Super Affiliate Secrets

What are the super affiliate secrets which set apart the ‘super’ from the ordinary affiliate? Super affiliates are the leading affiliates in their business. They create massive amounts of sales of affiliate products, far more than the average affiliate. Before we delve into the minds and activities of super affiliates let’s take a look at what an affiliate is in the first place.

Super Affiliate Secrets – What Is An Affiliate Marketer?

Affiliates promote products on the internet. By promoting and selling other people’s products online they earn commissions. Sometimes affiliates can even earn up to 70%  of a product’s value. Affiliates don’t create anything of their own, although they can. In the most part affiliates create content online and run advertising campaigns for products they don’t own personally.

Digital Products

High commission digital products differ from physical products because there is less cost involved in the sale. Digital products can be accessed online in the form of membership platforms, e-books and video courses. Because there is no postage cost, storage cost (besides hosting a website) or physical production of the products, the owner (or vendor) of the products can afford to pay affiliates a high percentage of the profit. This is because the affiliate is doing all the promotion, advertising and selling of the products.

Super Affiliate Secrets – What Is A Super Affiliate?

A super affiliate is someone who is considered to be leader in their field. The small group of super affiliates are responsible for most of the sales of any given digital product. Because of the gearing of affiliate marketing they can earn thousands of dollars every month simply through promoting and selling products online. Techniques used include websites, email lists and online paid advertising.

super affiliate secrets

Super Affiliate Secrets – What’s Makes A Super Affiliate?

Every affiliate wants to be a super affiliate. At least they want their bank balance. But what it is that makes a super affiliate? Why do many affiliates fail when there are some many doing exceptionally well?


Super affiliates choose their products carefully. Not all affiliate products sell as well as each other. Some affiliate products don’t pay as well as others. Super affiliates choose the best products to promote based on the commission they can earn. Super affiliates don’t waste time promoting products with less than a 50% commission attached to them.


super affiliate secrets

Super affiliates don’t get ‘super’ overnight either. It takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to become a super affiliate. Super affiliates don’t only choose their products because of the mark up. They get to know their products and see a market for them.

Products must have a lifetime potential. Imagine creating websites, landing pages, an advertising campaign and spending thousands of dollars a month on it only to have the products pulled and shut down. Super affiliates choose products which will stand the test of time. Also super affiliates get to know their products so they can answer questions and create useful content about the products they are promoting.


Super affiliates have a long term mindset. This is one aspect which is different from many affiliates who give up too easily. Some affiliates ‘try it out’ to see how it works. Super affiliates see it differently. A super affiliate is very disciplined and has a methodical approach to their business. They keep learning and never give up. Super affiliates set goals and hold themselves accountable. They take risks but split test their advertising before scaling up. For a great book on mindset see how to get lots of money for anything fast.

super affiliate secrets

Split Testing

Many super affiliates create adverts for products and send visitors to their landing pages. They collect emails and build an email list. They then promote products to their lists while giving value. By split testing adverts and landing pages they can determine which ones convert the best into sales. Once a winning strategy has been found they scale up massively by increasing their advertising budget. You don’t need to risk the bank on a whim. First you need to find a advertising campaign which makes $2 for every $1 spent. Once you have this ratio, simply scale up and increase your budget.

I have met a super affiliate who spent £8000 in a month on advertising alone on Facebook. To some super affiliates this may even seem a modest amount!

Super Affiliate Secrets – The Right Products

Choosing the right products is vital to a super affiliate’s strategy. Selling products which include high ticket items, up-selling and a built in sales team can give a super affiliate extra leverage. If an affiliate sells a single item for $100 and they make a commission of 50%, they make $50. However, if the affiliate sells products for $2000, at the same rate of commission they make $1000 per sale. This allows an affiliate of a high ticket product more flexibility in their advertising budget.

In addition if an affiliate can sell products which pay commissions on up-sales, that it, sales made later to existing customers, the affiliate can make much more than they would on a single sale commission. Later sales which are closed by a built in sales team, are credited to the account of the affiliate. The affiliate can then make 50% commissions on high ticket items closed by the sales team. Sales of up to $20,000 can mean a single sale can earn commissions of up to $8000. Learn more here.

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