4hr Work Week

Timothy Ferris made the 4hr work week an international sensation in his best selling book. But is working 4 hours a week and earning a living a possibility? For many this seems like a fantasy. And in some cased it will take a lot more than 4 hours a week in order to change your situation to enable you to work less and earn more. But it is our thinking which limits us most, and you need the right business model which can be largely automated to take your time out of the system.4hr work week

4hr Work Week – Limited Thinking

4hr work week

We are the product of age old thinking – of industrial age thinking. Today is the Digital Age. Computers allow us to automate many tasks. Technology has created time saving devices for our homes. Vacuum cleaners, washing machines and dishwashers have all made our lives easier. Why are our lives not easier as a result of this technology in terms of work?

They can be and Timothy Ferris’s book shows us ways to escape the office. But this is assuming we have office jobs in the first place. People from all walks of life have different needs, abilities and circumstances. What is the solution for them?

4hr Work Week – Why Our Thinking Must Change First

the 4hr work week

Our circumstances are in some part at least determined by our thinking. Or at the very least the thinking we have bought into from our parents and closest friends. The idea of the 4hr work week challenges this thinking. In the industrial age work ethic was needed for industrial factories in order to motivate the work force and keep things running.

In industrial towns and cities this mentality can still be seen, even though it doesn’t serve people! The ‘hard done by’ mentality of my day was harder than yours can become quite a competition. People look for ways to out do each other in terms of their hardship.This level of thinking can never blend with the 4 hr work week! It is its polar opposite!

4hr Work Week PDF

the 4hr work week

You can access the 4hr work week pdf on Tim Ferris’s website here. It’s a great read. Take a look too at this lifestyle business opportunity which has allowed online business owners to capitalize on the theory of the 4hr work week and put it into practice. Most people would love to work a 4hr week but lack the business model which fits such a lifestyle. Digital tools systems and strategies have meant a new kind of work is possible. Learn how here. Working with a business model which lets you automate most of the process is the key to developing a business which can be worked on part time, but can also be scaled to deliver more products and value with less time. Reaching a global audience with online tools and software to deliver products on autopilot. See also autopilot income system.

the 4hr work week