tens of thousands for affiliate marketers.  The great benefit of a list is that you can continue to promote products to people who would have long since left your website – in most cases to never return. Capturing an email address allows the online marketer to extend the possible sales period for much longer than the average website would be browsed for.

The Right Business Model

There are a lot of online marketers who are struggling with their online businesses. For those who make a six figure income, there are plenty who don’t succeed. Why is this? The answer lies in their mindset, the business model they are using, how they generate traffic to their offers and the time and dedication they give to their business.

The Business Model

six figure work from home jobs

If you’re looking for six figure work from home jobs, you can’t just start a small blog and expect to make that kind of money. You need something else. You need a business model which allows you to earn:

  • Subscription commissions – income every month from existing customers
  • High Ticket Sales – Allows you to scale to six figures much more easily and quickly
  • Ongoing Up-sells – Other products to promote to existing customers
  • Multiple Streams Of Income – Using all these in conjunction with multiple sales
  • Multi-tier sales – Income coming from work of your team (network sales)

With back end sales and a range of ways to earn you can benefit from ongoing income from every sale you make.

Paid Advertising and Multiple Sales

With a scalable business model you can also generate sales over and over on complete autopilot too. Send people directly into your sales funnel and have all of the above work automatically with a built in sales team. By creating a landing page to collect email addresses, (access a ready made sale system here), you can concentrate your efforts on advertising and scaling.

A Mindset For Six Figures

six figure work from home jobs

If you are looking for six figure work from home jobs, you must apply yourself to a business model like the one above. You must generate a mindset which doesn’t allow for failure. Building a business like this isn’t going to be all plain sailing and there are many obsticles to overcome. You must  get the right education and training from the outset. Start here with this online training and education platform.

Traffic Generation

six figure work from home jobs

No online business can succeed without traffic. Website visitors are probably the most important thing to obtain for any prospective online entrepreneur. The way you generate traffic can determine whether your business sinks or swims. You can generate traffic through various means but the two main ones are:

  1. Content Creation
  2. Paid Traffic

Content creation takes time but is cheaper than paid traffic. Paid traffic is fast and can more easily be scaled than content creation.

Time And Dedication To Your Online Business

An online business which makes six figures isn’t going to happen overnight. You need to work dilligently on your business in order for it to become successful. How much time you give to your business, and in particular which actions you successfully make habits from, will determine your level of success. The good thing is an internet business can be started around existing work. Once it is up and running it can be scaled. Learn how to start your own online business from scratch here.